Being a slave to Edward

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LOL!!!! I forgot I had written it!!! It is a twilight fan-fiction ^_^.

Summary: To save her daughter, Bella became a slave to Edward Cullen. How will it be?

All human. Dark Edward!

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Being a slave to Edward

Submitted: September 12, 2011

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Submitted: September 12, 2011







“Renesmee, Renesmee please say something.” Isabella black pleaded her two year old unconscious daughter. She had suddenly stopped breathing, though her heart was still beating. Isabella was driving her way along with her daughter to the Cullen hospital which was the only hospital in the town of forks.


Though Billy black, Isabella’s father-in-law should have been in the driver’s seat at such a situation, but he refused to go to the Cullen hospital and even warned her that if she went there he would forget that she was his dead son’s widow. He hated the Cullen family since his son died from Emmett Cullen’s car, eldest son of Dr. Carlisle Cullen.


So, in going to save her daughter, Isabella had already severed the ties with her dead husband’s family but she couldn’t care out that at this situation. She was driving hysterically and she finally reached the hospital.


Renesmee was immediately admitted to the ICU. Carlisle Cullen would have got on with the work right away if he could. He really loved Renesmee as he was made her god father by Jacob Black, her father. But, he could not help in this situation. It was not his area of expertise; it was Edward Cullen’s. And it was obvious he would not want to help for he hated Black family.


“Bella, dear I would love to treat Renesmee, she is as much a daughter for me as she is for you. But you know I can’t do anything. Only…” Carlisle argued and was cut off by Isabella who completed his sentence.


“Only Edward can treat her.”


Carlisle sighed.


Isabella’s eyes were bent down. Only if Charlie, her father had not forced her into marrying Jacob when she loved Edward, her child would not have had to be dying. It was no time for her to be cursing her father. She raced on towards Edward’s cabin and just went in.


“You should knock before you come in Black.” Edward barked at her but she could care less about it.

“Edward, Edward please save my daughter please.” Isabella begged in front of him.


“Save a Black’s child. No. Ask your dead husband to save her.” Edward lashed out at her, his voice full of venom.


Isabella fell down on his foot and begged between her sobs, “Please, please Edward I would do anything for you.”


“Ah-Oh, Deja woo. Let me remember a familiar situation. Was it my sister-in-law Rosalie? Begging for mercy in front of Black to save her husband?” Edward was full of hatred.


“Please Edward, anything; I would do anything you want.” Isabella begged, her tears wetting Edward’s shoes.


Suddenly, Edward went thoughtful. “Ok, I’ll save Renesmee if…” Edward left his sentence unfinished. Isabella went hopeful and rose to her feet.


“I’ll do anything.” Isabella said in a promising tone.


“You will have to be my slave for the rest of your life.” Isabella’s hand dropped and she stood agape in front of Edward.


Edward bent down to look straight in the eyes he once loved, “You don’t have much time, and the kid might die if she isn’t given immediate attention.”


Right, he was right Isabella thought.


She closed her eyes and tears dropped down her cheeks. “For my daughter, yes, I w-ill be your s-l-a-v-e.”

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