Friendship is believing in Miracles

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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one night , i called ria to my room for some serious discussion . she came . i told her to sit on the bed . then i started :

" ria , as u know , what is going on in my life . u r very busy in ur school work n all. n i think u will be busy for the coming 10 years because of ur studies .  so i thought of something which is good for me n u . i will go to new york for 10 years for management . "
" but di , management can be done in 4-5 years . why do u have to go for 10 years ??" ria asked
" for my ambition . for becoming a model . 1st i'll do my management n then i'll join the training to become model there . i'll be busy , so my life will become easier than now . aur vaise b i want to become a model , u know na ?"
" i'm with u di . go, fulfil ur ambition . i m okay here ."
" but u have to promise me something ."
" kya ??"
" that u will not tell to anyone other than mom-dad that where i am going . "
" haa , but kunal bhai ?? "
" noo , not even kunal . n also not my other friends , ok ?"
" okay di , i promise . "
" thanks my behena.." n i hugged her to say goodbye .

i booked my tickets of a week later . before that i shopped a lot . also , i filled the form of one of the best management universities there . i rented an apartment there . everything was done except one thing . i had to meet nikhil n kunal before going .

1st i went to nikhil's home . he was also leaving next month as i asked her sis . As i reached there , i rung the bell n his mother opened it . i did namastey to her . she replied with a smile . she said nikhil is in his room . offcourse , she thought we were still friends . i climbed the stairs n reached his room . i knocked as he said 'pls come in' . he would be thinking it is his mom or dad but it was me . as he saw me , he was shocked n stilled for sometime n then he walked to me n hugged me. he said - " i knew it , u'll come . my baby loves me still naa ? its just 10 years babes , then we'll be again together ."
 i aparted him n said " noo.. i m not here for this . i m here to say u bye that i m going . n not for 10 years but for-ever . "
" what ??? where ? how ? n when ??" he was puzzled
" i don't want to tell it to u . bass itna bolna chahti hu that i don't love u now . n Goodbye Forever .."
i didn't give him a second to speak n left .

Then i had to go to kunal . my best fr.. sorry , my new boyfriend loved me so much that he'll not let me go . isiliye i called him out at a shopping mall's ccd . he arrived n we drank coffee . n i said :

" kullu , if i ever leave u.. what will u do ???"
" what ?? r u doing that ?" he said in a shocking voice
" noo silly.. just asking ."

then i kept quite . i took him to my house , then . In my room , he was sitting on the sofa playing angry birds in his ipod . i closed the door tightly n locked it . then i told him to keep the ipod aside . he stood up to ask what happened . i shut him up n dimmed the light of my room . i held his hand n brought him close to me . he didn't understand what was happening . i kissed him . he kissed me . we kissed

From my right hand , i opened the third button of his shirt as the other 2 were already open . i unbottened his whole shirt n then his inner . i was wearing a backlace yellow frock . he opened the knots of my dress . my eyes filled with tears . then my dress was slowly sliding down from my body but i stopped it n got away from kunal . i ran to my bathroom . i cried inside , wore my dress n washed my face . then when i came outside , he already wore his shirt . i said :

" i am sorry , i can't do it "
" u don't have to do it "
" no.. i want to but i don't have dare "
" its not about dare . its about love .. forget it na . we are happy aise hi . we don't need to do anything physical . okk ?? smile now "
" yaahh " i gave a fake smile but how could i smile in real , i was going for 10 years . i lied to nikhil for revenge .

Then , it was finally the day i was leaving . i told kunal not to call me or not to come home that day because i am busy with ria helpiing her in her school work n he also agreed . i told the servant n driver to take my 3 heavy suitcases . they loaded the suitcases in the car . ria asked me " di , i'll come to drop u " but i said "no" to her . i sat in the car n driver started it . i waved my hand to Ria n she said bye to me . after some time , i reached airport n then in 2 hours , i was in plane .

Finally , after 10 hours , i reached new york . i took my luggage n reached the rented apartment i took for myself .
In two weeks , i arranged everything in my flat accordingly - furniture , my clothes n other stuff , i arranged the food too . then i was free , so i ordered some fashion magazines for me from the shop just near my apartment . the man brought it after 10 minutes . n i sat on sofa reading it . i looked at my cellphone of which i changed the SIM . I thought " kunal had been calling me from 2 weeks . he would have gone to my house but couldn't find me . he would be very much worried ."
then i slept .

