MADE; Sex,Drugs and Murder; The Recipe for Success

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MADE is about Andy Cooper; a military vet, turned hustler, turned Gangster, turned Crime Boss. His marriage is on the rocks; fresh out of the military, AC finds him-self broke and lost with a Wife and three kids to feed. Trapped in Sin City and working any job he can get from day to day, to make ends meet. Hating the state of mind he’s in right now, a really screwed up way to be!

Gone are the days when Uncle Sam paid for housing, day care and groceries. Now, all own his own again, with no idea of where life is going to take him. One thing for sure, Andy “AC” Cooper no longer wanted to wear that Army uniform another day. Coop loved every minute of it and would not trade it for the world but the next chapter of his life was about to start. It just so happen that he landed in Las Vegas, one of the hardest cities to make it in, it is truly the land of the Hustler. What the outsiders don’t know is that beneath the bright neon lights, the delicious buffets and luxurious casino’s, lays a whole different world that would eventually suck him in.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - MADE; Sex,Drugs and Murder; The Recipe for Success

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Submitted: September 09, 2012



Preview 1st 5 Chapters of 20...   Available everywhere books are sold in Paperback; 6x9 , 422 pages; also available in ebook format everywhere books are sold.

Fiction, Crime Thriller, General Erotica.. 

Inspired by true events....



Chapter 1, The Day his life Changed.


It's 1996 and the desert is hot, he finds himself single and staying at a condo in the center of town. Gina, his wife; parted ways after a long drawn out family fight over money, kids, and unemployment. Well that’s another story all in itself, so let’s get to this one. Down on his luck, in the gutter, constantly searching the Las Vegas Journal for any job that was available. One of the most adventurous ones was in door to door sales or multi-level marketing shall I say. AC attended this small seminar of about 25 people, a day he will never forget. This white kid; Matt, was giving a seminar and mentioned that he’s looking for leaders, go-getters, you know, only motivated people. He went on to give this story of how he can make them independent, own their own business and make lots of money. Player was dressed in the finest attire, Italian leather shoes, Brooks Brothers Suit, crisp white shirt, nice tie and a wine face Rolex.

Looking at first impression, one could assume that he makes decent money, just from the way he’s dressed and his overwhelming confidence. Then he says, today I’m gonna throw all the shit on the wall and whatever sticks is what I'm going to keep. OK, now you really have my attention, I’m ready to get to it! AC says to himself. Matt then proceeds to pull out these bottles of perfume. This is our merchandise, it cost $32.50 a bottle, the owner of the company is going to front you the merchandise and you pay for it after you sell it. At that moment the shit started falling off the wall, people were saying screw this, it’s a scam and all kinds of negative comments. Coop on the other hand wanted to see where this would lead, after all, time was something he had plenty of, so he waited to see what was next. OK, now that all of the bullshit has cleared the room, let’s get to business. Tonight, I want you to go home, tell your family, friends and relatives about this hot new product you are selling; they are renditions of all the popular fragrances. Remember the cost is 32.50 but all you have to bring me is $25.00 per bottle. You can keep everything above that or just sell it to them for $25.00 and just bring us the money, totally up to you.

The next day came, a few people had sold a good number of bottles, AC sold maybe 2 at $32.50, attempting to make some kind of profit. But what most interests him was the fact that Matt got $25.00 a bottle, it was 15 people in the room and they all started with 10 bottles a piece. Andy knew he had to get where Matt was, he wanted his spot! Sitting with a blank stare, he imagines doing this every week with new people! Money, money, money!  So needless to say, he stuck to Matthews’s ass like glue; Coop learned everything about him and the business. In a month and a half, he had his own corporate office, recruiting new people and making his own money. By this time, all he had to turn in was $12.50 a bottle, anything between 12.50 and 32.50 was all profit, how sweet it was.

They sold so much perfume in Las Vegas, the corporate office had repeat customers ordering by the case and the money was flowing in $1,000.00 to $2,000.00 a day, then like anything, it came to an end. The police got to know the staff by first name and told them to stop harassing people with perfume, I mean every time one of the staff tried to sell something they would stop them. Hell, they even barred the entire crew from the strip!  So, there he was, stuck with an office that could no longer produce. Saying to himself after realizing the obvious. Damn, how am I going to tell Monica that she can no longer be my secretary!  Just then, she walked in, he sat on the desk and asked her to come in his office. Hey Monica, could you come here a minute, we need to talk. OK, I'm coming. She walks in. We really took a big hit this quarter with very low sales and staff leaving. It doesn't look good baby, I'm afraid I have to leave all this behind and start all over. What do you mean by that AC? We have to close baby, we are all out of money and we can't move anyproduct.  Aww man, that's some bullshit! So, I want be seeing you again? Well not for a while baby, come here and let me kiss those juicy lips. She moved closer to him and leaned her forehead against his, then made their lips touch. Muah. Dang, my dick just got hard, kiss me again, um, I love those lips.

Yeah I know you do daddy. She reached down, unzipped his pants, pulled out his hard penis and proceeded to kiss it. Monica, your juicy lips feel so good on my dick, nice and warm with every stroke. Knowing that this would probably be the last time seeing Monica, he made her get on the desk and open her legs so he could lick that sweet pussy of hers, one last time. She was wearing a white summer linen dress that seem to bounce across her ass when she walked, whenever she wore it, she knew it turned him on. Monica leaned back against the desk, lifted up her dress, removed her panties, then laid back with her legs opened and placed a foot on each of AC's shoulders. Like a cat cleaning its coat, he begins licking the inside of her pussy and rubbing his tongue over that clit, it didn't take long for her erotic juices to start flowing.

Ohhh baby! Damn, I hope this isn't the last time we fuck. He stops, looks up at her and says. No, it want be baby, I just have to close this damn office and go get my hustle on. I'm sure your husband can make you happy until we hook back up. She looks at him with a long sad stare and her eyes begin to tear up. Hey, stop it; don't start crying, look, here’s $2,000.00 to get you through the next week or so. But Daddy, I don’t wanna leave you, Eric’s a lame! He can’t handle me like you can. I know baby, but it’s that time, come here. He pulls her up off the desk and starts kissing her while his hands caress her bottom, massaging her butt in a slow circular motion as he pulled her closer to him. The friction between the two had given him another erection; slowly, he lifted up her dress and turned her ass around towards him. With his right hand, he took a condom from his back pocket, opened it with his mouth and placed it on his hard dick; grabbed her butt cheeks, spread them apart and stuck his 8-inch cock in her wet pussy. Ummmm. Oh daddy! Oh daddy! Dammit daddy! Hey baby, bite on the chair or something; you know there’s people across the hall! Ummm. Fuck it daddy! Fuck it! What are they gonna do, put us out? Fuck it!

