A vampire's mate

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16 years old Victoria Marionette Sterling found her soulmate and his a prince...Prince of all the vampires... But the problem is he's a jerk and a player... Will Victoria would still love her soulmate or fall in love with someone who cares for her in the beginning...Read and find out!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: January 03, 2012

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Submitted: January 03, 2012




A 4 year old girl with black straight and half curly hair that ends on her shoulder with blue green eyes was holding her mom’s hand looking at the 4 year old boy in front of her. The boy has brown spiky hair and orange eyes and he’s taller than the girl.

“Honey go play with Prince Gideon, his mommy and I will discuss something very important” The girl’s mom said as her mom kiss her on the forehead and leave with the boy’s mother following her.

The boy smirks at the girl while the girl looks at him with a confuse look “Hi… I’m Victoria” the girl said “So?” the boy said making the girl frown from his attitude “You’re so rude” the girl said “And you’re so childish” the boy replied back. The girl pouted and walks away with a humph.

There’s a loud explosion making the ground shake and the girl almost fell but was catch by the boy… “Are you alright?” the boy asks still holding the girl on his arms, the girl was so afraid that she began to cry in to his arms “Don’t cry” the boy said as he shove the girl’s hair to her ear. The girl laid her head to the boy’s shoulder still crying and the explosion is still on going. “Victoria…” the boys whispered to the girl.

The boy and girl’s mom get their children and separate their ways and as they separate the girl cried out more, the boy watched the girl cry out loud making him pain and shattered….


So what now?!

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