Eternia-The War Of 3 Worlds

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In the beginning, two forces ruled the universe in a never ending war, light and darkness. Until one day, they blended together and their powers created the gods, humans, demons, and beasts across the universe. On one world, Eternia, the gods hold power only when the humans believe in them. Hope, Belief, Will and Prayer are the powers which hold the pillars of the heavens. After one generation of gods lose their believers, they fade and new gods are created. The Norse gods time have come to an end and the Greek Gods take their place. Now, even the Greek gods are losing believers and one has been overthrown by a Norse god who wields the incarnation of darkness. The imbalance will bring upon heroes. Who are these heroes? How will they win this mysterious wielder of the orb. And how will they return the balance?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Eternia-The War Of 3 Worlds

Submitted: June 30, 2012

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Submitted: June 30, 2012



Chapter 1: The New Lord

Thunder roared and lightning tore the sky. From a dark abyss a gloomy figure crawls out. A slight grin was pasted across his face and from his robes a hand holding a pitch black sphere was brought forward. He stared intently into the black orb, his eyes glistening in the darkness, as he studied it in amusement. He wondered how such a pathetic orb the size of his palm could possess such unspeakable power. The odd orb emitted a powerful and evil aura as it lay in the palms of the mysterious figure. Another roar of thunder was heard. The figure laughed, as his grin faded and he dissipated from the scene.

Two humanoid sentries stood guard at the sides of a large temple in the middle of a desolated landscape, filled with flames. The dark figure strutted across the land as he approached the guards. “Ahh, it feels so good to be back here. Now, I would like to speak to Hades, the God of the Underworld.” The man said to the guards. “None shall speak to the master. He has no visitors.” Said the guards spontaneously, as if that was the only sentence they knew of. Behind the helmets of the guards, their eyes were completely black, ungazing. “No? Well, I am Loki the God of Mischief!” said the god as he smiled and gave an evil cackle. Loki walked forward ignoring the warning of the guards. The moment his foot stepped forward, the guards lunged at him with their spears. Loki was fast and he dodged each attack as he grabbed the two guards. On touch, the two sentries dissolved into ashes and disappeared. Immediately, the once empty land was filled with swirling red smoke which formed more and more humanoid creatures. They attacked Loki all at once. The powerful god licked his lips as he disappeared and appeared behind an unsuspecting enemy, smashing his hand across the creature, dissolving it into nothing. He kept teleporting time and time again behind his enemies taking them out one by one until few remained. These humanoid beings showed no fear and no emotion even at the sight of Loki’s power. The remaining creatures charged at Loki. “ENOUGH!” bellowed a man standing on the steps of the temple. The man wore a robe, with red lining across it. A thin layer of shadowy haze swirled around him. His face was tanned, his eyes were pitch-black and his hair resembled jet-black flames. He walked up to Loki, irritated.

“Hades, it’s been so long. So, how have you been?” Loki said cheekily as he hugged Hades. “What is your business here Loki? You should have been dead by now. How is it that you are alive?” Hades asked Loki, his gaze not lifting. Loki began to circle around Hades as he said, “Pishposh, what does it matter anyway? What matters is that I’m here now and I want YOU to join me in my conquest of The Heavens and Eternia.” Hades laughed loudly as he looked at Loki incredulously. “You are mad! Zeus would never allow it. You have not died but you have gone insane. Apollyon! Remove this pest from my domain.” Hades commanded and began to walk off. A dark cloud appeared and a misshapen entity was formed out of it. Its skin was blood red and its wings were folded in. It had ripped muscles and sharp fangs poking out of its mouth. The beast looked at Loki and smiled menacingly. “Hello Apollyon!” Loki greeted the beast. “So Hades, your answer is no?” Loki raised his brow as he asked to annoyed god. “No Loki.” answered Hades. Loki raised his hands and whispered a silent chant. Hades froze and he flew back. His back slammed against the ground and he rolled around. Hades began to stand, completely astonished by the sudden pull he felt on his body when he flew back. “What is this trickery Loki? Apollyon, destroy him!” Hades shouted. Loki got closer to Hades and the odd orb began to form on his hands. Apollyon grabbed Hades from the back and made him fall on his knees. “My power.. I can’t use it. Apollyon? What is this treachery? RELEASE ME!” commanded Hades.

Loki stood in front of Hades as he said; “Now your powers are mine. I am the new ruler of the underworld.” Hades screamed as he began to fade and become a black fog. The fog was sucked into the dark orb. Soon, Hades disappeared and the orb was absorbed into Loki’s hand. Loki began to laugh maniacally and Apollyon gave an evil smile.

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