Comfort For The Bereaved

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Chapter 36 (v.1) - Being Dead Is Not Worse Than Being Alive

Submitted: June 17, 2016

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Submitted: June 17, 2016



Being Dead Is Not Worse Than Being Alive

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Being Dead Is Not Worse Than Being Alive

Barbara Kingsolver in ‘The Poisonwood Bible’ writes about death: ‘Being dead is not worse than being alive [in the illusion of Earth life]. It is different though. You could say the view is larger.’ ‘As our true nature is no longer hidden from us, once we return into the world of spirit, our other world and true home, our vision is bound to be much greater. Come to think of it, the world of spirit is not our other world; not even that! It is merely a part of our world that becomes invisible to our eyes, upon entry into another physical body. That is all! Through the knowledge we are now finding about ourselves and our world, the veil of consciousness is dissolving.

We and our world are awakening from the illusion and false belief that this temporary physical existence is all there is to life. With this knowledge we are coming home again into the awareness of our true and eternal reality, and recognise that we are spirit and soul. Ever more knowledge is now pouring into the consciousness of our race to help us overcome our fear of the unknown and death. The loving hands of God and the Angels, as well as those of wise teachers and guides from our other world are reaching out to each one of us. White Eagle is one of these guides; a selection of his teachings on the theme of death is on page three of this section.

All our needs are always looked after on both sides of the veil of consciousness. And any loved ones we already have in the world of light are sure to be taken care of much better than we could ever hope to do for them. When we first arrive in that world, we receive healing, we rest and are being refreshed, helping us to recover from the stresses and strains of Earth life. When he have recovered sufficiently, we move on to more learning – if we so wish. No-one ever forces us to do anything. But we are sure to be curious; we want to study what life is like on the other side of the veil. I find a most comforting thought that when we have rested and recovered sufficiently in that world – however long that may take – our Creator will grant us another lifetime, again if we so wish. We do not have to pick up yet another cross of Earth life – a further existence in physicality. But, we do so in order to create opportunities for finally resolving difficult relationships, and for paying any karmic debts we have incurred. Besides, we can continue with lessons that became too much for us, during previous lifetimes.

We are told that upon our return to the world of spirit we need three months of strict rest, and that we should resist the temptation of trying to contact them. When that time is up, it would be surprising if our loved one would not try to get in touch with us, in any case. Did you remember the film ‘Ghost’ with Whoopee Goldberg? If so, you may remember the scene in which the young man, who has passed into the world of spirit, tries to get in touch with his loved one ‘on the other side’. Without the awareness that there is such a world, the situation between our loved one and us could turn into a similarly frustrating one, for both. However, by becoming aware of what really happens, our experience could turn into a very uplifting and joyful one.

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