Comfort For The Bereaved

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Judgement Day

Submitted: March 03, 2016

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Submitted: March 03, 2016



Judgement Day

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Letter To A Friend - Judgement Day

Another one of our most potent fears is being afraid of judgement and judgement day. There is no such thing as a judgement day in the traditional sense and nothing happens perchance or is a coincidence, although it may often seem that way. Every experience means to teach us something and if it is not immediately clear what, we have to go within and consult with our Highest Self. God has created us in His/Her image and perfect. We are loved totally and unconditionally, and accepted the way we are. No-one ever judges us; it is just that after each lifetime has been completed, together with the wise ones in charge of us, we take stock and assess our performance, not only during our most recent lifetime, but throughout all of them.

There is a record somewhere of every word ever spoken, every thought ever thought, and every action that has ever been taken, not just by us but by everyone. We are responsible for them all and shall be confronted with them, so that we can clearly see for ourselves where our weaknesses and strengths lie, where we have done well and not so well. This assessment helps us to recognise which lessons we most urgently require, during our next lifetime. When everything has been stripped from us and we are once again that which we always have been, spirit and soul, we shall stand before the mirror of ourselves. What a wonderfully sobering and comforting thought that no-one will judge us!

I met a man the other day, who was dressed up as a woman and who told me throughout his life he had always wanted to be a woman rather than a man. His lifelong struggle with a conflict of such severity is sure to have brought him a great deal of suffering – and therefore, soul growth. When he told me his story, he concluded with: ‘What will God think of me?’ He was visibly relieved when I replied: You need to become aware that you yourself are God and that when you return to the world of spirit there will be no judgement day, at the end of this lifetime or ever. However, you will be confronted with yourself – you will stand before yourself and see yourself as in a mirror. No-one judges us – God does not; we judge ourselves.

Therefore, if any difficult decisions have to be made by you, listen into the world of your feelings how your inner guide and teacher reacts. It helps to try to imagine yourself standing before that mirror in the world of spirit and see how you would be judging your chosen course of action then? Will you think it was a good and positive one or was a destructive one? If the latter, did it teach you something? Did you learn from it? Because God loves us, all our desires are always fulfilled, so either way we should learn from the experiences it brings and grow. Maybe you need to do what you have in mind to find out whether it is really what you want and need. You may be surprised!

Before entering into yet another new lifetime, we ourselves together with the wise also choose where we are going to spend it. Learning the value of peace is by far the most important lesson for humankind. Those who have already learnt it the hard way, may well during their coming lifetimes want to work as a driving force, bringing in the Age of Aquarius, and with it peace to our world. To such souls will apply what the Bible tells us in Matthew 5:9 ‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.’ However, not only these particular children are meant to do their share of bringing peace to our world; the same applies to everybody who is here now. Each can make a valuable contribution by living their life more peacefully. And that, my dear friends, is the only way that rest, peace and healing can finally come to our world and rule it, forever and ever.

Many by now have reached the evolutionary phase for reconciling and healing their inner opposing forces. We all finally need to learn to take charge of the drives and urges of our earthly self. As hand in hand with God and the Angels, its energies merge with and into those of our Highest Self, blessing and healing energy for all life is being generated. Upon our return into the world of spirit, when together with the wise ones in charge of us, we have reached the stage of reviewing the misdemeanours of all our previous lifetimes, there is not one amongst us – of that I am sure – who will not sincerely repent.

And only when our spirit and soul is good and ready and we have sufficiently recovered from the stresses of Earth life, another lifetime will be granted, so we can learn and grow some more. No soul is ever forced to return to this existence; we do come of our own free will. But every soul in that state of its existence knows that redemption can only be found on the Earth plane and through bravely picking up our cross. After all, it is the cross we ourselves have created for ourselves during previous lifetimes. Thus, each soul voluntarily walks with its cross – the personality it has developed, up to that point – through yet another lifetime in physicality. And into each new lifetime, our soul brings all its fears with it. Unless we learn to overcome and shed them, each time these fears are compounded some more and become ever stronger.

Bearing these things in mind, is it any wonder that they are so overpowering, now? The way I see it, there is nothing for it but to ask God and the Angels to help us work our way through them, so that they may be overcome. Our best friend and helper is going to be an ever increasing awareness of the true nature of God and our own, as well as a better understanding of the processes of life. Knowing that all of it was created by the combined wisdom, power and love of the masculine and feminine aspect of our Divine parents, God and Goddess, then sings our soul – even whilst still in this earthly existence, maybe for the first time with all sincerity: ‘All glory, all honour and all praise be to Thee, Great Spirit, Mother-Father, for the beauty, the miracle and the wonder of this life and all that is in it.

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