Ummmm-Ummmm. I'm going to miss this dick! He thrust forward, she push backward, then he thrust forward, she pushed backward, back and forth they went for the next 20 minutes until one of them surrendered. Oh shit! Oh shit! OHHHHH SHIT!!!!  I'm cumming baby, oh-oh-oh, yes daddy! Ummmm. She stops and leans over the desk, its 6pm baby, the landlord should be here any minute, we have to go, put on your panties so we can lock up, hand me my belt off the desk. Damn, I’m gonna miss you MO. In a rush, he pulls up his pants and puts his belt back on. Come here baby; promise me you will be safe, you know how to reach me if you need me, right baby. She turns around, sits on the desk and begins to put on her panties. Wow, really, it's like that!  So that’s it motherfucker! One last screw and send me on my way huh! Look, I gave you some paper to hold you over for a week or so. But that’s all I can do for now, I got to get back on my grind, be easy and stop trippin. You know I got love for you, I will find you when I get my shit together. Alright, I hear you nigga! She pulls her panties all the way up, jumps off the desk, hugs him and walks out of the office. Later MO, you know I want forget you, with that fat juicy ass! Oh, tell your husband I said what's up too! Ahhh, fuck you nigga, that shit aint funny! Your black ass better call me when you get shit poppin too! Come on, you know I got you! Yeah, umm, hmm! Bye AC! She exits into the hall way.





Chapter 2, The Epiphany.


The night is young and AC decides to scroll down Vegas Blvd, passing the casinos and wanting to be in the position of the guy sitting at the black jack table that was playing $5,000.00 a hand. His mind scrambled on ways to achieve that financial success; after all, he was walking in the city that started as a dream of mobster Benny Seagall, a paradise in the desert. But while walking down the sidewalk, he kept being bothered by these annoying Mexicans; they were relentlessly forcing these Adult booklets on everyone. Sex, Sex, and Sex! Beautiful Asian, Latin, Caucasian and African woman laced the covers of these booklets, with prices and direct phone numbers to call for a date. Coop was zoned in on the whole make up of this industry and how legal it was to promote here in Las Vegas. He then wondered how one could get behind the scenes and be the big dog collecting the money. The interest didn't lie in the desire to order sex or to even be a pimp, the shit he was looking at, was bigger than that. AC wanted to know the ins and outs, the infrastructure of the business. How the escort service worked, who got what cut and how did they hire the girls. Intrigued by the idea of the sex industry, he walked into Babes, a Topless club on the corner, a block from his office on the Strip and Charleston. He started to befriend some of the dancers by using the people skills learned during his days of door to door selling. AC asked the girls about the Strip and Escort industry, if they worked as escorts also, if so, what was it like and how much did they make?

One of the dancers went by Yum-Yum; she mentioned trying it for a while but preferred dancing and went on to say escorting was too risky, that it was illegal in the City of Las Vegas but legal in the county. So vice was always locking up girls and shutting down agencies in the city.  The money was OK if you wanted to take that chance, but the agency usually got 30%-40% of what you made, in the clubs you pay a house fee and a small percentage on your VIP Dances, plus you can work a shift 5 days a week in a safe environment. What Yum-Yum expressed helped a little, but he wanted to take it a little bit further.Interested to know if the girls in these booklets were realor just models, he got a room at a nearby casino and called to get a date. Coop ordered a sexy 5’9” Latino, named Carmen, in the picture her hair was sandy blonde, shoulder length with brown eyes, juicy lips and 38-D breast; ones dick would get  hard, just by looking at her. AC was so excited, if she showed up at the door right now; he would probably cum before she could get in and sit down. When he called the number, a raspy voice answered the phone. Hello, Angels Escorts, how can I help you? I would like to book a date with Carmen. OK Sir, where are you staying? Are you visiting and what’s your name? He replied. I’m staying at the Casino, on the corner of Vegas Blvd. and Charleston, yes I am visiting, my name is Cooper and I'm in room 564. OK sir, it will be $500, she will be there in 45 minutes, thanks for choosing Angel's and enjoy your date.

Coops forehead was sweating like someone had just dashed his face with a bucket of water; his heart was beating so fast, he could feel it hitting his chest. He couldn't sit down and found himself pacing the room, back and forth from the window to the door, talking out loud. What will my mom and grandma think of me now? I just ordered a prostitute! He had to calm down or he would definitely scare Carmen when she got there. Pouring a drink while sitting on the couch, he decided to watch some TV to pass the time. Knock-Knock. Oh shit! I have to get it together, she’s here, and I can’t wait to see how she looks. He walked towards the door and glanced through the peep whole. What the Fuck! I know this is not Carmen, this Bitch is a crack head, if I ever seen one, maybe it’s a mistake. So he asked. Yes, who is it? This is Carmen, your date. Bullshit! You don’t look anything like that picture, I changed my mind, you can take your ass home!  What! You owe me! I don’t owe you shit! Get the hell on before I call hotel security, you crack head Bitch! The phone starts to ring. Ring-Ring-Ring. Hello! What’s the problem Sir? You sent me a crack head! That’s the problem! Well, I’m sorry you are not happy but there's a $150.00 agency fee that you have to pay for booking the girl. You can take that fee and shove it up your ass, with that girl! CLICK!

Sitting on the bed with his hands on his knees and shaking his head, he says to himself. This is too much; maybe I should go downstairs and play some cards or something. I really want to know more about this industry, it’s getting late and that Carmen incident was unforgettable to say the least. First thing tomorrow I'm going through the classifieds to see if there’s any jobs available in the Strip clubs, maybe I can be a bouncer or something, that would really put me on the inside of the sex business. He begin to really focus his energy on getting into the industry, it bothered him so much he couldn't sleep because it was on his mind so heavy. Where is that room key? I’m going to get some of that New York pizza and a cold beer from Louigi’s. He could feel his stomach rumble while walking to the pizza parlor. Damn, I'm hungry! As he approaches the pizza parlor, the smell of fresh cheese and dough filled the air. Ahhhh, smells so good. Hello Sir, how can I help you? 2 slices of Italian sausage please and a cold beer. This is really going to hit the spot, maybe now I can sleep.  He takes his order and go have a seat at the table. Excuse me! Yes? Is that pizza good? It’s great, you should try it, here, have a slice of mine. Why thank you! You’re welcome.  I’m Sabrina by the way. Nice to meet you Sabrina, I’m Andy. Hello Andy.

