The Forest Guardians

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A forest is able to live without a forest guardian not long before it can die but a forest guardian can not live without its forest. Artemis connection with the forest didnt just happen by chance. as the evil lurk near by threatening the forest and other place it is up to Artemis to save them and herself.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Forest Guardians

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Submitted: November 27, 2011



The Forest Guardians

By Ivana


Lightening struck above the forest tree line thunder crackling a few seconds after it, but lighting my path for only a brief moment but that was all I had need the rest of my sense would help and I knew the forest well, I have been entering these woods for the last 500 years as I was the guardian of them. But this time I wasn’t running for the thrill or with a pack of wolfs I was run for my life. The lightening struck again this time I had looked back they were getting close, and it was my foolish mistake to look back. My gown had gotten snagged on one of the branches from a tree I heard the rip of the expensive silk dress a gift from guardians of the Mediterranean sea. I fell to the muddy ground, they were getting close and my life was more at risk each moment, I made the only choice I could die and let the forest die with me or get rid of the gown. I pulled on the dress several times finally the gown gave and I was free from it crawling cross the forest’s muddy floor trying and failing to put distance between me and the creatures I had to get up. I summoned strength from my forest and with my own will I got up and began to run were this time, I don’t know I had forgotten the map to my forest lost like a small child wandering into my forest misguided by all the tricks the magical creatures put no guardian to help, that was me.

Stone, stone, and more stone everywhere I looked when I had seen the edge of the forest tree line. I was trapped I could hear them and their beast they had finally locked onto my scent. Backing away closer to the rocks I slipped and fell into the mud I stood up quickly knowing they had found me I did what any guardian would do. Fight. I drew my sword and took my stance. I may be young for a forest guardian but I was well trained and they knew it also. their beast had burst through into the clearing now pacing back and forth.

“ You want me dead well come and get me I shall not go down with a fight!” I yelled through the loud claps of thunder. My saber sword, aimed, and I was ready.

“tisk tisk tisk, my dear is that anyway to treat your guest,” said a horrible scratchy ear piercing voice.

“ You are no guest to my forest so be gone with yourself and take your minions back with you to where you came from and I swear on my forest that if you do not leave this place at once I will attack,” I shouted back.

“ You fool! Do not threaten me you pathetic child!” he spat the words back at me and just like that he flicked is wrist and I went flying back and hit the rock wall behind me. His beast came closer closing in on me my sword laid there in the mud. I got to my knees weakly struggling to breath I summoned all my strength to stand proud and tall. His laugh echoed through the clearing.” You think you can go up against me?”

“ I will die protecting this forest!” and he knew I would I was a guardian it was my job to protect and serve the forest.

“ Then you shall die!” his beast lunged at me I may have looked weak but I was stronger then I looked I side stepped his attack and plunged my sword into the beast it whined then it lay there still. I pulled my sword out and I threatened the other beast to come near me and when one did leaving his throat and neck exposed I whipped my blade through the air slicing his throat. When I wasn’t looking one had snuck behind me and pounced at me. I turned around and stuck my sword out into the air. Then a crash of lightening came down to the tip of my sword down the hand and coursed through my body, and the last thing I felt was my life give.

When the smoke had cleared were I had been standing the ground was charred and I was gone.

Chapter 1

The crisp fall wind brushed gently across my face. I felt the earths fresh clean soft under my feet. I heard the squirrels scurry around playing cheerfully with one another and bury the acorns for the upcoming winter. All my senses were enhanced when I was in the forest or even near it and it was the only place I could think clearly. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard a twig snap and not from any animal that lives in these forests but a human. There was no sound everything seemed to stop in time the only thing there was to hear was the leaves rustling in the wind, all the animals were spooked and hiding.

“I know your there, Janet. You can come out now. You too Anthony, I know your both there you guys are like never apart,” I said out loud and clear enough so they could hear me and I know they were close by. I opened my eyes and turned to were I heard the twig snap. “ I’m waiting. And of course if its not you guys I’ll be glad to whoop you ass for being a complete stalker.” I waited a moment or two and got up and brushed the leaves and dirt from my pants giving them time to show themselves because I truly didn’t mind the leaves or the dirt or the bugs none of it.

“ How you know were here I will never know,” my best friend stepped out holding hands with only who could be Anthony. She was Italian and you could tell that from her deep tan skin color and she had a deep rich brunette hair color, dyed of course, with hazel eyes here features looked amazing on her even though she was a little short but she almost always wore heels. And today she wore a thick sky blue parka and dark washed jeans with here gray UGGS she got last year for Christmas, I would know cause I got them for her. Her boyfriend, Anthony, seemed to be a skyscraper compared to her. She was five feet three inches and he was just about six feet tall. He was Hispanic and very cute. He had all the common Hispanic features dark hair, dark brown eyes, and his skin was close to looking like Janet’s but the only reason why that was cause he was are school’s top swimmer, which meant he was all big and strong at the arms. What I never seemed to understand he almost never got cold he wore his school swim team jacket and pants and he probably had the school swim team shirt under it his hair even looked a little wet.

“ Did you guys win?” I asked Anthony and knowing are schools swimming team of course we did. Ever since Anthony tried out we have been winning every meet. And just as I had asked the question a small smile crept up onto his face.

“ Well of course they did, Artemis. We’ve never lost one with my big sexy hunk on the swim team,” Janet said more to Anthony then to me and he bent down and kissed her on the lips like always.

“ Ugh, get a room you too.” I said making a gagging face at her.

“ So what are you doing out here Artie? You not going all Buddha on me now are you?” questioned Anthony. And yes my nickname that he called me and I mean only him was Artie if anyone else tried well let’s say they wouldn’t have a good day at school.

“ Its Buddhist and they aren’t the only ones who meditate, Ant. And you would know that if you paid any attention in class, and I’m out here cause I came to think or relax like always nothings changed since 1st grade,” I said waking over to them,” so we going to eat or not cause I’m absolutely famished.”

“ Sure, is Lycan with you?” Janet asked me. She known my pet mix wolf and husky, Lycan, since we were little girls my parents had first adopted from the shelter to take care of a wolf pup that was injured and at the time they had a husky and they feel in love and they had only lycan who’s birthday was the same as mine December twentieth.

“ Yeah he’s somewhere over here, I’ll find him and I’ll meet you guys at the bridge ok?” I said nodding my goodbyes at them and I was off. I was calling for lycan but I knew were he would be. Whenever we were out in the forest he would patrol the perimeter and sometimes wander over to me for a treat, and he took on this wolf trait but I didn’t mind because he never attacked anyone unless told to, which never truly happened. I was almost to the end of the perimeter when lycan stepped out from behind one of the trees. “Hey there boy how are you find anything new?” I said to lycan who just sneezed which meant nothing new. I had always talked to lycan like he was an actual person ad he answer me back in his own ways,” come on lets get going Janet and ant are going to meet us at the bridge and they have a head start so you ready boy?” he barked back happily at me and we were off in a sprint for the bridge, lycan was leading today and I was on his six as we ran.

We burst out of the forest’s tree line and I could see anthony’s car coming down the road. I patted lycan telling him he was a good boy and gave him some water while we waited for Anthony and Janet to come.

“ Your dog better not be muddy I just got my little girl cleaned,” Anthony said while petting his cars dash board as if it was a living thing.

“ Your such a guys ant.” Janet and me said at the same time then burst out laughing.

“ Hop in boy hurry up mister I’m hungry,” I said to lycan and Anthony and once lycan was in the car I pulled the door shut and opened the window a little for lycan. “ Off we go in search of food!” lycan barked happily and wagged his tail. And Anthony put the gear in drive and drove away.

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