Chapter 1: Kelly

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I couldn’t do anything…

We heard the noise from downstairs and went down to check what happened. It was almost routine, hearing the constant fighting of those two people. This time, something went wrong.

Even with close doors upstairs, the echo of those two… I don’t know how to call them anymore, once I could see them as parents, people in a way; but now they were something else. For any reason now they started at each other.

Kelly would come after school to this hell hole. I have to stay all day, and my only hope was that she will come here and don’t get on their mess. I would wait for her on bed. She would always come with sad face. She will stay standing on the wall just thinking. More than once out loud. Sometimes blaming herself.

After a while she would find on the bed as always. Even after all this years we haven’t grown apart. But now is different, she would not come happy to me, but sad, looking for not just comfort, but a savior. She would soak me with her tears, and the only thing I can do is look at her.

I used to tell her that everything was going to be better soon, but now it was useless.

It was all the same. The same routine we had to go through. Except this time, the noise disappeared. In a second, it all ended. Silence just took over the place. We were scared, something had happened.

The wall that used to hold pictures of parties and happiness, disappeared completely. Going down to the living room, what used to be a center for sharing and joy, became a grave for glass and cans. If a person where to see this, they would have taken Kelly away. Somehow, they have managed to keep things as they are. I think Kelly is the strongest among us, she has endured all this. She thinks that if she was gone, it will all get worse. So she has to take all this in, in order for their parents to no commit a mistake.

I always wanted to do something, I wanted to help her. I always told her that things where to get worse whenever she was here or not. And that if she was here, she would suffer more. But she couldn’t listen to me.

She was holding on her hand, as I watched the scenery that was in front of me. I was oblivious that she picking to see over the corner. She gasped and let go of me. I shouted to her, asking if something happened, but she was already moving. I tripped to the side, and the only thing I could do is see.

I only watched… Kelly…

She got hurt.

Every sound around me was just a ringing noise. I could just see as she fell down. Every second just passed slowly from in front of me. I couldn’t… I couldn’t take it. Something happened to her. And then, blood.

 I could only see her head on the floor, and the liquid covering her side. She wasn’t moving, My vision was completely focused on her.

I was mad.

 I was scared.

I couldn’t do anything.

I saw her getting hurt by that person. That person that had to love her. I wanted to get up, I wanted to shout with all my might. But I just observed. I just saw as that person pointed something at her as I fell. I only felt rage on me. But it was because of my inability to do something. She was always telling me she needed a savior, and I wanted to be it.

I only felt rage, that I couldn’t do anything.

I wanted to get up…

I wanted to reach her…

I wanted to talk to her…

I couldn’t see her die in front of me…

I wanted to do something!

But how could I…











I’m just a toy after all.

Submitted: July 22, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Arai. All rights reserved.


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This was very interesting, I wasn't expecting a toy based off of the intro. I thought it was a ghost.

Wed, July 22nd, 2015 5:24am


Im still working on it, I just thought the idea of a toy that starts feeling. And its all thanks to this girl that gives him life, but when she goes trough those things (That i am still working on jajaja) he is completly helpless to help her, and I want to generate that feeling unto the reader, the feeling of wanting to do something but not be able to do it.

Wed, July 22nd, 2015 9:11am

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