Sabrina stood 5’8” with a model type body, olive skin that was smooth as cream and long silky black hair. Andy being the man that he was, wasn’t about to let her get away, he proceeded to ask what kind of plans she had for later. What are you getting into later? Well, I was thinking about going to get a margarita, then some dancing on the rooftop at Club 74, it would be great if you came along. Is that an invitation Sabrina, are you meeting someone there, maybe some friends or were you just going alone? Actually, the idea just came up, I was just coming over to get a bite and ran into you Mr., and so would you like to join me or not Sir? Taking a long pause, he finally answered.  Sure, we can go party baby, the first round is on me. No, I was thinking, more like the whole night would be on you, it will be worth your while, you sexy black man. Is that right, well, let’s just see what happens Sabrina. The two get up from the table and leave the pizza joint. They acted as if they knew each other for years as they walked along side one another through the casino and out the door.





Chapter 3, The Club.


The line to enter the club was about two blocks long, they by passed the patrons and walked over to the doorman. Yo, my man, check this out. What's up bruh? I got $100 for you, if you let us enter through the V.I.P entrance. The bouncer lifted the velvet rope, stuck his other hand out for the money and let them through. Sweet! Here you go man! As Andy and Sabrina entered the club he started thinking, maybe this is not such a good idea. The club was full of attractive sexy women of all nationalities; he walked slowly through the crowd, gazing at the beautiful women. Sabrina grabbed his hand and led him to the V.I.P area. Then he noticed how gorgeous she actually was under the neon lights of Sin City, her Italian skin gleamed of blue neon as her shiny black hair sparkled, while the wind blew a few strands across her sexy moist lips. Will this section be fine baby? She said to Andy. Yeah, that's straight! We will take this one Sir! Please can you have the waitress bring us a bottle of Moet and two glasses? Sure thing Sir, will there be anything else? Yeah, some strawberries! No problem Sir, will get you all taken care of. Wow! Strawberries Baby! What do you have plan for me Daddy! Remember, it’s on me baby, watch how I do my thing. OK Big Daddy, I see you.

A Kiss from a Rose by Seal played in the background. " There used to be a graying tower alone on the sea" "You became the light on the dark side of me" " Love remained a drug that's the high and not the pill"  "But did you know that when it snows" " My eyes become larger and the light that you shine can be seen".  Andy and Sabrina sat in the roof top V.I.P, enjoying each other’s company sitting under the stars on this warm Vegas night. She reached over and lightly placed her left hand on his knee, then proceeded to move up to his inner thigh as she got closer to his dick, Andy made a remark. Don’t start something you can’t handle. Let me be the judge of that. OK Ms. Thing! Ummmm. You got a nice package there Sir, when was the last time you masturbated? Really, I can't believe you just asked me that, but to answer your question, maybe two weeks ago, I only do it if I really need to.  Well, I'm doing it right now Andy. Are you a bad girl? Only when I need to be, and right now, I need to be.  So tell me, do you eat pussy Sir? Damn, you get right to the point, don't you! That's the best way daddy, so do you? Yeah, only if it smells like water!

A voice interrupts their moment. Hello Sir! Here’s your Moet and Strawberries. Thanks a lot, here’s a little something for your trouble. As Andy took care of the waiter, Sabrina slid her hand up her dress to her pussy, pushing aside her silk panties; she stuck her index finger in her Vagina slowly so that it would be moist. Like water huh Daddy? Yep, like water baby. She removed her finger from under her dress and picked up her glass of Moet. When she drank from her glass she secretly sniffed her finger to see if it indeed smelled like water. She planned on letting him taste it and didn’t want to be embarrassed once he licked her finger. Sabrina picked up a strawberry with her thumb and wet index finger, then proceeded to feed it to Andy. Ohhh thank you, that’s delicious baby. She stuck her wet finger in his mouth while feeding him the strawberry. Andy licked her finger then continued sucking it in one long slow motion. So tell me, how did my pussy taste baby? Well that taste like strawberries and if your pussy taste anything like that, I would eat it all night, then again in the morning. Oh really, in the morning too? That’s nice to know, I will definitely be holding you to that. She reached over and picked up his glass from the table. Here, give me your glass so I can pour you another drink. 

The club was now packed to capacity, standing room only. Bottles of Moet, Cristal and Dom were flowing at every table in VIP. Girls were dancing on the bars and guys were taking body shots off of double D breast in every corner. Tupac's Bonnie and Clyde filled the airwaves, this calm Vegas Night had come to life. "All I need in this life of sin, Is me and my Girlfriend" " Ride with me to the very end, just me and my Girlfriend". Yeah that's the shit right there baby! Oh, you like that Daddy! Damn right! Me and my Girlfriend! AC and Sabrina sat on the couch rocking and boppin to the music while sipping on Moet, when a familiar voice screamed out. Yo, what’s up A! AC stood up to see who called him. Hey what's up Jerm! What’s crackin man; I haven’t seen your ass in a bunch of Sundays. Come on over here and join us playboy. He lifts the velvet rope to let them in. Where the hell you been my nigga? Man, I’ve been chillin bro., I got this A&R Job in L.A. Oh, and this is my lady, Tammy. Tammy this is my homie, Andy.

What's up Tammy, nice to meet you. This is my friend Sabrina, Sabrina this is Jerm and Tammy. What yall sippin on pimpin? Oh man, this is just some Moet. Cool! I’m going to order another bottle, so we can keep this party jumpin. Sabrina had taken her shoes off and stood up on the white leather couch, she grabbed Tammy by the hand and pulled her up too. Sabrina called Andy over to her and started French kissing him andwhispering sweet nothings between every kiss. I’m having a wonderful time baby, I can get use to you black man, I like your energy, your sexy chocolate ass and that smooth baldhead. I’m glad you're having fun baby, now come here and let a nigga get a slow dance. Down low by R Kelly was controlling the atmosphere; couples had invaded the dance floor to get their grind on. " Listen girl, you want me but he needs you" " Yet you tellin me that everything is cool" " Tryin to convince me baby to do as you say" "Just go along and see things your way".  Andy turned around, grabbed Brina by the waist and lifted her off the couch. She was blushing so hard her cheeks turned cherry red. Wow baby, you trying to show your strength? No baby, just getting this first dance. The two had only just met a few hours ago and the chemistry was astronomical. Holding her gently by the waist, he gazed at her and thought, man I can’t wait to get this sexy ass motherfucker back to my place. I’m going to have to pull out the satin sheets and pillows for this one. Look at her flat stomach, long black hair, nice lips and juicy tits, those got to be a 38 D or something, she even has some ass too. Yep! This one is a keeper! Hey Andy, what’s wrong, you just going to stare at me or say something?