I woke up with the phone call i got from ria . i picked up the phone :
" ha ria ?"
" di , there's a problem.."
" what happened ?" i said n got up from the sofa
" kunal bhai came to know that u r in new york n he already left for new york to find u "
" o my god ! how did he come to know ??"
" i told him "
" what ? i told u na not to tell him . then also u broke the promise "
" i had to . he tried to commit suicide cuz he thought u r no more "
" ooooo my goshh... he is mad "
" for u di.. he is mad for u "
" i know but.. "
" he is coming there "
" i'll try that he doesn't comes to know about my address "
" ok "
" bye"



new friends in new town..


I was very much in tension that if kunal finds me what will i tell him ?? why did i leave ? why did i come to new york ? i did not have any answer . i went to my bedroom n again lie down on the bed . just then i got an idea . i called my landlord ..
" hello.. " i said
" yes.. karnika chhabra speaking.. how can i help u " she said formally
" i m ur new paying guest who lives in tripod mansion street..."
" yes.. so ?"
" actually , i want to change the name on which my apartment is rented "
" yaahh , let me check "
" hmm"
then , after 2 mins she spoke
" haa , here's the name - Anya Shah , age 17 " she spoke
" hmm... exactly . can u pls change it ?"
" sure . what is the new name ?"
" uhhh umm ..."  i didn't know any new name . what could i say..? then after 5-6 seconds , i told her that - " i am preiti jain.. "
" ohkk.. pls spell it once "
" ya , its - p..r..e..i..t..i  j..a..i..n "
" ok done "
" thanks .. bye "

i cut the phone n relaxed a little . then i thought of taking another SIM too . so i got ready . i was nervous , 1st time in new york , i was alone n was going to roam around on the streets . i was feeling kinda free from everything . no one was there to stop me from anything . i locked my apartment , took the keys n stepped into the lift . my apartment was on 8th floor . it was a building of 20 floors . the lift stopped at 5th floor n a girl entered the lift . she was a foreigner for me , offcourse . she was very tall n then also wearing high heels . wearing a sexy top n jeens . she had golden hair . she smiled to me n said " hii "
i replied her by saying the same . then she asked :
" i haven't seen u here before . u r new here ?"
" yeah.. i m from india "
" ooohh.. which apartment ?"
" on 8th floor , 801 "
" ok.. i m on 5th floor , 504 "
" okkk... by the way.. i m An.. Preiti "
" i m Sarah "
" okk..."
" u r going down the streets ??"
" hm . i needed a new SIM "
" ohh.. i wanted to buy some stuff for my house .lets walk by the streets  together ."
" sure "

we stepped out of the lift n walked by the streets . i was shocked to see so much cleanliness around . it was 6:00 in the evening . the sun was going to set . in those streets , it was soo fresh air around . i was feeling very much relaxed

" u live here ??" i asked her as we walked by the fish market n i felt bad smell
" nahh.. i live in woodsfro . here to study ." she answered
" studying what ?"
" management "
" ohh.. what a co-insidence . i m here to do the same "
" yeah ??? but its damn difficult . i tried 2 times to give the entrance exam but failed n now i'll try for the 3rd time "
" really ? o my god . i have to do it yaar "
" don't worry . the next entrance exams are after 3 months . we'll study about them till that time ."
" u r also going in MSNY ??"
" obviously , that is the best one here "
" yaa . "
i stopped at a shop to buy the SIM card . i took it n kept it in my hand bag .

" okk Preiti . bye cuz u have to return n i'm going to the supermarket " she said
" na na . i'll come with u . i also wanna buy some vegetables n all for my house "
" ok , then come with me "

we went to the supermarket n bought many things for ourselves . as we entered the shop we have promised to each other that we will not waste money by buying waste things but there were so many nice things that we couldn't control . sarah bought some chicken n non-veg packets n i bought vegetables n noodle packets . she bought decorative flowers for her house n i bought some beautiful vases . then she went to the movie cd's section n i went to see some novels . when our shopping got over , it was 8:00 pm . so we decided to go home . when we were in the lift , she said :

