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Chapter 7 (v.1) - the bet

Submitted: March 20, 2013

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Submitted: March 20, 2013



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Chapter7 (The bet…..)

Misha’s POV:

Everyone was there in cafeteria in lunch while they were chatting with each other and I spotted Danishk. And I thought of a plan if I will make a bet with Danishk that if he breaks Tanya’s heart he would get some ransom amount. And in this way Tanya would never even have a look towards Danishk. Yes that’s it I will make this happen.

“Hey prince charming.” He turned around to face me and he smiled slightly.

“So you will be calling me this forever?” he asked and I just smiled.

“Yes and I wanted to ask you something can you do that to me?” he smiled and nodded. Yes now that’s my cue.

“Ok we will have a bet that you have to date that girl Tanya and pretend that you love her and you should break her heart when you will get that chance.” He frowned and just like his expression, his tone changed too.

“How could you even think that I can accept that bet?” he asked through his gritted teeth.

“Well the amount is 12,000 bucks and if you do this, Tanya will be safe. Or else I have my own ways to break her heart.” I don’t know why I told this but I think that he will say yes.

Danishk’s POV:

My eyes widened when she told that I mean how she could even think about it. Why does she wana hurt Tani? I mean Tani is so decent girl she is so nice but still this girl she is so cruel in nature.

“Ok I’ll do as you say. When do you want this to end?” I asked politely so that I wouldn’t get into any stupid situation.

“When she will fall for you. You know what I mean.” Saying that she went away.

And now my plan is

1. Make Tani to fall in love with me,

2. Gain her trust.

3. Tell her what the truth is and break up with her.

Now this won’t be easy what should I do? Oh man! I-

“Dude Dan come and sit with us man. Come on don’t be such a douche now.” Naitik told me and patted my back.

“Yeah coming” I replied and went on to do my lunch.

After our lunch we had economics class and today Tani will be with me. Yes that will be great now.

“Hey Tani what’s up?” I asked her in a loud tone.

“Shhh………..” she hushed me without looking at me. And thank god that professor didn’t hear us.

Tanya’s POV:

Well Danishk said that he wana meet me in our college grounds when we were in the class so I told yes so that I would get rid of him. He was wearing a black t-shirt and faded light blue jeans. And really anyone can fall in love with him. Then his friends came towards him. Oh no! Now we can’t even- wait he told me to meet him right? So why do I wana back off.

Danishk’s POV:

As Tanya was approaching towards me my heart was racing like a horse like there were drums in back ground.-but then coming back to reality, my whole group of friends came to me. Shit this is not good Tani please go away please go-please go- please go- please go- pl-

“Dan what is it man? Why are you so much of daze?” Manan asked me out of blues.

“Nothing dude-”


“Hey Miss Nerdo how are you? And yeah I was about to come to you but let it be come on give me your calculus notes.” Naitik asked her rudely. Shit this day will be more complicated than I had thought…………

“H-hey I didn’t c-came to……to talk to you. I came here to talk with Danishk. He-he called me ok?” even Tani also snapped at Naitik.

“Ooooooo yeah like as if you are some celebrity. And he is your assistant and all. So that you can snap at him or at his friends’ right?” this time it was Manan. Oh great how could I even let them humiliate Tani? No I really need to stop this.

“Guys please stop it will you? How could you people even humiliate someone like this?” Then I turned towards Tani but she was going away shit now this is not good. Man how can I comfort Tani now? She will think that I am a complete jerk.

Tanya’s POV:

Tears were rolling out like it was a river they were unstoppable. Like I was drenching into hell. “Tani-tani Tani please wait. Tani come on it wasn’t me it was my friends. Please try to understand. Please now come on…..”

Soon Danishk’s voice disappeared. And I was just going home. God it was a long day. First Misha and next was Danishk. Man why do they wana be behind me? Ugh! Damn I can’t even get my mind out of it. Then I heard a door squeak. And it was Piyali.

“Hey look who bunked the class today? Ta-ta-da-da…… its taaaaaaniiiiiiiii my baby I love this scene you should do it every time.”

I didn’t reply anything because I was scared if I would open my mouth, I would blurt it out.

“Tani what happened? Why are you sad? Did anyone do something to you? I seriously will kill them. And don’t you even try to hide from me like last time. Tani please we always had shared every single problem with each other right so please tell me what happened.”

When she said that, I just hugged her and cried in her shoulders.

Piyali’s POV:

From past one hour Tani was crying like a hell oh man! This means something bad had happened to her. She sighed and went towards balcony.

“Danishk asked me to meet him after the classes. When I went there, his friends teased me. So I ran away from them and came here.”

Ok now Danishk chopra will be finished I swear. No one I swear no one should mess up with our sweet Tani. Danishk chopra see you soon. Then I hugged her.

After all that emotional dilemma we both ate our dinner and went to sleep.

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