  He looks at her with a smirk and says. You have the most gorgeous smile Sabrina and softest lips. Why thank you! So what comes after the club? Well I was thinking, maybe we can walk the strip and spend some more time getting to know each other, we really don’t know anything about one another. OK, that sounds like a plan, where do you live, do you stay on the Strip? Yeah, I have a Condo about a mile from here, how about you? Well, I stay with my parents out in the Valley, it’s just me, my Mom and Dad, that house is way too big for just them two. Are you ready to get out of here baby? Yeah Daddy, let's keep this night moving. Hey Jerm, I’m out pimpin, it was good to see you again man, stay in touch, I will give you a call the next time I come to L.A.. Nice to meet you Tammy, take care of my boy. Nice to meet you guys too Andy, see you later Sabrina. Alright Coop, be easy playboy! Andy and Sabrina walked out of the club and met the sun as it came up over the horizon across the Nevada desert. The neon lights had dimmed; the traffic had seemed to come to a standstill as crowds of people filled the streets and casinosafter a long night of partying.

While the two were standing on the corner, waiting to cross the Blvd., A deep Latin voice spoke out. Well, well, if it isn’t AC! What are you selling now, Mr. Andy Cooper? What, you traded in your perfume for women,are you trying to be a pimp AC?  Damn! Detective Espinoza, do you ever take a day off? I will take off when you take off Mr. Cooper. Yeah, Yeah, whatever, let’s go baby, this damn cop gets on my nerves, he's always in my shit. Coop grabs her hand and they ran across the street to the restaurant. We’re going right here, to the Pepper Mill baby, to get some breakfast. That’s fine Daddy, I love the Mimosa’s there and the ambiance is so romantic. They enter the building. Hello guys, welcome to the Pepper Mill, will it be a party of two? Yes Mam! Alright, what's your last name Sir? Oh it's Cooper! OK, it will be a 15 minute wait. OK, thank you.

The couple sat down and joined the other patrons that were waiting to be seated. While waiting, AC noticed Sabrina had pulled out a roll of cash wrapped in a rubber band. Damn baby! Who did you rob? Nobody silly, this is all me, I made this last night at work. What kind of work you do? Slang crack, coke, weed, what? Well I'm an entertainer. Oh yeah, like whom do you entertain? Whoever pays to see me baby! OK Sabrina, let me have it, you can tell me, are you an escort or something? I should of known, man how did I miss it! No baby, I’m not an escort but I am in the Adult Entertainment industry. Doing what baby? Exotic Dancer baby! Oh a Stripper, hmm, that’s interesting, where do you work? Over on Industrial at Dolls, I took off tonight, needed a break; it's been 12 days straight now without a day off. So how long have you been dancing?

Sliding his hands in his pockets while leaning against the wall, he looked her up and down then thought to himself. Damn, I bet I can make about 5 g’s off her in a week, hell she’s already in the game; I just need to learn a little more about her and be patient. Got to wait for that right moment but the first step is getting a position at this club she works at. Man, if I can get 3 more like her, that’s like 20 g’s a week, yep I’m definitely getting in to the sex industry. Hey did you hear me? Oh! What were you saying baby? I was saying, I worked off and on for about 6 years, I went to school and got my Business Degree but I came back to dancing because I missed that fucking money! You’re not upset are you? Nah I’m cool, actually, I was looking to get in to that business myself, I have been thinking about it a lot lately. Oh really and what do you plan on doing baby, dancing too? Don’t tell me you want to be a Chip and Dale’s dancer? Hell to the Nah girl, more like Security, DJ or Manager, something like that.

 Are you sure Daddy, this business is not for everyone. 100% sure of it, why you ask? I can put in a word for you at my job and see if there’s anything open. But can you handle seeing me dancing and flirting with other guys, while I'm half-naked? Shit, I'm about my money, plus, you know who the fuck you going home with. Why you know it’s you Big Daddy. Cooper, party of two! Yes, that’s us, let’s go eat baby, dang I’m hungry. You better save room for desert Daddy, I got something for you. Oh yeah, what’s that? Hold your horses, there’s no need to rush, I can assure you, I’m not going anywhere Daddy. Just know that I got you, OK Daddy. Alright, say no more. Here you go guys. The waiter stops and shows them to their seats then pops a cold bottle of Moet and placed it beside the pitcher of OJ. He pulls two champagne flutes from his cart and proceeded to make two Mimosas’. Ooh, that looks great! She picks up a glass. Here, taste this Daddy! Yeah, it doesn’t taste too bad baby. See, I told you! Sabrina, I have a question. What is it?  Since you are in the business and all, tell me what made you get in to it, why you came back and how much money can you make a night?

Well, I was bored working at my Fathers restaurant and wanted to try something different. Me and some of my girlfriends actually use to hang out at Dolls every weekend during football season, the wings were great and the drinks were cheap! Being there so much I made friends with several dancers and we all started to hang out. One thing led to another and I decided to participate in amateur night at the club, I will never forget that night. I was so nervous after I signed up, my legs were shaking like crazy, then my girlfriend was like; Sabrina you got to meet Jose' for this one! I was like, who? Jose' Girl! Tequila! Oh! Right! Bring him on baby! So after 4 rounds of Jose' and a few cold Corona’s, Daddy I was in full gear! The song I danced to was Tupac’s; It’s all about you! I don’t know or remember what happened on stage but I made $800 in tips that night; ones, fives, tens and some twenties was on stage. Needless to say, I was hooked after that one time. Wow, I bet you had fun that night baby; so how soon after that did you start working on a regular? Ha-ha. I started the following week; my first night was crazy, naked Bitches everywhere with a bunch of attitudes. The girls I met when I was a customer there, kind of showed me the ropes.

