Caring house for a pet girl

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This is a story about a guy who owns a stripperclub and a girl who is traveling far away from home, these two people get involved with each other and the girl ends up living with the guy, while she doesn't know anything about his lifestyle he is living a double life, but after meeting her he starts to feel diffrent about things, now one year later, the girl is already back home, and both of them are recalling the events that happened, both from their own perspective.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Caring house for a pet girl

Submitted: February 16, 2013

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Submitted: February 16, 2013



About 3 am, middle of July

Waves, that just with a little touch from this soft breeze suddenly seem so alive.
Lately I find myself walking here every night, just to clear my mind.
It has already been a year ago, yet it seems to be only part of my imagination.
Very much changes have taken place this year, here I find myself so calm, living a completely different life.
Step by step, I follow some path with no destination in mind, if I keep walking like this where will I find myself when the sun starts to rise?
Certain memories are managing their way to the surface of my mind, suddenly I get distracted, but they pop up again and again in some common pattern.
That girl, I never even knew her name, yet she managed to make so much change.
To be more specific, for me, in my life she made some big changes, after I met her nothing has been the same.
And its because of her, only because of her that I find myself here, on this hour deep in the night walking cluelessly around, trying to relax my mind.

Everything about her seemed unusual, she was like a total stranger who could make you feel as if she had been around for ever.Her eyes, the way she stared, the way she acted and reacted, the little silences, and how she suddenly popped up from nowhere.
Meeting her was by no doubt coincidence, yet I feel as if she would have been send to me, but the reason behind it, I can’t seem to figure out.
The scenes lively take over my mind, then I think about the start, the very first time we met.

Around 8pm, 1 year ago, somewhere in June

I remember this life very well, it’s not something to be all too proud of, but on those days, well actually not even that long ago, I felt invincible, as if the world was mine.
Of course it was nothing but usual for someone like me, with this kind of lifestyle to feel this way.
I had some business going on, the dirty kind of business, but back those days that didn't matter to me.
Together with a friend we owned a club, to be more specific, a stripper club.
Anyways, that is not exactly the thing that I want to remember, the thing I rather want to bring in light is her, how we first met.
I was on my way to my club when I suddenly saw this little lady walking by, all by herself.
This little charming foreign girl, who clearly had come from very far away.
The way she dressed, the way she walked, the way she looked, everything was so new for me, she looked as if send from a different planet, yet she didn’t look lost at all.
As if she would have had a natural inborn gift that allowed her to find her own way through every place she was, didn’t matter if she had been familiar with it or not.
Our paths crossed, I saw her walking closer and closer and could not help but to look at her, her eyes, they were staring to me as well. She was staring at me with deep eyes, as if she was trying to send me a message, but the meaning of this, I could not grasp, it only made me feel very confused.
She kept staring at me, until our paths had stopped crossing.
I was astonished, and felt that I could not just let her go, so I decided to go back.
I turned around, and walked in her direction.
The words that came out of my mouth, came out with no thoughts, before I realized it I asked her if she was lost.

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