" r u free tonight ?"
" yaa , infact i'll get bore . why don't u come to my house n we'll watch films.." i was telling her n she cut in between with excitement saying
" noo.. we'll go to a pub . its very near by here . "
" ok .. i love pubs "
" then gimme ur no. fast . "
we exchanged our numbers n decided to go there by 10:00 pm . i reached home n tried to find the best party dress in my suitcases . i finally found my red dress which was damn sexy . i wore it n got ready . i wore my favourite sandals which had a 7 inch heel . i was looking soo soo so tall n hot . sarah called me
" heyy.. ready ??" she asked
" hmm.. " i saidd
" me too almost . come to my apartment now " she said n cut the phone

i locked home n again went to the lift . it was so slow yr . i met a guy in the lift . he was soo damn smart n sexy man !!! but not that way..

" hii babyy " he said
" heyy ! Preiti " n i extended my hand for shaking
" Trevor .. " n he held my hand , sat on the knees n kissed my hand
i felt awkward but maybe this was the way people behave in this country . i went to sarah's home . she opened the door . o my god . she was looking so exposed . as i looked at her , she hugged me n said "heyyyyy" n i responded. i felt good as in this new place 1st time someone treated me like a good friend . i entered her house . it was sooo beautiful man !!! it was all decorated by pretty things n her sofas were looking so royal . it was so fab , just like my parent's mansion . but then i asked her - " ready ???"
 " hmm... wait for 5 mins . my friend is coming . then we'll go " she said as she sprayed perfume on herself n then on me . i sneezed n she said sorry but i said :
" its fine !!! btw , whose ur this friend ?"
" trevor . he too lives in this building . "
" aww.. trevor , i met him in the lift but he went downstairs ."
" maybe , he had some work na... leave it . wait , i'll show u my new sandals "
she opened her wardrobe n opened a big drawer in it . it contained many sandals, shoes n other footwears . she took out a silver coloured shining high heel sandals. she wore it n showed it to me . they were very cute n so i complimented it too . then someone rang the bell . " it must be trevor " she said n rushed to open the door nd yes... it was trevor . they hugged as they met n trevor gave her a bunch of red roses . he stepped inside n saw me n then said :
" aww , u must hve told me that u r coming here . i would have bring roses for u too naa ??"
" nahh... its fine . should we leave now " i said
" yaahh.. letz goo " sarah said n went to the door .

we left n reached the pub . as we entered , i went to the bar n they both landed on the dance floor . they were enjoying with other dudes too n i was taking my drink . suddenly , i got a call from ria . i answered the call :
" haa ria ?"
" di , actuallyy.... " she spoke something-something but i couldn't hear .
" hello.. ria , i can't hear u . kya bol rhi hai tu?"
" diii... there's a problem.. "
" kya????? what is it ?"
" uhh... ..." i couldn't hear anything again .
" do one thing . message me .." n the phone cut automatically . i waited some seconds for her message . then sarah came n pulled me to the dance stage but i said that i want to stay here only . she too stayed with me n ordered a drink . we looked at trevor . he was having fun with her babes !!! my phone flashed '1 new message ' , i opened it .. it was ria .

i got tensed .. what to do ?? then also i replied her sms


i texted n send it . sarah noticed the stressed on my face n so she asked :
" what is it preiti ?"
" wha..t ?? " i asked in shocking voice
" look , i understand , there r problems in life . u can share them with me if u want . i am not forcing you but if anytime u wanna tell something to someone . u can tell to me . "
" that is very sweet of u sarah . i'll surely do it sometime . btw , tell me , u like trevor , don't u ?"
" uhmm... ya , he's a good friend of mine "
" but u like him naa ??"
" noo "
" yess " i teased her  n she bloushed
" okk fine . but he likes to single n mingle . so i m ok with his friendship ."
" gr8 !"

i thought , she is such an open minded girl . i wondered if india had the same type of mentality n kunal never forced me to do all that . but then she kicked of the thought bubble off my mind n reminded me that we were in pub .

we again started to enjoy n i too danced then .