 It’s unbelievable what goes on in those clubs. What do you mean? Well, some dancers do dates and others just dance. What do you mean; do dates? I mean they make appointments to go on paid dates with customers after the club. Oh! You mean they be selling that ass. Yep! Some girls get like $1000 off those tricks but the standard is $500 for a date, then you have the club tricks that come in the club and trick off all their money on hoes. It’s really an addiction just like drugs and alcohol; dudes are addicted to bitches just the same. So when the girls go on dates, do the Club Owner get a cut? Hell no! Sometimes they have an idea about who is tricking, but most the time they don’t.  I bet the owner is some old fat pervert that has cameras in the dressing room and shit, spying on you guys when you’re naked. 

Ha-Ha-Ha. Your too funny AC, well no, the owners are Vinny and Bobby. Vinny and Bobby, sounds like two Mafia cats, know what I’m saying over here! AC says jokingly in a mocked Italian voice. Yes, they are AC and don’t make fun of my people Mr. They are what, Italian or Mafia? Both! So you work for the fucking Mob, are you crazy? No, I’m Italian remember. Yeah but Damn! I never met any real mobsters before. Let’s just say that’s a good thing Daddy. So you actually think that your Bosses will hire a brother to work for them? It’s not like that with them, it’s about the money and if you can do the job. I can do any job, that’s not a problem but I don’t wanna be watching my back, I might fuck up one day. Don’t wanna be chopped up and thrown in an alley on Industrial, in garbage bags and shit! Calm down Daddy, you’re taking it too far; I will speak with them tomorrow and see what happens.

While sipping on his mimosa, AC couldn’t help but to think about all the mob movies he's seen. Damn, this is some real mafia shit, I don’t know if I should stick with this chick or not. What the fuck am I getting myself in to here, Vinny and Bobby might have a back room with a table saw, aluminum bats, acid and all kinds of shit. Hell, they can cut my ass up, dissolve me and make a nigga disappear from this motherfucker. Do I really want this shit, this bad? Daddy! Daddy! She taps AC on the hand then says in a sexy voice.  I’m ready to go to your place, we’ve been here too long plus there is nothing to worry about anyway. Vinny’s girlfriend is black! Come on, let's kick rocks, you have a lot to tell me about this business and that club you work at. They get up and head for the exit. Sabrina stops and pulls three $50 bills from here bank roll and leave them on the table, AC turns to here as they leave the restaurant. No shit, your Boss has a black girlfriend, really!



Chapter 4, My Place.


 Sabrina and AC left the restaurant all over each other like they were on some ecstasy or some shit. Yo! Yo! AC yelled out to stop the limo. The black stretch Navigator slowed down and stopped by the curb. Hey man, thanks for stopping! No problem Sir, where’s the destination?  Oh! Take us to the Towers man, on Flamingo and the Blvd. As they entered the limo, he looked over at her. Brina you a sexy bitch, come here and let me kiss those satin lips of yours. He grabbed her by the waist, sat her on his lap, stuck his hand up her dress and removed her thong. Hmm. You don’t need these anymore baby. AC! Give me my thong, what are you doing Daddy, you silly, but I like it. I see! AC had felt how wet Sabrina’s pussy was as she straddled his thigh. Damn! I’m hard as a steel pipe baby. That’s the way I like it Daddy, nice hard and long. OK people, this is your stop, The Towers. Damn, that was quick, thank you kind Sir, here’s a 50 for your time. Why thank you Mr., have a great day. Oh I will brother, I will.

Exiting the Limo, you could see the white and lavender 85-story glass building that captured your eye like a huge Caribbean island. Waterfalls and Palm trees greeted you at the entrance as Benz’s, Bentleys, Porsche, Jags and Rovers, populated the parking lot. Hey man! How was your night, looking good I see. Shit! It’s all good Manny, anything interesting went down at the Towers tonight?  Not really, who is the lady you got on your arm player? Excuse me Mam; do you have any idea what you’re getting yourself into? Aw Manny, don’t start that shit today. Just playing Mam, I’m Manny the Condo Concierge. Nice to meet you Manny, I’m Sabrina. It’s nice to meet you also Sabrina. Hey Manny, you got some of that chronic on deck? AC, why ask a question you already know the answer to?  That’s what's crackin pimpin, send me up an O. Man, you might as well get it now, I’m not coming to knock on your dang door so you can tell me you busy. OK bruh, give it here, you got them blunts too right! Of course man, come on, you think I’m gone bring a bong to work? Here you go man; you guys have a great day.

He reaches under his desk; pulls out a small rolled up white towel and handed it to him along with two cigars. Daddy, you never told me you smoke. Well, we kind of just met like 8 hours ago or some shit like that but I smoke, do you smoke, because I smoke! Do you smoke? AC said jokingly. Boy, give me that blunt so I can show you how to roll. Damn! Baby, that’s what the fuck I’m talking about, a sexy ass broad that smokes trees too. We bout to be Fuuuucccckkkkkeeedddd up!!!!

The elevator door opens. Catch that baby; we’re going to the 44th floor. So this is where you live Daddy, not bad. You have great taste, this is a very expensive place, I thought you were unemployed Mr.? Well I am but that just happened recently. OK I hear you, come here Daddy; you turn me on everytime I look at you. Sabrina started to rub gently across AC’s dick; the elevator had only reached the 29th floor, on the way to the 44th, when she pulled it out. Wow, this is the life, are you serious baby? You gonna give me head right now, yeah this is gonna be a great ass night. Oh shit, lawd have mercy on me! Girl where in the hell did you learn to do that? AC grabbed Sabrina by her long black hair as she was on both knees with his Johnson down her throat. Oh yeah, um, hmm, oh yeah, that’s it baby, you are the best!  The elevator had reached the 39th floor when he stood Sabrina up and turned her back to him, kissing on her neck as he finger fucked her wet pussy from behind. AC took his free hand and grabbed the condom out of his back pocket, ripped it open with his teeth and proceeded to slide the magnum on with one hand, while finger fucking her with the other.

