Twin Flame

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"We live in two different worlds; the one we live by the normal, naive, oblivious world. And the other? A much darker world, Anje. The supernatural does exist -we exist- monsters exist."

All her life Anjelita or better known as Anje has been plagued by her vived dreams- nightmares that seemed to real to be true, dreams that never made any sense. Past life memories.
Three times Anje has lived, including in this life time. All she knows from her dreams was that she's lived in Rome during the Renaiassnce era, and Germany during World War Two. And also watching the one man she'll ever love die in a burning house in Rome 1472. . . . Or has he died? A feeling that always tugged at Anje's heart and intuition.

And now in the year 2001, Anje meets a familiar and yet unfamiliar mysterious guy who has all the answers Anje wants.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Preface

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Submitted: October 06, 2010




"Why do we have to move?" My little sister, Jade groaned.

I rolled my eyes while gently putting my books into my backpack.

I considered my family and I to be nomads; because all the times we've had to move mostly due to the fact that we always had money problems. Just recently my mom seized the opputunity to renew her licence as a nurse, more specifc an RN.

But the great news naturally turned to horror with my two younger sisters' Jade and Tina. When they found out that our mom transfered her position in the job to some hospital in her birth place; Colorado Springs, Colorado they argued, protested and acted downright dramatic. Sometimes my sisters' only thought only about themselves.

"Jade," my mom sighed, "don't start this again."

"But mom-"

"We're moving. What's wrong with you and Tina? I thought you guys wanted to move?"

"Yeah before we finally got a house!" Jade snapped as I walked out of my tiny bedroom carrying both my book-filled-backpack and a box full of more books.

"It's not a house idiot, it's a duplex. Oh yeah, stop the tantrum it's getting old."

Jade looked at me over her left shoulder before fully turning around to face me; Jade was a few inches shorter than me with really dark brown hair almost black, dark brown sort of slanted eyes, and a light tan. Half the time Jade carried with her,her snarky attitude.

"Shut up Anje! Who asked you?"

"No one. But this hissy fit you're having here is getting old-"

"Anjelita!" Our mom yelled causing both of us jump when she slammed her palms down on the kitchen counter. "Do you want to be grounded?"

My mouth dropped. I tried to stick up for her and this is what I get? Awesome. "What! No. You're not tired of her constant complaining? 24/7. Every. Singl-"

"Stop it!That's enough! From both of you, do you got that? Enough." Jade of course was glaring at me probably wanting to sock me in the eye right about now; her face turned tomatoe red with anger. We both stood there saying nothing when I finally screwed my head on straight and realized something: my ma's high blood pressure. She doesn't need this right now.

"Fine," I muttered. "I'll stop."

"Thank you." Our mom sighed, exasperated. "After you put that in the U-haul take a break. You've been working all day."

"Only because they don't want to help." I mumbled while fixing my hold on the box. "What?"

I shook my head at my frowning, glaring mom and muttered. "Nothing."

"Anje . . . forget it. After your done go get your Tina, dinners done." My mom grumbled turning away from me and to the nearly broken stove- I swear the landowner here was such a douche, but thankfully right before my mom was about to buy a new one, we decided to move.

I glanced over at Jade who was leaning against the kitchen counter doing nothing but missing with her right index nail. "Okay."


The next morning I woked up early feeling the opposite of a million bucks, half of it was because of the nightmare I had.

I sighed wiping the tears away and got out of bed to start moving the few remaining things out of my room which was: three worn down backpacks filled with my clothes, a few books and notebooks, and CD's; and two large boxs of my clothes and bed spread.

After getting dressed into an over sized navy blue shirt and grey sweats, I walked out of my room and into the dark kitchen opening the fridge for a water bottle. "Morning Anje,"

I jumped coughing when the water I was drinking got into my nose. "Gah, ma. You scared me, morning."

She laughed before yawning. "Sorry . . . why are you up so early?"

