Memoirs of A Forgotten:

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Entry#9 Of secrets and false gods. Part one.

Submitted: November 21, 2007

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Submitted: November 21, 2007



Memoirs of a Forgotten
Entry 9
Of secrets and false gods, part one.

So much has happened Journal, I know not where to begin my narrative of it. It almost is as if walking through the mirror and turning back only to see you had just simply turned around. I am ... How to put this... Almost right back to where I started but, I get ahead of myself.

When last I wrote I spoke of the ball. The grande charade of pomp and ridicule, fancy and peversion, that my bile rose to my throat and threatened to overspill onto the elegant crimson rug that lead its way to the emperor's throne. I was to be presented that night. Yet truly, how could I be presented when I was strung up like a grosse marinette made to sing and dance to my Sire and his Queen's wishes? I shake my head, for it is foolish, how can the emperor know whom he commands if they are not allowed to speak their mind or show their worth outside of what is dictated of them. I realize that perhaps in speaking my mind I am also showing the breadth of my foolish natalship but... I would rather be burned than my tongue silenced. Sadly... still though bold words speak volumes on this page, in practice I still.... have yet to give proper voice aloud to them.

Perhaps I am a hippocrite in the truest form of the word.

I was lead forward on my chain leash like some gulley slave. And, so barely able to breathe was I that ... Yes yes I know dear journal breath I need not, but still it is the expression I wish to use to describe the blasted confining dress I was forced to wear. I could not breathe if i wished too. I could not move save for small tip toed steps in the confines of that blasted wire underskirt. I felt like a peacock half caged from the waist down and forced to walk like a duck... or better yet a turkey, still alive and dressed in some puritain garb for the dinner table. It did not occur to me truly at the time that ... well to put it bluntly that if I did not succeed in pleasing the Emporer I would end up as fuel for the fountains below. I am ... almost glad that image did not bore itself into my mind. Not exactly the best image to have running through your head, I must admit, then again... I should not have been so....


I was first in the line of those to be presented that night. I could hear the other younglings behind me chittering and speaking with their sire's, free of chains, free of anything that would bind them should they chose to run from this... circus of insanity. I could hear their sires retort back to them that my condition is what happens to those fledglings who speak against their sires, who speak against what is and always will be. They laugh at me behind my back as I am forced to look forward by the tug of the chain. I could not help but curl my lip... and for that yet again nearly forward was I thrown by that damnable tug.

The Emperor's throne stood as the testament to all the pomp and finery around him. Two beauties pale, the shade of china, dressed in the finest black silk attended to him at his sides. A servant, who to me blazed brighter than all the gems in the crowd brought forth to him his goblet of crimson. His eyes vibrant green, drilled over the crowd with the gaze of a skilled vulture waiting for just one of his guests to slip up. His eyes fell upon me as from my lips came a startled cry when I was pushed forward. His hand tapped its fingers upon the arm rest as if impatient. His head shifted on his large neck, shifted on the body of a bronzed god, thick with the muscles of a warrior. "You dare look into my eyes? Knowing I could kill you with a simple snap of my fingers young one?"

I was ready to die, if death indeed came for me so I gave voice to my thoughts. "Yes."

My sire scolded me, pulled the chain hard. Making me in the wire cage fall forward, my dress in all its levels of cloth splaying out behind me. My sire growled at me. "Yes, my Emperor."

As I was lifting my head I saw the servant cast her eyes quickly at the spectacle my presenting was making. Her eyes were the colour of the clearest lake, sparkling with diamonds below. Her skin darker than any ebony that I had ever laid eyes upon. My mind latched forward for her, desiring to know all about her, forgetting for a moment the bronze god that glowered at me with an amused smirk to his lips. Another tug of the chain forced me to my side. I had had enough of this. Trainings be damned, Queen be damned, finery and pomp be damned. I reached down to my wire cage and focused to rip it from me. I stood up just as the chain tugged trying to keep me down. Before that damnable Emperor I stood in my hosery and looked in his eyes, saying with contempt. "Yes, my emperor."

The servant looked at me and for a moment cast her mind out at me. I felt it... Felt her power... Something was wrong here... No servant should have power and age such as she, below such a fool of an Emperor... Something was wrong... I did not like it one bit. I felt decieved.

My sire was less than pleased but since I had given in to the correction of address, he went on to make his. The Emperor's lip curled at my lack of dress that he did not hear my sire. I looked to my sire and attempted to tell him of what I felt of this.... court. Tried to tell my sire something was not right here and to hold off making himself a fool before a false god. My sire growled at me. The Emperor's hearing much like his eyes belonged to the realm of the birds and before I knew it twin blades of the guard were at my throat and I was starring down the gullet of his bared fangs.

