The Vacation That Went Wrong

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Wrong Turn

Submitted: November 02, 2010

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Submitted: November 02, 2010



For fours hours straight nothing but silence, so much for family bonding right? We don't even talk with each other.

It was past ten o' clock and I was staring out the window, the sky wasn't looking so promising; it looked like it might storm in the second week of summer.

I sighed thinking about the possibility of me passing out if I hit my head against the window long enough. Ugh.

"Please, can I please, please stay home?"

"Jen," my dad sighed glancing at me. "No."

"Why not? I'm old enough."

"Your only fifteen years old, Jen. No."

I frowned at my mom. "In five years I'll be twenty."

"And?" My dad laughed. "Until then you can't do anything."

"Ugh! Mom?"

"Sorry Jen."

I glared at them really considering hitting my head against the window. Don't get me wrong, I love my family. But really why do we have to spend the entire summer here in this creepy forest? I sighed taking out my cell phone and opening it to find that there was no signal. I rolled my eyes becoming more agitated. "Fantastic."

Scar glanced at me with an annoying look on her face. "Did you say something?"

"Yeah there's no freaking reception here!"

"Jen," Scar laughed. "Stop acting like a drama queen and shut up."

I glared at her frowning. "You shut up."

"How about both of you shut up." Our mom snapped shutting whatever book she was reading and turning to glare at us. I didn't say anything, I returned to staring out the window, wishing that I was at Vikki's place help planning for the party in two days.


"Hun are we lost?"

That was the third time my mom has asked that in one hour and thirty minutes. During that time we had probably been driving in circles.

"No we're not . . . I don't think." My dad replied while looking into the rearview mirror before chuckling.

"Then where are we dad?" Scar groand fidgiting in the seat.

"Uh . . . somewhere in the woods?" Another chuckle.

"I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!" Our mom snapped yet again.

"You knew what?"

"Nick you know darn well what I mean! We're lost."

Scar and I glanced at each other after our mom spoke in that icy tone, no one said anything after that.

Then all of sudden we started hearing this weird noise outside of the car; a thudding sound? Our mom gave our dad a panicked look as the car started shaking, when all of a sudden there was this loud popping sound.

"Oh crap," I groand. "The tire exploded."

My dad swore under his breath as he pulled to the right side of the road. "I'll be right back." He grumbled opening his car door and stepping out.

"These woods creep me out." Our mom sighed while our dad was working on getting the bad tire off.

"Really?" Scar grinned. "What creeps you out?"

I looked outside, there was something off about this place- like someone is watching you.

"I don't know."

A few minutes had passed when we started hearing our dad freaking out. "Dad are you okay?" I asked after rolling down the window, we were out in the middle of no where.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine . . . I was just hearing some strange noises over there." I looked in the direction he was pointing to and got this funny feeling as I tried to stare deeper into the dense forest.

"Do you hear that?" My dad whispered glancing at me as we heard a low threating growl coming from what seemed everywhere.

"A growl?"

He nodded bending down again to hurry up replacing the old tire with the new. I kept a look out and so did Scar and our mom, then everything went silent.

It was only quiet for a second before it was shattered with our dad screaming in pain.

"Nick!" Our mom screamed as all of us jumped out the car.

But I was the first to spot him, a few feet away was my dad on the ground with what look like a sand colored wolf hovering over him.

"Dad!" I screamed as the wolf's head jerked up to stare at me, my eyes widened and my heart stopped working. I held my breath as the wolf snarled at me.

"Nick!" Our mom yelled as she came around the car. The wolf's ears twitched before he took a step back and ran off into the woods.

"Get in the car now!" Our dad yelled stumbling to his feet his shirt bloody and dirty.

"Get in the car Jennifer now!"

"Okay, okay." I whispered as he shoved me towards the car.

"Dad your bleeding." Scar gasped when all of us was in the car and speeding down the road. "What?"

"Your arm Nick. What happened?" Our mom asked worry written all over her face.

"I-I don't know . . . it was just a huge wolf." Our dad winced when he seen how badly his arm looked, it was nawed on.

"Dad we need to go back home, to the hospital. That wolf could be carrying rabies, you need stitches." I said, my voice trembling . . . what if that wolf was carrying rabies? Or some other disease? I looked at his arm again and grimaced.

"Don't be ridiculous Jennifer, I won't catch rabies. Sit back, I'll be fine." He sounded annoyed.

"Don't be ridiculous Jennifer?"

For a moment before I could compose my emotions, my mom and Scar saw the hurt on my face as I sat back.

"Nick," our mom growled. "Don't talk to Jen like that. And you don't know if you'll catch rabies or not, you need to get that looked at."

"We're hundreds of miles away from civilization Katie." Nick snapped glaring at our mom before turning back to the road. "And besides we're almost to the cabin, I'll clean it then."

"Stupid." I mumbled under my breath, glaring out the window with my arms crossed.

An hour later, Nick finally finds the correct route to get to the cabin and in less than two hours we will be finally at the lame cabin and I'll be the first to go to my room, lock the door, and dread the summer away.

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