Memoirs of A Forgotten:

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Entry 7: Taming of the Loon

Submitted: April 11, 2007

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Submitted: April 11, 2007



Memoirs of a Forgotten

Entry 7: Taming ofthe Loon.

Do forgive me again, dear Journal. I have been away many days on traveling with my Sire and by leave of the Queen and council. It seems they have fashioned themselves to making of me a proper lady, since they have tried and failed to make of me a vile and loathsome monster. It is humourous that they try because they think me much a fool but nonetheless, due to the light being given less and less chance of interfering with my... 'studies'... in the cell they kept me in....They had taken to occupying my time completely as to not give me chance again to scribe myself on your pages. I believe I succeeded in keeping your existence a secret, lest as before you would be threatened by the flames of a fireplace hearth and all my memories already haunting you, be exorcized violently.

I have grown quite fond of this past time and seek not yet to see either you or myself end at their hands and hung cruelly by what I have already written.

My tutelage i must say, was brutal. Disobedience was met swiftly with a rod upon my back or my hands. Since I am what I am such things are a trifle to heal but it is the memory of that pain that conditions the body to obey and retreat before the next blow. I led them to believe they had broken my spirit with the rod, where my time in isolation and seclusion from my kind failed. I played myself as their puppet in the lessons of poise and grace, never 'taking it to heart' as the saying goes. I did however know the value of subterfuge and therefore fixed myself as a reluctant if not eager pupil of their... 'pleasantries' and skills of 'double speak.' Once the rod was put away, of course.

I was taught all manner of decorum and curtsey. Many of their customs differed from that of my true lord, yet, ever in the quest for knowledge I obeyed. Here was a world that unless you had business with another Forgotten, you did not approach them, did not speak to them unless they made acknowledgement to you firstly or you had prior dealings that gave you rites of acquaintance to speak plainly with them. Yet my true lord's world had taught me that to not give acknowledgement to another Forgotten, whether it was a nod or some other gesture or words, were akin to not showing respect for them and would give licence for that Forgotten to approach you without neutrality. Such a contradiction, but I tried my best to remember that I was no longer with my true lord. I was on my own.

Well truly, I was not 'on my own' my sire and the others were there as well to see too it I was taught properly. It would seem that there was to be a function where it was ordered that I attend. Having never been to 'parties' while human and only to the briefest of gatherings of the Vampiric House... I must say I am quite.... Apprehensive as to how I will be received. I know they call me lunatic, I know of the stories of my true lord. I know that due to his teaching of me and the means by which I came to this life, I know the snickers of contempt the other Forgotten speak of behind my back. It is funny, that even though I am of the Forgotten, some still see me as the abomination the Council sought to do away with.

I know this is a test. I know that my performances on this grand stage of intricate dances, elegant speeches and model poises shall all be measured and weighed as to whether or not I shall continue another day. My true lord's teachings and my abilities will not be silenced by the decree if levelled against me.

I shall endeavour to not disappoint and play my role in the theatre.

Be safe dear Journal for you hold the memories of me and I shall not be Forgotten.

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