The guard's swords pierced at my throat, but still I held fast my gaze, unshaking, unquivering towards those bared glistening daggers. The bronzed man rose from his throne and stepped towards me. His cloak like the plumage of a royal peacock flared out behind him on the carpet. The servant seemed to dance behind him. Her body twisting and moving to the sound of music only she could hear, in my sidevision. I stood confused, tilting my head slightly, my eyes leaving the bronzed god to focus again on her.

Another gem that I had noticed in the crowd, a male, his face hidden behind a mask moved closer and seemingly in response to the servant's dancing, began waving his arms and moving himself. I blinked as slowly the movements begain to paint words into my mind. Began to open up the corners of my perception to something I had forgotten.

Does she comprehend what she is doing, m'lady? The man's body moved and swayed, masked in the music played some distance from the throne.

It is too early to ascertain that. The servant's hands and hips responded. She knows much but is... too bold. I do not know if I should stay my pet from killing her.

My hand moved of its own accord snaking forward in an entricate wave before pulling towards me and touching my chest. I knew not then what I spoke back to them but I watched the dance until my head was jerked forward and the Bronzed one burrowed into my eyes. "Look at me when I speak to you childe." He growled and hissed at me. "You will bow before your Emperor." He wrenched my head forward as the guards moved their blades to point at my back. My sire pulled desperately at the chain at my neck trying to get me to kneel. The chain snapped as I stood tall.

"I will not bow before a falsehood." Were my fatal words from my lips. The swords reached and gouged into my back, cutting deep slits into my flesh. I refused to fall. The servant tilted her head to the side of my vision, watching... waiting. I could feel her power washing over me trying to find out about me. I opened my mind to her and let her search as I stared at the emperor. "You are not who you say you are. This pomp... this finery are below a true emperor." The court licked their lips behind me at the scent of my blood and the words I spoke. They all stood like vultures waiting... waiting for my corpse to fall upon the carpet.

He hissed and flared his hand to back hand me before looking to the guards and giving a slight nod. "Kill her."

I refused still to fall. The swords raised. My sire turned his gaze from me, closing his eyes and looking away. If I had not known him better I would almost think he was ashamed, but knowing him he was only embarrassed at the humiliation his childe had brought upon him. The guard's blades raised to chop me down, I raised my head and waited eyes open and unflinching for the blades to fall.

The last moment the male gem from behind me moved to grab me from the swings. He held me swiftly in his arms, protectively and spoke aloud to the Emperor. "Great lord, she has proven that she has the capacity to remember the old tongues and is unashamed to stand even to the death for what she remembers. Pray, let her live." I paused and blinking looked up at my rescuer. I recognized that voice, I recognized those arms around me. Even behind his mask he could not hide from me. He did not look down to me but held me fast, close to him as he had on the dancefloor. I remembered him.... I remembered I nearly killed him on that dancefloor. I looked away as he continued. "I will take her under my charge" He looked to my sire a moment. "If it is permitted to save her life." He looked back to the Emperor. "Great lord I have not asked anything of you, but this I ask please grant me this." I blinked a moment when I realized that his head turned above my own was not pointed at the Bronzed one, but the servant behind the man, dispite for appearances seeming to address the bronzed one.

The bronzed god made a grand show of rolling his eyes and flaring his cloak, turning his back to us. Though I did not see him, I am sure that he turned his eyes briefly to the servant as he passed her and he begun to sit on the throne. His eyes looked from myself to the man who held me, to my sire. His body becoming still as stone as he seemed to contemplate my fate. He closed his eyes slowly and hid a small smirk behind a massive hand. "After the shame she has brought to her sire, you ... you who have never taken a childe for yourself, want this raving lunatic as your charge?"

The man holding me nodded slowly against my hair. I burrowed myself at his chest, strangely more comforted by him than ever I remember being.

"And you, who brought this shameful disgrace of a childe into being and lead her like a wild thing seeming to present her to me as if some circus freak. What say you of his wish?" His hawk eyes move to my sire. His hand still across his mouth.

My sire bows his body deeply. "My Emperor. It was not my intention to dishonour myself, or her by bringing her forth to you. It was not my intention to offend your lordship." He remains bowed, poised like a statue. "If his guardianship of my childe will remove the stain of this night from her and my own slate, then I will agree to his guardianship of her, provided that I am kept informed and if I wish I may reclaim her."

"Interesting." the bronzed one smirks, removing his hand and gazing at the three of us. "Is this agreed by you, young one?"

I was startled to realize he was speaking to me but I looked up at him, then shifted my gaze to the servant. "If I am to die, I will die only to return again and repeat this motion. If I am allowed to speak, then I agree to this devils bargain."

The bronzed one laughed and looks to the Gem behind me. "You have your hands full. Take her away from my sight and bother me no further. However..." His eyes narrowed. "You and I will have words at lenght."

I was then taken from the Gem by the guards and thrown into the cell of a room I had before. I now wait and pass the time by scribing in you my dear journal. I sit... and I wait wanting my gem's arms around me once more.

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