Truth: The Story of a Girl

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Rest

Submitted: December 31, 2012

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Submitted: December 31, 2012




"Hey, what are you doing? We can use that to build a fire- tear it up."

I rolled my eyes, shaking my head no as I continued to move the plank of wood out of the way so that I could lean back and read a small spiral notebook I just found in a backpack that was covered underneath the debri that use to be a house.

"No Cam, I'm tired and I want to read something . . . go find something else." I grumbled, it had been a long day today ever since the war and the fact that half of humanity had disappeared a  month ago has been weighing heavy on my shoulders lately, and with everything going on . . . the remaining survivors turning against each other and these . . . monsters who doesn't kill but tortures whoever they get a hold of, is starting to get me.

Truth be told, I don't know how many miles I have left in me, everything was destroyed when World War Three broke out a few months ago; our homes, our families, belongings and earth were demolished. But the thing that I'll never get over was when my mom and older brother disappeared leaving me here all alone- they weren't the only ones to leave though, millions of other people too.  Just vanished without a trace, leaving people that they love behind on this forsaken planet.

"Don't argue with me, you're not the only one tired. Its going to be a cold night tonight, and those pieces of wood are still damp from when it rained earlier, so give it here."

"No Cam, stop!" I yelled after he tried snatching the book away from my hands. "Just let me read so that I can stop thinking about this hell hole, please?" I begged. Cam glared at me before groaning, Cam for the most part is a decent guy with tan skin and blue eyes, he stands at five foot nine with shaggy dirty blond hair and an average looking body, his features were okay, except his nose, he had broken it a few weeks ago from a fight he had been in- and for a teen who had never played sports before, he sure is strong. I, on the other hand was in my twenties with shoulder length black hair and light chocolate colored skin with hazel eyes, I'm a few inches shorter than Cam.

"Seriously, its not like everything is going to get better, just give it to me."

"No Cam."


I huffed, opening the notebook looking for any spare paper, and luck was on my side when at the end of the book was a good chunck of unused paper, I quickly ripped it out and handed it to him, who quickly took it.

"Will that do?" I asked, as I turned the pages to the very beginning where I had seen the pocket in the notebook filled with paper and pictures with some sort of writing.

"Yeah, it'll hold us out." He mumbled.

I nodded while I went through the pages that had different dates, drawings or title of songs scrawled across the worn sheet of paper, the rest were wallet size photographs of a family who seemed very close and happy; it was a mom with three daughters, all of them short and all of them beautiful. I felt envy towards them.

And then I turned the page and stiffened, on the other side of the fire Cam was nestling into his sleeping bag with a small hand gun at his side as he fell asleep, it was nearly dark so I moved closer to the fire with my sleeping bag and crawled inside to get comfy as I read the passage again:

"If you're reading this . . . then, this isn't good news for you to hear. I'm most likely gone if you've found this because of one reason: The Rapture.

Or two other reasons being; I gave this to you for a specific reason, or your in my house, in my room reading this- whichever or, I just wish option one isn't the reason that you're reading this. Because trust me, I've seen the future . . . and its not pretty, not anymore . . . not until the new Heaven and the new earth comes down.

You won't be safe, you'll be suffering."

This was written a year ago and four months before any hints of a world war three was even thought of, what the hell- what did this girl know? And a rapture? Is that what happened to my mom and brother . . . and half of humanity?

I turned the page to chapter one to this girl's journal, in hopes of finding an answer.

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