I shrugged turning around to face her, my mom was no taller than me, standing at four feet and elevan inches tall; with fair skin (which was, of course alot tanner than mine, because of me being sick; something about my white blood cells attacking my red blood cells . . . it was all so confusing.) besides the nice skin tone my mom has dark brown beautiful curly hair that was a few inches above her elbows; dark brown eyes; and a light coat of frickels.

"Wanted to get my room done."

My mom gave me a funny, amused look. "This early? Anje you have all day." One thing about my mom was that half the time if something important needed to be done; maybe like moving she'll want to do almost everything in the last possible moment so everyone would be rushing around, cranky and tired all day.

"Yeah, well I wanted to get it done early."

"Oh, later on around eight, I'm leaving do you want to come?"

"Yeah sure mom."

Three hours later, I was laying in my bed feeling like crap and sweating only because just recently the AC broke, litterally. Like ten minutes ago the AC made this wierd sound and that was it. It ceased to exist.

I sighed when someone knocked on my door. "Yeah?"

"Anje?" My mom asked before poking her head inside my room, her voice slow and cautious. "Yeah mum?"

She smiled when she opened the door. "Hey, I'm ready to go- whoa it's hot in here Anje, open the window. Anyways I'm ready. Do you still want to come?"

I nodded, sitting up. "Yeah ma, let me change real fast."

"Okay, I'll be in the car."

In a hurry after my mom left I quickly changed into some jeans anda sky blue tanktop before quickly brusing my hair and teeth and then I darted from my room to the front door- I made sure that the door was locked before making my way to my mom's red 1999 Toyota car.

"So. . . . Where are we going?" I asked while strapping myself in as my mom started the car.

"I have to go to your sisters' school and yours so I can get your records and all that, then I have to swing by the hospital to pick up my last paycheck."

"Okay cool."


We got done faster than I thought, it was nine-thirty in the morning, the weather was hot since it was the first day of summer, and we were at McDonalds ordering some breakfeast. I was staring out of the window thinking of the nightmare and the vived details that came along with it when my mom glanced at me as she paid for the food and asked. "Are you going to miss living in California?""No way. Are you?"

"No I never liked living here." I grinned with her. "Ditto."

When we got home Jade and Tina were awake, they both were in the livingroom each holding a box from they're room. "Hi mom, hi Anje. Our room is done." Tina mumbled. So that means we could see your guy's floor now?

"That's great, put that down for a minute, I got McDonalds." Our mom said as she walked past us and into the kitchen/dining room and sat the food down on the oval dining room table. "Is that your way of cheering us up?" Jade grumbled setting the box down, I shot her a dirty look. "Stop it!" I hissed while throwing my hair into a messy ponytail. They of course ignored me and stalked off to where the food was, I rolled my eyes before picking up one of they're boxs and went back outside.

"Oh my gosh, what do you guys have in here?" I grunted after picking up another of their boxs. It's been almost two hours since my mom and I got home we've been going back and forth throughout the duplex putting boxs in the U-haul, Jade and Tina did help, very little. But they did, and now they were outside sitting against the house underneath the kithen window eating ice cream when I almost slipped and grunted my question. They laughed. "Stuff." Tina chuckled. I rolled my eyes, spoiled brats.

It was thirty minutes past twelve and the duplex was now empty. Jade and Tina were across the street spending what little time they had left with there friends, and I was with my mom who was on the phone with some furniture store who was doing this special; they were taking used furniture and giving it away to GoodWill- and in return we either get new furniture or cash, in our case we chose money; only because my mom already pre-ordered all the furniture we needed for our new house. "I think it's all for show." I mumbled after my mom hung up, she glanced downward at me.

"What's for show?"

"The furniture store; why can't they donate new funiture to GoodWill? They're just trying to make themselves look good." My mom looked at me for a moment before sitting beside me on the porch steps and chuckled. "I have no idea . . . what are you saying though? That our furniture isn't good enough?"

"What if you were . . . poor wouldn't you want something new?"

"No, because it wouldn't matter. We use to be in that same situation, I would thankfully take used furniture, if that meant that my babies would have a bed to sleep on."