The elevator was at the 41st floor when he bent Sabrina over and slid his dick in her wet vagina. Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy! Oh, Dammit Daddy! Ding! The doors slid open and they fell through the elevator doors to the floor. Sabrina had fallen to her stomach and AC was on top from behind, he lifted her to her knees and she went into the doggie style position. Ruff! Ruff! Ruff! What the Fuck!  Daddy stop, some ones coming and they got a big ass dog! So what baby, it’s too good to stop now, I bet this want be the first time they seen someone fucking. But, but, but we’re in the God Dang hallway Daddy! Oh Shit! Oh shit! I’m cumin Daddy! Come on Baby! Come on! Get that nut! My God! You people should be ashamed of yourselves!

Shut up lady and get on the Damn elevator. Ahhh! Ahhhh! AAAAh! Oooohhhhhhhh!  yeeesssssssss. Thank you Daddy, damn, that dick is good. Glad you like it baby, I got some more for you after we smoke this blunt if you’re not all tired and shit, that was just a quickie. Ha-ha-ha. Whatever! How much you want to bet that Manny’s going to be calling in a second, you know that ladies telling as soon as she gets down to the lobby.  Ha-ha! Daddy, you’re in trouble. Whatever, Manny knows what’s up, that’s the least of my worries. I’m thinking about your naked ass, walking around my place cooking me breakfast and shit. Look, my partner is still standing up; I think he likes you bay, come here girl. She stands up and waits for him to open the door.

Really, AC, can you open the door already, I’m holding an ounce of weed in one hand and my thong in the other! Sorry baby, I had to pull my pants up. He runs over to unlock the door. OK, here we go, welcome to my castle. Can I get you something to drink; I have some Water, Bud light, OJ, Milk, anything? No, just a face cloth and the bathroom is all I need right now, where do you want this weed? Just put it on the table baby. Sabrina puts down the weed and goes to the bathroom. Damn Daddy, you sure you have enough cologne? It’s like perfume depot up in this fucker! He yells out. I like to smell good, is that a crime! No, I like a good smelling man, where’s the soap daddy? Look in the shower on the soap rack and I have some new bars under the sink. Thanks! She undresses, turns on the shower and jumps in, then yells out to AC. Are you gonna get that chronic ready for me, I want to roll up one of those blunts. Yeah it's on the table. Cool, do you have some of that Outkast daddy? I love to listen to Dre and Big Boi spit, while I’m high. Hell Yeah, got that Atliens, elevators and shit, them cats be spitting those crazy ass lyrics.

10 minutes had passed, Sabrina steps out of the shower soaking wet from head to toe. Can you bring me a towel please? Sure, one sec! He goes over to the hall closet and gets a towel, walks in the bathroom; she's standing there wet and naked. Here you go, you want me to dry your back off for you? Please, if you don’t mind. She turns her back to him; he takes the towel and starts to dry her off. So you said that some of the girls at your job go on dates with the customers, have you ever dated a customer? Hell no! I’m not a prostitute. Just asking, don’t want you to hit me with that surprise question when we wake up, like ah excuse me, can I get my $500 now? Ha-Ha. What the fuck ever, you got jokes now huh, you wasn't laughing when I was sucking your dick an hour ago. Hell nah, more like having spasms and shit, the mouth service is marvelous baby; you can be my head doctor anytime. Yeah, Yeah, don’t try and be nice now.  She takes the towel and dries the rest of her body, wraps it around her and walks in the kitchen. She picks the blunt up off the table, looks down at the weed, picks it up and starts rolling the blunt.  Look at this; you need to tell your boy Manny we don’t want stems and shit! How am I supposed to roll a good blunt with this bullshit! Girl stop tripping, that weed is free, so deal with it. Oh in that case, tell playa I said thank you. Ha-ha-ha! They both laugh. Can’t complain about free shit, damn you got the hook up! Free weed, that’s what’s up, is this fat enough for you Daddy? She finishes rolling and shows it to him. Yep, now go ahead and light that shit, I’m ready to get high so I can hit that juicy pussy of yours some more!

Sabrina lit the blunt and took 2 long pulls off before she passed it to him. Here you go, do you smoke everyday daddy? He takes a pull off the blunt then replied. Naw, I really smoke to wind down on the weekends mostly, don’t use it when I have to work because I have to stay focused. Nothing will get done if I’m high all the time; know what I mean bay? Yeah I do but I have to get high every damn day Daddy! Really! Yep, there’s no way I can put up with them girls and the customers at my job any other way. AC walked across the room and opened the balcony doors to a view overlooking the Vegas strip; you could hear the sound of the city as it awakens to take on another day. Horns blew constantly as traffic began to back up, the city buses had forced gridlock at every intersection along the strip; bus stops were filled to capacity with people waiting on the first stop of the day.

AC turns around, walks over to his couch and picked up a T-shirt he left lying there overnight. Here, put this shirt on bay and come out on the balcony with me. Oh, grab that Moet out of the fridge and 2 glasses from the rack too; I'll be outside waiting on you. The heat from the desert had reached its normal daily temperature of 105 degrees at 7:30 AM; the Sun was beaming through the open door, heating everything in its path. He stood there on the balcony in his gym shorts smoking on a blunt while absorbing the hot sun that only a true Las Vegan could appreciate. He reached for Sabrina’s hand as she stepped on to the balcony. Look at it baby, Sin City! The town that your ancestors built, how does that make you feel? Reaching for the blunt and staring him in his eyes, she replied. Sometime it makes me feel really good, knowing that my people created this oasis in the desert this unbelievable array of buildings, great food and beautiful skyline. Then sometimes I feel embarrassed when people talk about the negative side of things, like the killings, prostitution and everything else that we brought here.

I understand why you feel that way baby but that was the past and things are better for everyone now. She took a long pull off the blunt, inhaled, exhaled and passed it back to him. This shit is the bomb daddy! Damn, I’m higher than a motherfucker right now, look at my arm; I'm getting a motherfucking tan out here.Yeah, you are getting a little red baby. Plus, looking at you in them shorts right now is really making me horny as hell daddy.  Oh yeah. Hell yeah! Here, hit this one more time. AC holds the blunt to her mouth and she takes another pull, Sabrina lied down on the patio chair that was sitting against the balcony rail. She pulled AC over towards her by his shorts. He leaned against the scorching hot rail that was blistering from the hot Vegas sun; the fact that it was burning the fuck out of him didn’t seem to matter. She started stroking his Johnson with her right hand and rubbing her pussy with the other.

