The Smallest Things Make Her Smile

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Abigail has been in a long-distance, online relationship wih Masen for a long time. So now she's gathered up her four closest friends, an they've ventured down to Boston to see him for two weeks. Masen has been perfect to her, even when he does the smallest things. But trouble happens when Abigail is in a crash with her best friend Lanna.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Smallest Things Make Her Smile

Submitted: May 28, 2011

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Submitted: May 28, 2011



My eyes began slowly shutting while I was driving. I couldn't do this anymore! I'm going to pass out at the wheel and well... That wouldn't be good. I pulled over to the side of the road and shook my friend awake. "Asshole! Wake up!" I shouted into her ear, waking up the rest of the car. Which caused a lot of annoyed groans at five in the morning. Did I feel bad? No.

It took Lanna forever to wake up and I just glared at her. Lanna tried to turn away from it until I leaned over and bit her arm. With that, she jumped. "You bitch! What was that for!?" Lanna shouted at me. More annoyed groans came from the back. Still didn't feel bad about it. "Your turn." Lanna groaned and dragged her self out of the car the same time I did. "Where are we anyways?" Lanna asked as she passed me to the drivers side of the car.

"I don't know... I've just been following the GPS. We've got four hours left until Boston though," I informed her and she just shot a death glare at me. Like that'd scare me. I got into the car and buckled up, pulling my feet up onto the seat with me. I glanced over at Lanna who started off again. She truly is my best friend. Same with the others in the back.

I convinced them to drive down to Boston with me for two weeks to meet the guy I've been in a long distance relationship with for awhile now. I met him over this application of facebook and I've been in love with him since, even if I haven't seen him. I have all these photos of him, and he has mine.

I dragged my four best friends along with me for support incase anything happened. For my whole life, I've been a paranoid person. I can't very well help it. I honestly have no idea what I would do without these losers that I've dragged along.

I leaned my head back against the head rest and shut my eyes slowly. "Thank you, Lanna," Was the last thing I muttered out before I fell asleep in the most uncomfortable position ever.


It only felt like five minutes of sleep until I was violently shaken awake. "Abigail! Wake up!" Lanna shouted into my ear and I tried swatting her away. It didn't work. "I'm going to drag you out of this car wether you like it or not!" Lanna snapped and I sighed. Lanna could be so very annoying sometimes. "We're here you idiot."

I slightly opened my eyes, raising an eyebrow. "Where's here?" I asked with a smirk and Lanna smacked my arm. "Alright. Fine," I said finally dragging myself out of the car. Oh god! It felt so good getting off my ass! I stretched out and looked up at the hotel we were staying at. "Where's everyone else?" I asked looking for Kyla, Jonny, and Brent.

"Jonny went to go check us all in and Brent and Kyla took the bags in," Lanna said as I shut my door behind me. I nodded in response and began making my way to the front doors with Lanna. Already I saw Kyla and Brent arguing.

Great. "Abi! If you ever make me sit inbetween your brother and Brent again, I will kill you!" Kyla snapped at me and I smirked. Brent just stood there laughing at her. "You ass, you snore like crazy!" It was so true. For the majoirty of the ride here I had to listen to my iPod just to block out Brent's snoring. He's such a man for a gay guy.

"I'm sorry honey bear!" Brent apologized and wrapped his arms around the tiny Kyla. Brent was huge. Height wise anyways. Same with my brother, Jonathan. Who I brought along seeing as him and I are extremely close.

"No you're not," Kyla muttered with a sigh and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Alright Ladies!" Jonathan said as he walked over with the key cards. "You three," He started referring to Lanna, Kyla and I, "Are together." I grabbed the key card from with with a nod. "And obviously, Brent and I are together. So let's get our stuff and make our way to our rooms." We each grabbed all our own things which was quite alot and made our way over to the elevators to get to our rooms.


"Holy hell... Abigail, your parents went all out!" Lanna exclaimed as she dropped her bags onto one of the beds. This was nothing new. I was so used to staying in amazing hotel rooms with vacations. I'll never understand why my parents try to spoil my brother and I. Even our friends! Lanna's been living with me since we were sixteen.

I tossed my bags onto the other bed and Kyla set hers next to Lanna's. They're weren't allowed to sleep next to me(declared by me) because I'm a violent sleeper. I tend to kick and punch... A lot. "Right well... You two have fun unpacking, while I go shower. I feel like crap," I told them as I grabbed all my toiletries and my clothes before walking into the bathroom.

I shut the door behind me and let out a sigh as I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I finally did it... I made my way down to Boston to see Masen. A small grin creeped onto my lips and I just shook my head. Now I just gotta see him and everything should be terrific.


After I was out of the shower, and dressed I sat at the desk connecting my laptop to the wi-fi. It was the only way to get ahold of Masen at the moment. The first thing I signed into was my messenger. Right away my youngest brother was sending messages like crazy.

David-James: ABI! ABI! ABI!

David-James: ABI! ABI! ABI! ABI!

David-James: ABIGAIL!

Abigail Louise: Yes DJ?

David-James: Did you get me something?

That would be the first thing he'd ask! Not "how was the trip down?" or "are all of you okay?" No. He wants to know if he got something.

Abigail Louise: I just got here kiddo. I'll let you know when I did get something for you. I promise I will.

It was right after that when he signed out. Go figure. Love the kid to death, but for a seven year old, he's quite the brat. For now I just forgot about it and signed into my AIM account. I've never been more nervous before when it comes to talking to Masen... I just took a deep breath in and clicked on his name.


Abigail: Hey you!

Masen: Hey love

Abigail: So... Guess where I am.

Masen: Where?

Abigail: Boston.

Masen: What!? When'd you get here!?

Abigail: hour ago. Not even.

Masen: When am I seeing you?

Abigail: When are you free to get into Boston?

Masen: Well I have a doctors appointment tomorrow there so... Tomorrow!?

Abigail: Kay. Just email me tomorrow when you're done with your appointment and I'll give you the address for the hotel. I've gotta unpack now so. I might be back.


I began having a mini freak out just as Lanna walked out. "What's up?" Lanna asked as she sat on her bed towel drying her hair. I mouthed out the words tomorrow to her. Which than cause Kyla and Lanna to look at each other with these huge grins. "Well that doesn't leave much time for us to plan for you!"

I paused a moment before smacking the palm of my hand to my face. This would be interesting. Knowing these two, they'll probably raid my bags, end up doing my hair tomorrow. Have a mini freak out, talk about what's going to happen. Then be so exhausted from all of it, we'll goto bed.

It's always been like that with those two.

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