I squinted at my mom from the sun and nodded. "You're right . . . hey don't look so down." I grinned nudging her; for all the years that we had to struggle my mom always thought that she was a terrible mom, and my sisters and I always had to remind her that she wasn't. It was always a constant fear that she would one day give up and send us to Danny -our father- and her high blood pressure, it tore at me when my mom would stress and cry and always look depressed- it killed me. My mom laughed suddenly though it was a little wobbly. "I know its just . . . I still can't believe all this; we're moving, I have a job again, we'll have money."

Yeah being an RN my mom would be getting big paychecks but at a cost; she'll never really be home and always at work and on call, I remember when I was younger and my mom was an RN she was never home so that meant me and my sisters were either with Danny or his parents' Diego and Susanna. I forced out a smile. "Money isn't everything." She rolled her eyes.

"Yeah I know Anje . . . I just don't want to go through that again."
"I know, but we won't."


By nightfall we were leaving California behind, Jade had fallen asleep not to long ago and Tina only because she was bored out of her mind was working her magic and was annoying us. "When do you think we're going to get there?" Or, "Whatcha doing?" And even, "I'm soooo bored. What can I do?" Following after that would be a long, annoying groan.

"Go to sleep then if you're so freaking bored!" I snapped as my mom looked at me wide-eyed. Tina groans again before ignoring me. "Okay We're checking into a motel, alright?"

"Okay," I grumbled while staring out the window and staring at everything we drove past in Reno, Nevada.

"Let's go to a casino and win some mula." Jade grinned sitting up in her seat after yawning, "where are we? Vegas?"

"No Reno." My mom said as she pulled into a motel parking lot and got out into the chilly air. "And Jade you wouldn't be able to win any mula in a casino anyway; you're to young."

"Fake drivers licence! We can do it!" Jade yelled pushing the car door open. "Get back inside Jade!" Our mom yelled back before talking to one of the motel employee's.

Jade laughed as she got back inside and closed the door, she looked back at me with a huge grin. "Wanna try?"

I shook my head trying not to smile. "We worry about you, you know that?" Jade frowned. "I worry about you too ugly." I was kidding jerk.

It was the next morning, around nine o' clock.

I was the only one watching the news and reading one of my books about Rome, while my mom ate some ceral, Tina was laying on the bed opposite of me playing games on our mom's cellphone; and Jade was trying to take a shower in the cramped bathroom. No one was speaking, and that gave me more time to dwell over my dreams; eversince I can remember I've had these aweful dreams, often repeating themselves.

Last night's dream had tooken place in Rome during the late13th century or early 14th century. I was standing in a field, the grass was to my waist- but the thing was in the dream I wasn't fourteen but eighteen years old.The girl looked exactly like me but with a more tanned skin tone. But anyways, I was standing in the field just staring at the star filled sky until I turned to my left where over a steep hill was glowing this red, orange color it continued to get brighter until one of the small homes behind me caught on fire, then all three houses surrounding me were ablaze. Then suddenly I dropped to my knees, crying my eyes out all the meanwhile feeling this undescribable pain in my chest; like someone I loved more than life was in that burning house trapped, I kept on crying and screaming for him to get out but it was to late- the ceiling of the house collapses on top of him.


"Anje," my mom called. "Are you ignoring me? Hello?"

I quickly looked up shutting the book in the process. "Dang it." I sighed, "yeah ma?" she gave me a wierd look before talking.

"I missed the weather. Do you know what it's going to be like today in Colorado?"

"Uh . . ." I looked back at the TV. "Oh, um, dry. I mean it'll get a little warmer later on in the day, right now it's cold."

"Anje are you okay?"

"Yeah mom, I'm fine." She looked at me for a long moment before returning to what she was doing. "You're a bad liar, do you know that?" Tina asked rolling in the bed towards me.

"Am not."

"Are too. Your terrible at it."

I sighed again. "I know."