AC picked up the bottle of Moet and proceeded to drink while his penis got harder and harder with every stroke. Sabrina's pussy started sparkling in the sunlight as she held her legs open and back arched, sensual moans of pleasure began to escape her body. Sabrina rose to the sitting position, pulled his penis closer to her lips and slid it in her mouth. He grabbed the hot rail and released a strong growl of simultaneous pleasure and pain. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  He had enough, the pain of the heated rail was too unbearable, but her head was so amazing, he felt the favor must be returned. AC flipped her over into the doggy style position, her legs spread wide apart with a slight dip in her back. She raised her ass in the air and her but cheeks begin to spread apart, all he could see was that beautiful wet sparkling vagina. Grabbing her cheeks, one hand on each, he went in to feast on the ultimate prize. He licked that pussy like a pop sickle that was melting from the hot Vegas heat, he couldn’t get enough, the sounds of slurping and popping seem to play its own tune; the all mighty tongue had found the womb. She began to jerk; pull and wiggle as his lips touched hers and that tongue massaged her clit. She had begun to reach her plateau when AC stood up and stuck his cock in that wet throbbing pussy. One stroke after another, she trembled, her legs begun to shake, she stood up and grabbed the balcony rail and screams of pain filled the air as she tried to escape. But he was not stopping or letting go, he bent her over some more while fucking her and stuck his thumb in her asshole. Then the heavens opened up, she bust so big, it was like a water faucet had been turned on full go. All you could hear was, Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Ooooooooohhhhh,  ooooooohhhh, SHIT! Damn baby, that was amazing! You got that knock out, put a bitch to sleep dick! Whew! God Damn!



Chapter 5, The Business.



Ring-Ring-Ring. Hello front desk, how may I help you? Good morning, this is AC. Oh, hello Mr. Cooper, what can I do for you? Could you have the valet bring my bike up please, I will be down in 15 minutes. Sure, which one shall we bring out the 1500 or the Harley?  Hmmmm, I will ride the 1500 today not in a cruising mood. No problem sir, see you in a few. Sabrina, are you up yet? Sabrina! Sabrina! Shit! Sabrina! Fuck! Hey Sabrina! Fuck, wake up! Her body laid under the covers at the edge of the California King Size bed, after calling her several times he began to panic. Damn, what in the hell is going on with this chick? Fuck, I hope she’s not dead. AC moved over to the bed and stood over her, then with a push on the shoulder, he shook her a little. Still no answer, in a swift motion he pulled away the covers and heard her giggle. What the fuck! You Bitch! Sabrina started laughing so hard, she started to cry and grab her stomach. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Oh God! Ha-ha-ha. What, did you think I was dead daddy? Man you crazy; don’t do that shit again. Next time I will throw some cold water on your ass, you crazy Bitch!Sabrina! Oh

Yeah -Yeah, you were scared as hell though, wasn’t you baby? I’m done talking about it! Hurry up and get dressed, we have to go.  I don’t have to work until 9 tonight and it’s like 11am. So what! I have to go and that means you are leaving too; so let's go joker. Besides you need to change and call your people, set me up with that meet later. OK give me a minute, I’ll be ready. Sabrina gets up to find her things. If you’re hungry you can grab a bagel on the way down from the lobby. Damn! They have breakfast downstairs every morning like that? Yep, every morning baby, we live well in the Towers. So are you going to call me a taxi? No, I can give you a ride, I have time. Thanks daddy, I’m ready to go when you are. Cool, let’s be out then sexy. I had fun last night at the hotel and the club, but here, it was fantastic! Yeah I did too; we must do it again soon. Like tonight? Yeah, I'll hit that ass tonight if you want me to! Don’t try that play dead shit again or I promise I will wet your ass up!

They made it downstairs; she headed to the breakfast bar as AC went outside. Good Morning Mr. Cooper, here’s your bike Sir. Thanks David, what’s the forecast for today? High’s in the 100’s and around 90’s tonight. Damn! That’s hot! I know Sir; the heat is going to be ridiculous. No, I was talking about that fine ass redbone on that green 1500 ninja over there. Who the fuck is that? Oh that’s Ashley Marciano Sir. Damn, does she live here also; I’ve never seen her around before. She just recently moved in from L.A, two days ago. Cool, I will run in to her later, right David? He looks at David and winks his eye. Sure, I will let Manny know tonight Sir, I’m positive he will handle it for you. Thanks David, could you go get that chick in the white dress from the breakfast bar, tell her I’m ready to go. Sure thing Mr. Cooper! Sabrina had glanced in AC’s direction with a bagel in her right hand and an OJ in the other. David started walking towards her, delivered the message; she simply blew AC a kiss and winked her right eye. He yelled out. Come on knucklehead, let’s go, don’t try and eat all the food up! She placed the bagels in a bag then stuffed them in her purse, Sabrina slowly walked towards him sipping on her OJ. Don’t rush beauty daddy, where’s my helmet? I’m not riding without one. Just get on, I got it right here. The smell of hot tar filled the air in the Towers parking lot; waves of heat emitted from the driveway and created a blur when you looked towards the ground. You could fry an egg or boil a pot of water on the pavement it was so hot, surprisingly no one’s tires had melted to the lot.

A loud screeching sound along with a white cloud of smoke polluted the air as AC and Sabrina spin off onto the Vegas Strip. It was 15 after the hour and the Volcano show had just begun at the Mirage, tourist and cars alike had stopped in their tracks to see the attraction, all Blvd. traffic came to a halt for the next 15-20 minutes. AC stopped his bike and looked around for a way out. Man this is some bullshit; it’s too hot to be sitting in traffic with a damn helmet on today. Daddy, let’s just pull over and cut through the casino lot. Good idea baby, we can go through the back way. My car is at the club. What club? The one I work at Daddy; Dolls off industrial. Oh that’s right, Doll’s, don’t think I have ever been there though but I do know where it is. So what time are you going in today? I’m scheduled to go in at 9pm. What time are you coming to speak with Vinny and Bobby? Maybe around 9:30! They maneuver through traffic and cut through the Treasure Island lot to get on Industrial Boulevard where there was no traffic. They rode about 5 minutes up indie, passing all cars along the way and ran 3 red lights while going 85 MPH. A pink and blue building dawn the horizon; AC pointed at the club. Isn't that it baby? Yeah, over on the left; right across from that warehouse. As they approached the club she noticed a familiar face over by her car in the parking lot. Ahh Fuck! What’s wrong Sabrina? I don’t feel like this bullshit today. What? Man, that fool ass ex of mine is sitting on my car; here we go with the drama, early in the damn morning!

