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Tayler Wasso is in a slump. her life has just stopped being exciting. she has the same routine, the same best friend, the same favorite colour, and favorite food. she works as an assistant for a fashion napoleon. sounds exciting right? full of style, colour and excitment? yes. but not as the assistant, then its full of coffee, and paperwork. that is until your boss brings her son in. hes the exact opposite of tayler. exciting, full of spirit, and not a dull moment when your within 50 feet of him. will he get tayler out of her slump or just annoy the heck outta her?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - starlight starbright

Submitted: February 23, 2011

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Submitted: February 23, 2011



"another day of getting paper cuts, here i come". sighed tayler wasso. My name is Tayler, I'm 23 years old, and live in seattle with my

best friend jenna. Walking into work, i waved to naomi, the head secretary. Shes been working here at Dyna's Fashion for 6 years, where

i've only been here for 2. she waved back, as i got into the elevator to go up to my office on the 8th floor. I am Dynas

personal assistant. She is seriously THE best boss a girl could ask for, whenever she's working on something new, she calls me in to

ask my opinion. other than that though, my work life consists of getting Dyna her no-fat latte with frozen blueberrys and whipped cream,

and filing all of her bills and clients. pretty much as soon as i sat down, my intercom binged and Dyna asked if i had her coffee. "not yet, i'll

bring it right in, Dyna" i said while pressing the button. as soon as i made her coffee, i knocked on her door to which she respnded

"come in". once she had taken a sip of her coffee, she asked me " how was your weekend tayler?" " you know, the same as always" i

sighed. "of course, i just had a shimmer of hope that you had found a new guy" she softly added. i nodded. just as i was about to leave,

she called to me and said, "Don't forget josh is going to be here tomorrow, tayler. i want his office ready by 9 AM." "of course

Dyna...." and with that i walked into his new office, coincidently right across the hall from mine.

that night, i was waiting for Jenna to get home so that we could watch jersey shore together. in the mean time i decided to just

watch the news. as i tuned to the right channel, they were doing a piece on animal cruelty. i can't handle death or torture

and stuff like that, so when i heard police sirens in the distance, i stepped out onto the balcony and sat on our lime green porch swing.

i was just about to close my eyes after a long day at work, when i saw a flash. i saw a shooting star; so i did something

that i never would have done. but im desperate, so i closed my eyes and softly whispered to myself " starlight, starbright, wont you grant

my wish tonight? i wish for my life to change, for me to have something to look forward ti, something to live for" and with that, Jenna

opened the door and we started jersey shore.

A/N: ok, i know its like Freakishly short, but i just want to know if i'll have readers before continuing.

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