Tina rolled her eyes; out of the bunch Tina was the shortest, thin, silky light chocolate brown hair, light brown eyes, out of me and Jade, Tina actually looked like she was native american and not a mut (people who is mixed with different nationalities.) heart-shaped face, and for her size, let me tell you, she was strong; but she was just so small. It didn't make any sense though our mom has said that her mom, our grandma -may her soul rest in peace- was strong for her size, I think she was almost five-feet-tall.

And besides the uncanny strength Tina also looked alot like our grandma.

"What's wrong? You were crying in your sleep last night." I grimaced, blushing. After waking up last night I continued to cry because of that agonizing pain, the feeling of someone I loved with all my heart, more than myself died was still fresh in my mind and emotions.

"Just a nightmare. What were you doing up so late?"

She shrugged closing the cellphone. "There was a movie on, it was pretty cool."

I nodded. "Oh."

"Yeah . .. so why'd you lie?"

"I didn't. It was just a nightmare that got to me-"

"Who's ready to hit the road?" A grinning Jade asked as she came out of the bathroom with her pajama's, she was in an unusual happy mood today. She better not do anything stupid.


The last fifteen hours was nice; the weather wasn't to cold nor hot. My mom and I both had the windows rolled down while Jade and Tina played some game in the back seat . . . but everything must end at some point right? About thirty minutes later as we got closer to the Rocky Mountains the sun dissappeared behind the clouds, and then out of the blue there was this pull, like a tug and this wierd feeling coming over me. I couldn't describe it even if my life depended on it which would suck if something like that ever did happen. But as quickly as it came, it vanished. I shrugged it off as me being crazy and enjoyed the now cold air, but sadly my mom rolled up all the windows when they started getting cold. "How long is it going to take now?" Jade asked as she got up and changed the radio station, our mom gave her a "what the hell are you doing?" look.

"Jade sit back, we'll be there in thirty minutes." I laughed when Jade groand, but she continued to scan through the radio stations until landing on some pop-rock song.

"Jade sit back down right now, come on you're going to get me in trouble."

"With who? No one's out here except us . . . hey are you planning to do something?"

"Jade! Yes . . . I am. I'm planning right now at this very moment to throw you out of this car."

"How? You're driving."

"Anje take the wheel."

I shook my head. "No mom you'll go to jail, I'll do it."


For the rest of the way was a breeze, I don't know why but the entire time talking all of us were laughing at something our mom had said from her teen years. She was quite the heart breaker.

When we arrived at our new two story house it started to rain, we didn't waste anytime we were practically running back and forth from the U-haul and to the house and somewhere during all that chaos my mom had called the furniture store so they could bring over our furniture.

I was having one of those days where I just wanted to stay home and be lazy, and so when I had to get ready for school put me in a bad/sarcastic mood; partly because I hate meeting new people, I was never the one to mingle or whatever, it was raining when we left the house- that on the other hand had perked me up a bit, I love rain.

I was leaning my head against the window with it slightly rolled down when my mom stopped at a red light, and just like yesturday that tugging feeling came back, then a moment later a blue sedan stops next to us and just out of pure curiousity I glance over at the driver- and oh man was this guy cute more than cute actually. He looked stressed out but most of all depressed; behind him sat a teenage girl maybe nineteen and the guy she was talking too was around the same age; both had blond hair, her's was long and wavy: and the guy's was a sandy blond small mohawk, while the driver had jet black spiked hair he too also had his window down all the way so when cleared his throat, I heard.

I tried not to blush when he caught me staring at him, then the blond girl leans forward and says something to him.

"Yeah," he smirked loud enough for me to hear. "She should take a picture, it would last longer."

I raised an eyebrow. Oh? "Dang I should have brought a camera then huh?" I mumbled going into sarcastic mode, the dude I swear glanced at me as if he heard- he looked shooken up, like he had seen a ghostbut he quickly shook it off as nothing and speed off probably going over the speed limit.

I was never going to forget that look in his eyes, that scared the heck out of me.

"Did you say something Anje?" Jade asked before sneezing, I looked at her before shaking my head.

"Just thinking out loud. Bless you."

"Thanks," she mumbled.

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