Comfort For The Bereaved

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - The State Of Our World

Submitted: April 04, 2016

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Submitted: April 04, 2016



The State Of Our World

The State of our World - Rays of Wisdom - Spiritual Background of Depression & Suicide

Every second, minute and hour of each day of our lifetimes on the Earth plane is irrevocable and can never be brought back. Each time we make a mistake we learn something from it and do better the next time round. This does not alter with the death of our physical bodies. In the world of light, just the same as in earthly life, we can revise what we have been doing, where we went wrong and changes in our thinking and behaviour patterns are advisable.

For a long as we believe that Earth life is a one-off thing, we shall think of and fear physical death as something irrevocable and irreversible. This changes dramatically when we discover that in truth we are eternal beings who will never die, and that life continues whenever our physical body, the vehicle for one lifetime only, has been returned to Mother Earth. What a surprise awaits us in the early stages of our development when once more we have returned to the world of light, our true home, only to find out that any outstanding issues and dysfunctional relationships we thought had been left behind have not done anything of the kind.

During all coming lifetimes – however many it may take – we are going to be offered opportunities for resolving all issues and healing each one of our relationships. Being aware of our true nature, naturally we wish to make as much progress as possible on the evolutionary journey of life. That’s why we freely and willingly pick up the threads we left dangling and get to work.

I do believe that we are all accountable for our own development and also for that of our world. In my view, there is no need to despair over its present state, because in the long course of our evolution over millions of lifetimes, all of us have taken part in making it this way. That’s why it seems only fair to me that now it’s everyone’s duty to do their share of putting things right and making our world a better, safer and more beautiful place to be for everything that shares it with us.

Regardless of that, neither you nor I are our brother/sister’s keeper – they too are responsible for themselves. But, we are all in this life together so we can help each other carry the burdens of Earth life. To enable us to make the progress on our evolutionary pathway that is potentially possible in every lifetime, it is helpful to bear in mind that because of our oneness on the inner level of life, every word, thought and action of one soul influences all others, in a positive as well as a negative sense.

As sparks of the Divine, we are young Gods in the making. The sooner we wake up to our responsibilities towards our own wellbeing and that of our whole world, the better. And because we are all here together to rally round each other in times of need, as best we know how to, that’s the reason for writing this and why I am saying to you now: ‘Don’t give up – go for it! Find healing, walk that wondrous journey of discovery of the self, of the true nature of your being, hand in hand with God and the Angels, who are waiting to be called upon by you. Know that you are loved. It does not matter what you did in the past of what you may presently think, do or say, you are still loved. For one thing, I love you – that is why this is now before you.

God bless you and may the Angels keep you safe, now and forever.

With love and light,

Six pointed Star

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