As we reached sarah's apartment , we said 'bye' to trevor n he left . i told her that i also wanted to go . she closed the door of her apartment . i pressed the button for the lift but then i realised , i didn't want to spend the 1st night in new city alone . i ran to sarah's apartment again n rang the bell . she opened n asked :
" what happened prei ??" i liked as she called me 'prei' . i got a nick name .
" actually , i wanted a favour !" i hesistated to say .
" tell na.. "
" can i stay at ur apartment tonight . i don't wanna sleep alone today cuz its my 1st day in new york . can i ?" i asked
she gave me a weird look 1st n then burst out into laughing . she spoke then ---
" hahaha... lol . is that a favour ?? we r friends now yrr . come in ! "
" no , i'll change n then come "
" u can wear my night clothes . i have many of them . come naaa.."
" okk !" i said

she already changed her clothes . she wore a very loose fitted blue nighty . she took out 4-5 nighties more n asked me to choode from one of them . i picked the purple one . i changed n went to the living room where she was sitting n watching t.v . i also sat on the sofa . she offered me coke which she was drinking but i refused .

" o m g . nothing's interesting on the t.v today " she said irritatedly as she was changing channels with the remote .
" its fine . switch off the t.v . my story is more interesting ." i said n took remote from her hand n switched the t.v off .
" ur story ??"
" yaa.. u asked me na.. about my problems ???... my whole life is a mixture of problems ."
" yaa... start"

for the next 3 hours , i recyted my full story to her . from meeting nikhil to leaving nikhil n then to accepting kunal to leaving kunal too .  she heard it with gr8 interest . i liked her good listening habit . when i completed , she said :
" u know prei , that nikhil is a very mean n selfish person . he only wants to be successful n he only loves his ambition . don't ever get back to him . n if u asks me about kunal , he is ur true friend . if some difficult situation comes in ur life na then nikhil will run away from u but kunal will come to u . "
" that is not true.. yrr , i mean.." i said but she cut in between
" these are my words, my guarantee . u can write it . i'm just too much sure about it . " n she left for her bedroom - " heyy , i m going to sleep . u go n sleep in the next room . its very comfortable . " she rubbed her eyes n closed the door of her room . i looked at the watch . the time in new york was 4:00 in the morning . i wonder , what would be in india . but i was too tired to calculate n so i went to the room n slept .

for the next one year , sarah n i became very good friends n we also got admission in the MSNY . we regularly went to the university together n came back together . in this one year , i got spects  bcoz of so much studying till late nights .




kunal came..


i remember , that day , i planned to go shopping at the new city mall down the streets . it was 5:00 in the evening . i got ready n took the keys of my new bike . i opened the door of my apartment n suddenly my mind got cracked . my eyes were shocked n my legs were stuffed . my whole body was freezed . my heart was beating fast n all the thought mixed up . n my eyes saw someone after  a year . yes , it was my best friend , my companion , my kunal . i didn't know that i was happy or sad ? or shocked or guilty ?

I didn't respond to him but he did . he hugged me . as i felt his smell , his touch , his affection , my eyes started crying n my handbag felt on the ground . i hugged him more tightly . my emotions were leaking . then he apart me from him n entered my house . we were not talking to each other . it was strange as whenever normally he see me crying , he asks me the reason but that day he didn't even see me . he went to my kitchen n took out the water bottle from fridge n drank water from it . i picked out my handbag from the floor n closed the door of my apartment . then he spoke :
" o my god , i was so thirsty . u know , i ran up the stairs ."
" there is a lift in the building . haven't u see " i said n kept my bag on the sofa
" oo yaa , but i couldn't wait to meet u . n offcourse , u know this building better than me cuz its ur home now . u r here from 1 year , did not even try to contact me . aws !!! " he taunted me
" kunal , i can explain . "
" no need . now , u r coming with me to india . come on , pack ur bag "
" no kullu , now i hve my own life "
" oookkkk..  so now u don't need me or ria ??"
" its not so . u know why i haven't told u , i have come here ? nhi naa . let me explain it to u first . then we'll talk ."
" i don't want any explaination . "
" u have to listen " i shouted on him  .  i told him to sit n then i explained him thr whole reason of my departure . " u know , i couldn't live there anymore with looking at my parents going apart , or seing nikhil being a successful rockstar n also not u seing that i don't love u . yes , its true.. i only said it that day bcuz i couldn't see u crying . I DON"T LOVE U . "
kunal was shocked . he couldn't understand anything . he then said :
" soo.. our relationship is over now .??"
" it was never a relationship kullu " i clarified
" ohh!!!" he said n walked towards the window . he stood at it for sometime n then came to me in a fun mood . he came n sat next to me

