I Don't Go For Guys Like You

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: February 29, 2012

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Submitted: February 29, 2012



A few stifled whispers could be heard around the room. What? Mr. Harris has never done anything like this before. We all stood up, grabbing our books, and heading to the front of the room.


“I've carefully planned these pairs. I based them on grades, and how well you do in my class. I want no complaints,” he said, flopping his paper around in the air.


I moaned along with many others. Just great. I didn't need to be paired with some idiot. Mr. Harris read off the groups. Boy-girl groups was obviously what Mr. Harris had decided to do.


After maybe, 6 groups, Mr. Harris paused.


“Well, let's see. Now, we have Ms. Allison James with Mr. David Jerpin,” Mr. Harris articulated. Allison rolled her eyes, and brought her books to the table Mr. Harris assigned to them.


As for David, all of his friends were cheering him on and pushing him forward. He grinned, and sat next to Allison. He winked at her, and she looked like she was going to faint. Poor Allison.


“Next, we have Ms. Avery Patterson with Mr. Blake Westerly. This group won't be a problem, will it?” Mr. Harris inquired. But I didn't hear him.


I was screaming on the inside. What? No. Blake Westerly. Basically the whole room burst into cheers. Blake was their favorite. And he was just paired with probably the least popular girl in the eleventh grade.


Mr. Harris shushed the noise quickly, and showed us to our seats. We were right in the front, which wasn't a surprise. Blake isn't a good student whatsoever. He makes people shout noises during class and could literally cause a riot if he wanted.


I didn't make eye contact. I could tell he was glancing at me now and then, but he did not say a word. My hands were numb, and my ears were ringing. Blake was so rude. We were enemies. Populars and losers don't mix.


After all groups had been sorted and Mr. Harris stood straight up at the front of the room, and sighed.


“Alright. All of you stop acting like children. Right now. Tell your partner your name. What childish behavior!” Mr. Harris babbled on.


At once, the room began to buzz. I slowly looked over at Blake. He stared, smiling. His teeth were unrealistically white, and his eyes were deep brown, with golden mixed in here and there. I got lost in them


“Hello? Earth to Avery! As we all know, you obviously would love to throw yourself at me, but I am taken, so unfortunately, the only chemistry we will have, is homework,” he said, with his mesmerising voice. I was taken aback by his statement. So he just assumes I love him?


“Well, Blake Westerly, you better get real with yourself, because no one here is drooling over you but yourself,” I snapped at him. Did I just say that?


He sat there in awe. He quickly turned away. I smiled, but then wiped it away when Mr. Harris spoke again.


“Ok then. Now, can we please stop acting so immature. Everyone seemed to have nice conversations. Now, I shall introduce you to your first assignment together. It's a very easy packet, but you must work together and check answers.


Today we had started a whole new lesson on cells. Every little part would be covered. And Mr. Harris wouldn't go easy on us. Many students had failed his class last year. I was not about to be one of them.


“Well Patterson, how about you start, and I'll check in on you in, let's say, 10 minutes?” Blake inquired.


“Oh no! Blake Westerly, you will work on this so help me god I know for a fact you don't want me for a partner, and I for sure as hell don't want you,” I whispered loudly to him.


He chuckled, and tapped his pencil on our packet. I finally took my eyes off of his to look at the first page. A few graphs of cells and pictures were on the page, along with a few questions were on the page.


After answering a few questions, I started to get a little confused.


“What is nicknames the “powerhouse” of the cell?” Blake asked out loud. His voice kept throwing my focus off. And his smell. He smelled like Old Spice. Something about that cologne made me smile. Why was I thinking like this? I mentally slapped myself.


“The nucleus,” I answered, writing the answer down.


“Haha. You might want to stop writing that, genius. The answer is mitochondria,” he said, ripping the packet away from my side of the table, and changing the answer. What? Was I just corrected by Blake Westerly?


“No, it has to be nucleus,” I shot back, ripping the paper from his hands.


“Patterson, if you looked up at that graph, you would see that graph labeled the mitochondria as a 'Powerhouse',” he said, pointing to the graph.


“Oh,” I muttered, and gave back the paper. He finished writing the answer, and then moved on to the next question. What was going on with me today?


The bell finally rang. I sprang from my seat, and left the room before he could say another word to me. Allison chased me down the hall.


“Avery! Stop!” she shouted from behind me. I finally stopped, and turned around to face her.


“Oh my god, my partner is the worst! All he does is talk about himself! And I basically worked on that whole packet by myself! And his ego is bigger than the list of girls Blake's dated! And he won't listen to me! UGH!” she spilled out all at once.


“Well, my partner isn't any-” I was interrupted by the bell. Everyone started to rush to their classrooms. Allison looked at me apologetically, and ran off.


I started to head to my next class, but my mind was still in Biology. Why me? Why Blake? Mr. Harris was going to pay for this one way or another.


* * *


The end of the school day came quickly. I rushed home, and closed the door to my room. Once inside, I slapped myself.


What the hell was going on? I couldn't focus all day, and I was not about to now. My mom knocked on my door.


“Everything ok, Avery?” she asked through the door.


“Fine. Just- fine,” I answered, walking down and flopping onto my bed. My mother opened the door, and sat down on my bed next to me.


“Alright, I'm almost getting sick of seeing you moping around all day. I've ungrounded you. For now. Mess up, and you'll be stuck back in here, ok?” she asked.


“Seriously?” I asked, raising my head.


“I guess,” she said. I jumped up and hugged her.


“I swear, I won't mess up again,” And then, I left the room.


* * *


I went to Allison's house as soon as quickly, and we ranted on about our Biology partners. She didn't think Blake as a partner was a big deal. What goes on in that girl's brain? I was just glad I was no longer grounded.


~ ~ ~


A/N: Sorry for the boring ending! And sorry this is a little late, I got struck with a bad cold. And my computer is acting up. Well, thanks for reading, and leave a comment!

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