Memoirs of A Forgotten:

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It is a Fictional story told in journal entry format of a Forgotten, retelling her existence from beginning to end. The story is set in a future time period not far removed from present day; however, there are events in her life that occur in historical re-creational areas dedicated to such periods as "The Renaissance" or our own era,ect... This adds an interesting perspective of her personal views of the world when she is ultimately thrust into the "modern era" recreation with her old soul in tail.

((I started writing this using the various other stories i have written but never finished, as well as mixing in a few other sources. I have actually three versions of this on my computer, but this format is more post board friendly. The first version is much shorter, the second is more fleshed out which someday i hope to turn into an actual novel of sorts and then the third format/version that i will post here. This journal entry version summaries the events in the fleshed out version but, this version is told in the main character's point of view.

Take care and be well.
E.VA ))

Chapter 11 (v.1) - Entry 11 Into the dawn.

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Submitted: February 27, 2014



Memories of a Forgotten
Entry 11
Into the dawn.

The years have not been kind to you Journal. Your pages now yellowed and brittle beneath my touch as if bitter at my absence, as if the very ink that gave you life, is a fleeting memory upon your parchment tongue to the point you forget that I, that ink, even exists. For that travesty, I implore you to please accept my humblest applogies, for you see dear Journal, I am a guardian again and I have very little time in my days and nights to write, if at all but I shall try to scribe upon you once more to give you the life's blood ink you crave.

I know you do not understand since the last that I scrawled upon you, Peter was at my bedside and I attempted to slay him on a matter of propriety but bare with me as I attempt to relay to you what has all occured since then till now.

Long did I lay there with the blankets redrawn up against my body with my eyes and form lethargic and fighting the urge to lay back down and sleep before a realization hit my foggy brain like a thunderstorm clap. That was sunlight.

It took me a second or two before I threw away the bed covers and raced towards the door, thrusting it open and peering out into the hallway. Sure enough, like landmines, shards of sunlight poked upwards from the chill marble and the dust particals lead a trail backwards and upwards to their blind pulled windows.

What the hell was I doing up with sunlight! There, at the other end of the hall, far out of reach of the lethal daggers of light, stood my Gem, the infuriating man of seemingly boundless energy and ability to thwart me. He lifted up his hand to give a twiddling fingers wave my direction. My eyes shot daggers across the brightly lit hallway and abruptly I slammed the door to retreat to my shadows.

Even now I could hear his laughter, echoing down the hallway. "you shall have to face the dawn at some point princess." His words echoing through the doorframe with little difficulty as if having reached into my mind to deliver his taunt.

At the time it seemed to me that I had exchanged one cage for another and abruptly refused to play this new mentor's games. With a kick at the door, I moved back to the solace of my bed and let my mind and body succumb to the day sleep once more.
I did not dream, but lulled myself into a relaxed state of awareness akin to meditation and a level just above sleep. It is there that I hovered relatively peacefully awaitng nightfall. However, the Gem's abilities seemed to far surpass my own, and soon enough, sure enough I felt the tendrils of his mind seep into my own and urge me yet again to awaken.

Thrice more did I fully awake, pace my room , even open the door twice to see his smiling face on the other end of the sunlit corridor. Also thrice did I shut it and go back to bed, finally succeeding in returning to slumber.

I reawoke  a few hours later however yet again to the Gem's energy once more flooding into my room, this time, having guessed at a repeat occurance I just opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling. "It is morning, I've had a rough night. I'm cranky and I just tried to kill you for being a creeper sitting at my bedside while I slept. Let me sleep damn you!" My voice passed my lips harshly as my mood darkened at the steady and increasing annoyance that was his insistance, pressure and presence in my mind.

Fed up I finally gave in to that headache inducing pressure on my skull, that ever increasing nagging gut feeling that to join him out there across the hallway of death, that the throbbing of my temples would cease. "Okay! Okay! I'm coming!" I pulled myself from the bed and to the footstool at the edge of my bed; looking down upon the array of tee-shirts and jeans ammassed there.
It wasn't until I had pulled the tank top and the flowy one shoulder top with the jeans provided that the throb in my skull, like a conscience on autopilot began to calm a little and allowed me a moment to catch my unnneeded breath. I wet my lips slowly as I had done all that I could to provide myself with the clothing that would allow me the most covering of my skin but I was still hesitant to turn the knob.

That pressure in my skull throbbed again with a vengence akin to a migraine's thrust behind my eyeballs; my hand quickly opened up the door in response and the pressure abruptly vanished. I glared down the hallway at him. "Jerk! at least tell me your name before you kill me!" I yelled vocally down the hallway.

His head bowed a little casting shadows across his eyes in the candle lit room behind him at the other end of the hallway. Yet his voice, I could hear as clear as day, as clear as a secret intimate whisper in my ear right beside me. "I have been known by you by many names, but in this cycle, I am known as Peter."