" ok, its ok yrr .. chalta hai . chal ab bta , i m here 1st time yr . muje ghumayegi nhi apni city me ??" he said
" my city is bangalore ."
" are , abhi k liye to ur city is new york na  ?"
" yaa , chal , ready ho ja . we'll go somewhere . "
" my bag is in my hotel ."
" awww... call the manager n tell him to bring ur bags here . "
" okk"

he called in the hotel n i called sarah . she picked up
" haa prei..?"
" heyy ! guess what ? " i said in a surprising tone
" o my god . u r so happy . what is it ?"
" kunal is here ."
" whatt?? that kunal . ur best friend ?"
" yes !!!! "
" look , i told u na , he'll find u someday ."
" u were right "
" is he hot ?"
" hmm..."
" i m coming ur home " n she cut the phone . after 15 mins , she was home . he met kunal as if she knew everything about him . she hugged him , kissed him on his cheeks n was too too much attracted towards him . later , she told me that she felt kunal is very hot !!! i laughed on her . we took kunal to many interesting places . when we returned home , it was already 11:00 pm .

at night , kunal cooked panner tikka masala n chapatis for us . he is an awesome cook man ! we both ate it . while eating i said -
" it is so yummmy yaar ! i'll overeate today ."
" its ok !! eat as much as u want . my dishes are all fingerlicking , i know ." he said n complimented himself
" ohohoho.. khud ki tareef ?? dhakkan.."
" dhakkanii !!! "

we enjoyed a lot . then i asked him about nikhil .
" where is he nowadays ??"
" struggling very much . i told him not to go in this field but he wanted to . he is a big dumbo !" he told
" hmm.." i said this much n went to sleep .

next day we went the shore of the sea . we clicked many pics in the rain . new york rains are very beautiful . we both had fun dancing n singing  with other people there . then in the evening , we were walking in a yatch . he was looking at the clean water of the ocean . i asked him :
" kullu , how did u find me ?"
" by my heart.." he answered
" not like this.. practically , bta na . kaise dhoonda tune muje ?"
" dekh , pehle to , i forced ria to give me ur no. but i didn't call u qki agar mai tuje call kr deta to tu apna no. change kr leti . then i came here or pta lagaya ki is no. ke owner ka address kya hai n then i finally found u . "
" waah.. genius . mera itna dimaag kabhi nai chalta ."
" i know.. i m d best !"

we clicked many pics with each other . next day , i took him to my university campus n showed him the whole college . he liked the canteen the most . then , one day he got a call from nikhil . he picked up n said :
" hmm.. nikhil !" then nikhil said something-something n then kullu replied -
" sure , when i'll come back to india , i'll do it .. ok bye . btw , do u know where is anya ?? ok bye !"

as he cut the phone i said " what was he saying ?"
" nothing , he wanted me to tell my father that nikhil wants to do an event n so if he could help him in that ." he said
" ohh.. ha , uncle is event manager na.. n what did he say when u asked him about me ??"
" he said ' don't ask me about anya ' . "
" what..????? "
" yupp... unfortunate but true . i think he has forgotten u ."
" leave it yrr.. chal , i'll make some coffee for u "

i got up n went to the kitchen . i made coffee . slowly some emotions in the form of H2O started to flow from my eyes . i started sobbing so fast n my tears were like nigra falls . when kunal felt that i was crying , he came running to the kitchen n hugged me . i hid my face in kunal's shoulders n cried a lot . he rubbed my head saying "its okk" .. i thought "whyy? why did i ever love him ? if i had not done so , i never felt so helpless " then i rubbed off my tears n gave kunal the mug of coffee n i also drank . kunal joked n said "u look like a cutiee billi in ur spectacles ."then , i never cried for nikhil .

soon , it was the time of leaving for kunal . sarah n i went to see him off . at the airport , i was teasing kunal by telling that an airhostess is very sexy . we had fun there . then , a girl announced that flight to bangalore is arrived . kunal took his luggage n said to sarah - " hey sarah , now plss call her anya "
 " no , i have a habbit of calling her preiti .." she replied
"okk , as u wish . anny..." n he extended hand towards me . i held his hand n he pulled me towards himself n we hugged . i said in his ears "i'll miss u " n he too replied the same . then we aparted . sarah n i waved hands to him n said bye . then she left !!!


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