Comfort For The Bereaved

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - Our Unseen Friends And Helpers

Submitted: August 01, 2017

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Submitted: August 01, 2017



Our Unseen Friends And Helpers

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Our Unseen Friends And Helpers

As mentioned earlier, we are advised to leave the departed ones alone for about three months after they have passed away. This gives those who take care of us, in the spirit world, a chance to restore us after the ordeal we have gone through. This must be particularly necessary when someone has passed after a long and painful illness or other traumatic circumstances. Depending on the degree of our own awareness at the time of our passing, going through such a complete transformation, is probably hardly ever an easy task.

But, there never is any lack of help with us and around us – in this world and the next. Whenever we would like to get in touch with a loved that world, I feel it is best to ask our own and their Guardian Angel, to bring them into our heart. There is no doubt in my mind that come they will, only too happily, when asked. They are always there for us, waiting to be called upon and invited into our heart’s consciousness. All that needs doing is sending them a loving thought and, instantly, we are with them and they with us.

Each one of us has a group unseen guides and helpers in the world of spirit who are around us and with us, at all times. Our loved one is part of our group, and as soon as they have rested sufficiently, they will be only too happy to help us when we reach out for them. Whether or not we are as yet aware of the presence and the work of these unseen helpers makes no difference; they are there in any case. I imagine that you are aware that God’s great wisdom and love also has provided each one of us with a Guardian Angel, who lovingly takes care of us. From the moment of our creation, it has accompanied our pathway, not only throughout this lifetime, but all previous ones.

Isn’t it a wonderfully comforting thought that it will also be there for us if we require further lifetimes in physicality sometime in the future. As mentioned earlier, what we acquire in learning and consciousness in one lifetime remains ours in all eternity. Nothing in this life happens by chance, and if you already knew about the presence of the Angels as a child – and what a blessing that must be! – it is a sign that in previous lifetimes you did your spiritual footwork better than I did, because there was no such comfort for me, earlier in this lifetime.

For a long time I thought that things like Guardian Angels were just pretty stories, made up for those who were a bit soft in the head. I am glad to know better, now. Life does continue to present us with tests and trials, but they too become easier to cope with, knowing that we are never alone in our struggle. As one becomes aware that there are different dimensions to our being, and all the help that is available to us, life is not as painful and lonely any more. Most important, to me, is to know that our trials and tribulations always serve a good purpose, namely to teach us something. This knowledge gives our life direction and purpose.

How good it is to know that we are not alone here on the Earth and that our helpers in the world of spirit do know how difficult life in the material world is for us! They know because they themselves have passed this way, many times. Hence, they know and understand from first hand experience. It is a privilege to be allowed to find such knowledge, which can be likened to a good vintage wine. And we are not meant to keep it to ourselves, but to share it with our brothers and sisters, on the same pathway. So, this is nothing short of an invitation to sharing a glass of this delectable stuff with me. And it goes without saying that it is entirely up to you, whether you wish to partake. One thing I can promise you, if you do. This type of wine will never make you drunk, but it is sure to make you feel better.

Do you find it as odd as I do, and also a great pity, that we all for such a long time deny ourselves this, the most valuable part of our being? Why is it that we are so reluctant and slow to wake up to our true nature? When given time and with practice, it is surprising to find out how comparatively easy it is to get help and guidance from those in the world of spirit, about everything that matters to us and things that bother us. When we feel the need for it, we can ask questions about anything and the answers can come in all sorts of different ways. On occasions, one knows the answer in one’s own our heart quite suddenly; one simply knows something one could not understand before. At other times, it can take days or weeks for things to gradually become clear in our mind or we see something somewhere and, all of a sudden, we just know that this is our answer.

Occasionally we may experience moments when we feel an increasing urge to make peace with the members of our family who have gone before us. This could be our father and/or mother or maybe a beloved grandmother or grandfather. If we suffered from a clash of personalities or there was anything else disturbing our relationship that left unresolved issues between us, it is never too late to attend to them so they can be put to rest, once and for all. When in this way we work on shedding light into the darkest corners of our own psyche and at the same time make peace with those in the world of light, we are assisting the awakening of a vital aspect of our own nature that is likely to  have been dormant for many lifetimes.

Through these efforts we come ever closer to reconnecting with the Source of all being, the Great Mother/Father of all life, who takes care of all our needs on every level of our being. Never before has it been of greater importance that we should develop our own inner faith and work on building a belief system for ourselves that supports and nurtures us. The best way of achieving this is by learning from our own first hand experiences and through this growing in understanding and wisdom.

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