After I got over the initial shock of his mental ventriliquism voice throwing trick, I yelled back to him. "Well Peter were you always such a show off? What the hell do you want me to do now?" My lady-like lessons in mannor and decorum shed off me like water as it seemed in this new cage I did not require that rouse of bodices and fans.

That whisper still playing in my ear. "My dear this is but childs play compared to what we are capable of." His head tilted in that silent way of his on the other side of the hall, his hair crestfalling into his eyes as a small smile curved a little higher on his lips. "What I want, dear one is nothing more than for you to join me. You must be getting hungry after all. I doubt they fed you much, to keep you a weak and feeble lunatic. "

"I'll show you weak and feeble." I muttered stepping out with an angered step toward him. It wasn't until I was halfway through the first patch of searing sun that I launched myself backwards with a sneer of pain burning across my visible flesh. I closed my eyes tightly, willed my flesh to heal and reopened my vibrant eyes to lock onto Peter. The use of my focus to encourage my flesh to quit smoldering only served to reawaken my appetite and wet my pallette with thirst. "Why are you trying to kill me?"

A light chuckle parted past his lips down the hall. "My dear." He said aloud. "I am not killing you. " His hand lifted and played towards me, then towards the windows and their curtains. "You are."

Curtains. Damn I was a fool. I turned to try and struggle with the bindings of the curtains to my left attempting to shut out the light that served to burn me but my fingers fumbled in their lethargy and the knots too tight even for my undead fingers to unwind.

"It is your choice." He said aloud in time to the breathless ventriloquist whisper along my neck " do you struggle in darkness, hiding in fear, being a creature of fear" The words transfered themselves to my other ear as I continued to struggle at the binding cord upon those thick heavy draped curtains. "or do you choose to embrace the dawn and what you know to be true in your soul." Peter spoke aloud again only, splaying his hands slowly on either side of him as if having given me the keys to the kingdom. "Either road you choose, my dear one. Know I am ever at your side." Peter's hand rose to his chest with a light english style bow, rising slowly. "This is your decision, you must make up your own mind."

I watched as he began to turn to leave, my hand went out to him "Peter, wait..."  unknowingstly my hand had jutted forward into the sunlight. "Don't go, please." It was not until I looked upon my hand and upon my glimpsing of my flesh that it began to boil beneath the skin. I pulled my hand backwards sharply, cradling it close to my body as if a new born.

He paused only briefly sparing a sideways glance my way to center himself to a front row seat of my self inflicted torture. "I do not like seeing you suffer." He said calmly.

"THEN HELP ME!" I snapped, focusing my will again to close up the blisters upon my sunburned hand. The thirst growing with each focusing of my will.

He closed his eyes and turned his gaze away. "I am, my dear one." his head bowed reverantly. "I am."

Several times more did this process continue. I, sneaking out my hand or finger or some other section of flesh into the dehabilitating sunlight and upon sight of those golden beams on my skin, did my flesh begin to pucker and turn crimson. Each cry I made, Peter on the other side of the hall cringed with empathy. "Think, my dear one, please I beg you. Use that intellect you so prize yourself for..." He begged of me from the other side of the room, unable to lift his gaze to my eyes.

"I can't!" I cried, my eyes watering red filling with the pain of the thirst and repeated torture of my attempts forward.

It was then that Peter looked to me sharply. "Can't or Won't." His words sharper and more burning than the sun that seared across my flesh. " Center yourself, focus!" His yell silencing in his throat as an ebony hand moved to rest upon his shoulder.

"She is too young in this cycle, Christopher. She is not your dear one, no matter how hard you wish it to be so." A female voice as cool as silk and as sensual as a violin's romance flowed just barely within range of my hearing. "This trial is beyond her, move on before she becomes one of Them."

The hand would begin to retreat from his lowering shoulders as he'd nod."Yes, my queen." Peter/Christopher's gaze lifts towards me slowly from the other end of the hallway. "Go back to your room, recoop your wounds we will try this again another day." He'd start to turn again as if to follow the dark phantom just out of my sight.

The sheer fact that someone thought I could not, was not capable of something infuriated me. It was one thing for me to believe myself beyond a task, but another thing entirely to hear it in a judgement from another. "No."

Peter/Christopher's gaze turned slowly to look over his shoulder, one of his skulpted brows raising slowly in question. "no?"

I nodded. "you heard me." and that is when I jumped forward into the dawn with all the will and force I had in me to cross that hallway.
As you can see dear journal, by the sheer fact I write upon your pages, I indeed survived my first trial and even though it has been a long time since then and now. I still must school myself to remember the age old adage.... Mind over matter ...

I shall perhaps write more tomorrow or the next day. Do not worry Journal, I maybe a forgotten, but I have not forgotten you.


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