Comfort For The Bereaved

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Chapter 37 (v.1) - Spirit And Soul

Submitted: July 31, 2017

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Submitted: July 31, 2017



Spirit And Soul

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Spirit And Soul

Something like a veil of consciousness separates our earthly existence from our true home, the world of spirit or light. The essence of every human being, who presently dwells on this side of it, is a spirit and soul who is temporarily encased in matter. Each time another round of earthly education has run its course for us, we shed our physical body similar to an old garment. The Angel of Death takes our hand and releases us into the greater freedom of the spirit world. Other, more subtle bodies are worn underneath the physical one.

In truth, our two worlds belong to each other and are one. On the inner level of life there is no separation between anything and all life is one. The only difference between living on this side of the veil and the other one is that in the realms of spirit physical bodies are not required. That’s why we shed it as soon as the purpose of one lifetime has been fulfilled and the moment of our release has come. The only difference between our loved ones in the world of light and us is that they no longer need their physical bodies, while you and I have to continue taking part in earthly life’s lessons a bit longer.  

To get in touch with our love ones, all we have to do is find a quiet place, where we shall be undisturbed for a while. If enjoy candles and incense, so and good, they help but are not necessary. The important part is to withdraw from the busy world of your everyday thoughts, instead focusing and concentrating on the world of our innermost feelings. We need to become still and imagine a big bubble of bright white light all around us, gently drifting into a meditative state of mind. Those who are familiar with meditations will go ahead, but when seeking contact with the world of light, it is advisable to ask God and the Angels for their help, guidance and protection.

If you have lit a candle, look at the light, breathe in the light, take it within you into your innermost heart and feel how you become part of the light. If you like music, as much as I do, choose something quiet, loving and soothing. To me, classical music seems ideal. Gabriel Faure’s Requiem springs to mind. It is light and uplifting, quite unlike other requiems, which can be too heavy going. Faure’s music speaks of the happy release, the joy and the light, which we find when we leave our bodies behind, once more. Faure wrote this requiem for his parents, when they tragically and suddenly passed on whilst both were still quite young, if I remember right. Look into your heart and tune into the music, allow it to comfort and caress the hurt and wounded small child, which in truth we all are. Then ask the Angel of peace to come to you and bring you news from your loved one. Are they well and being taken care of? Do not take anyone’s word for it, but try this out for yourself, to find out that I am telling you the truth.

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