  What guy are you talking about? He looked over the lot. Oh, that guy with the Starz hockey jersey on? Yep, that’s him, sorry ass Pharaoh! What kind of name is Pharaoh? Dude Egyptian or some shit! Naw his fool ass thinks he’s a God or something, but he’s a punk ass bitch that likes to beat women. Oh is that right! Well don’t worry; I got your back baby. Daddy, that fool keeps his heat! I’m good baby, I can handle myself, don’tyou worry,and here let me pull over so you can get in your car. AC rides over by her car and stops the bike. Hey Bitch! Her ex jumps down off the car and looks at her. Where the fuck you been all night? I was calling you, all damn night! None of your Damn business boy! I aint your girl no more! Get away from me! Who is this ninja riding nigga you with? That’s your new boyfriend bitch! Hey bruh, you can chill with all the Bitches and shit, it’s not necessary. Oh yeah and you gone do something about it! Mark ass nigga! Pharaoh in a rage had begun to walk furiously towards AC; he was 6’2”, black as tar, had long dreads down to his back and smelled like straight Chronic, he had to weigh a good 265 pounds solid.

AC stood to his feet, got off his bike and flipped up the seat. Pharaoh what are you doing, he has nothing to do with this. Don’t start any trouble! Oh yeah, this mark ass nigga is going to get dealt with today! He continued towards AC with full speed, as he approached, he grabbed Coop by the shirt in a jerk motion. Then all of a sudden a sissy like moan spoke out. Please bruh, don’t do it. I’m high and was upset; please forgive me! Fuck you nigga! You’re not so hard now with this gun to your head, hah bruh? Pharaoh falls to his knees. I tell you what Mr. Pharaoh, I will make a deal with you, see, I have 1 bullet in this 357 and if it’s meant for you, then you a dead ass nigga, if not, then I guess I'll let you walk free. So on the count of three; I’m going to pull the trigger, so say your prayers nigga! The way I see it, if you’re a good person, God will bless you, if not, well, the Devil will be glad to have your ass. One! Please, Please Man! Please! Two! Oh God Help me! Please God! Please! Three! Pow! He pulled the trigger.

The blood from his head splattered all over the concrete and on Sabrina’s car window. Oh my God Daddy! You killed him! Oh shit, let's get the fuck out of here! Let’s go! Hey, what the fuck is going on over there? A loud Italian voice shouted out! Sabrina is that you! What in the Hell is going on? Oh my God, Vinny he’s dead. Who is dead? Pharaoh is! Well that piece of shit deserves to die. What happened? He was talking shit to me, my friend AC approached him about it and all hell broke loose! Who the Fuck is AC?  That’s me Sir. Well what are you going to do about this dead bastard on my property? Shit, put his ass in the dumpster, I don't care. Are you fucking kidding me! How am I supposed to explain this to the cops! I’m not taking the wrap for your mess; I tell you what we're going to do. First I have to call my brother Bobby, let him know what happened, get him down here as soon as possible. In the meantime go get cleaned up and out of those bloody clothes, give me that gun too, we need to destroy all evidence. Sabrina take your car to the car wash on Tropicana, tell them I said to give you the special, come right back here when you are done. Vinny pulled his car keys out of his pocket and handed them to Andy. Here, go get that cadi, park it over here in front of the body so no one can see it from the street. I swear, it's always something at this damn place. He go gets the Cadi, parks it sideways so that it would block the view from the road. Good, now come with me!

Vinny took Coop in the club, sat him in his office, then opened the closet behind the office door and gave him one of the security uniforms, black cargo pants and shirt. OK brother, we have a serious situation here;  you should understand that I'm doing you a favor and in my world this means you now owe me a favor my friend. Yeah I know Vinny and I do appreciate it. I'm sure you do, but we don't need any heat around this money maker, so time isn't on your side my friend. You will have to repay this favor. Tell me, what are you good at, how are you planning on repaying us? I’m good with organizing things, talking to people and I can handle my own. No shit! I see you can handle your own! I would love to work here at the club for you guys. Doing what? Fucking all the dancers, we don’t need your big dick ass in here getting the bitches all crazy and shit.

Vinny's brother had just walked in the room. Hey bro, what’s going on? Oh what’s up Bobby, I was just going to call you. This here is AC. How you doing man? I’m Bobby nice to meet you. Well sit down bro.; I have something to tell you. What is it now, always something with you! Oh no! Not me! Our new friend over here did you a favor today. Really, what may that be? You remember Sabrina’s crazy ass ex, Pharaoh! Yeah, that punk ass woman beater! Well Mr. Bro. man here blew his brains all over our back parking lot about an hour ago. Get the fuck out of here! You’re kidding right! Hell no, the body is still out there. What the fuck! Why didn’t you clean it up asshole! Waiting on you bro.! Vinny, sometimes I swear! How stupid can you be? Call Silvio and tell him to come clean up that piece of shit.  He’s up front re stocking the bar, hurry! Go tell him to put the body in the back room, bring the butcher knives and that bag of lye from the closet. Make your new friend cut that Fucker up, then put him in the waste barrel for pick up this Wednesday, don’t forget to pour the lye on his stinking ass before you seal the barrel. Just what I need, another reason for the pigs to come sniffing around this joint! Go with him AC, we clean up our mess around here, you understand? Yes Sir!

 Good, when you guys are done come sit down so we can figure out what we’re going to do about this situation. Just in case you didn’t figure it out already, you’re with us for life now buddy or you can join Pharaoh. Hell, at least you already got one stripe for killing that piece of shit, once you get rid of his ass that will be your second stripe. The third one, I'm not so sure, we don't take kindly to strangers. I'm sure we can use a person like you around here though, I just don’t know where yet. Where the fuck is Sabrina? Oh Vinny sent her to the car wash on Trop. When she gets back, tell her to come see me, I will be in the kitchen making some lunch and burn those bloody clothes when you’re done with that job. Did my brother give you something to put on already? Yes he did. Good, where’s the gun? I gave it to your brother. OK cool, get to work; see you in a few, hope you aint scared of blood, because there's going to be a lot of it. Trust me; I've seen my share during Desert Shield. Oh, so you're a military vet? Yes Sir, 555 division attached to the 82nd Airborne, Hard core! Well fuck, that's even better, we got ourselves a real life soldier over here.







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