Being a slave to Edward

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Wedding Night.

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Submitted: September 21, 2011



Chapter 02.

Someone threw a bucket full of water in my face; I got up with a startle. Renesmee was jumping up and down and clapping while Emmett was standing with a bucket in hand and a grin plastered on his face.

“What the hell Emmett!”

“It is your wedding day and after Alice failed to wake you up she sent me here.”

“Huh? Oh…yeah…out of all the people she found you to wake me up!”

“Thank heavens you woke up at last!” Saying this Alice entered Edward’s room, took my hand and dragged me out of room followed by a cheerful Renesmee.

For hours she played Bella Barbie on me. I must say though, she is always great at her work. She changed my ugly self to a beautiful bride.

Edward had appointed some woman to make sure I don’t look like a bride when I meet him and rather look like a slut or a slave. Unlike Alice, who was always so soft with me while dressing me, they were harsh, and I was pretty sure this is what Edward would have demanded.

She dressed me in a skimpy piece of lingerie that barely covered my privates and on top of it she put me in a cloth that went over my shoulder till just above my ass and open in the front. Then I was given a long drape to cover myself with and which should quickly be disposed as soon as I enter the room. She left my hair open and then sent me down the lobby towards a room Edward had booked for our wedding night.

“I do” I said giving my whole life in slavery to the man I once, and I still loved.

“You may now kiss the bride.” The Father said, forcing me to remember my wedding with Jacob. It had felt so weird when he kissed me and each time he kissed me, it felt weird. I was feeling eager to know how it will feel with Edward after four years.

He lifted my veil. I looked keenly in his eyes, trying to find a hint of love. I couldn’t find any. If he still loved me somewhere, anywhere, he made sure that I couldn’t see it. He leaned in to kiss me passionately on lips. Somehow, he succeeded to make it feel a passionate kiss to spectators and as dispassionate as it could be for me.

After he was done, he whispered in my ear, “Welcome to the hell, Slave.”

We then went down the Aisle and into a car which stopped in front of a hotel. There he handed me to a woman.

I was strangely excited at the prospect of Edward touching me; secretly knowing that he won’t let me feel a thing. In our relationship, before I was forced to marry Jacob by my cruel Father, we had not gone more than kissing each other. Edward was a little old-fashioned in a sense that, he didn’t want to touch me before getting married. Only if he had, I could have forced my Dad to marry me to him, to whom my virginity belongs.

I reached the door of his room. I lifted my hand to open the door, then curled them in and sighed. I knew I had to do it. He had gone close to Renesmee; he had warned me that he can kill her anytime he pleased. Somewhere, I knew he was not a monster, but I could not risk my daughter’s life.

I turned the knob to enter the room. It opened up in a morning room. There I was supposed to drop that piece of cloth given to me to cover myself. I disposed it off on the sofa.

On my left, there was another door. I knew Edward was there; I could hear his soft moaning. I sighed and made my way towards the room and entered it.

He was lying on the king-sized bed; fully naked. His hands were covered round his male flesh and his eyes were closed. As he moaned, his hands run up and down his cock. After sometime he noticed me standing there.

He looked up and down my body in a un-Edward’ly style with a smirk on his lips, satisfied. He turned to look at me and frowned on finding me looking at his face. He jumped from his bed and made his way towards me and toward me, I stumbled back.

“YOU DON’T LOOK IN EYES OF YOUR MASTER, GET IT YOU BITCH!” Edward yelled at me lifting my face up. Then he dropped my face to my right. Then his hands traveled down my breast covering it with his once soft hands. I closed my eyes, trying to associate this Edward to the one I loved. I could not.

His hands traveled down my breast and into the tiny piece of cloth I was wearing. He slipped both his hands in it through both my sides and reached my back. He slid the cloth back and it fell on the ground quickly.

I felt his saliva in the crook of my neck as he moved his tongue to lick my neck traveling up towards my face; he licked my cheeks and then attacked my lips. He sucked on my lower lip then upper lip. He turned his licking into a passionate kiss. His hands moved up and down in rhythm of his kiss around my waist.

He pulled me closer in his arms as he deepened my kiss. My breast pressed against his chest. After a long kiss he pulled back to get some breath and made his way to suck on my chin, then again down my neck. He sucked a little at my neck then lowered down towards my cleavage.

With gentle hands, he traveled towards my back, unbuttoned my bra which fell on top of the cloth which was already lying on the ground.

Lifting me up, he sucked in my right breast while massaging my left. I breathed heavily and started moaning. He stopped and brought his lips near my right ear.

“Let’s bathe together” My heart skipped a beat. This was my fantasy as I had told him years before; bathing together in a large bath-tub filled with roses. I knew he was not doing this for my fantasy, but I still told myself that, just to suffice myself.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: LOL…lemons continued in next chapter. I decided I’ll tease you people a bit.

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