A vampire's mate

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 1

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Today is my sweet sixteenth birthday and everyone is invited… Well what I mean is every vampire in the whole world is invited (except poor vampires), because 11 years ago only my castle is invited and I don’t know why… I’m a princess, a pure royal vampire too. My family and I are the 2nd powerful and strongest vampire coven and empire in the vampire world. By the way a pure royal vampire is the powerful and strongest kind of a vampire; these are the kinds of vampires, Strongest to weakest.



So anyway I’m glaring at myself in the mirror. My gown is black with no shoulder strap that shows my bare chest and back and shows my cleavage… It’s actually super uncomfortable… My skirt looks like a crumpled paper in a good way (I wish you know what I mean) that ends on the floor with silver glitters, and guys my gown is full outfit, I just don’t know how to describe. I have a silver upper arm bracelet on my right arm and big earrings that are made of silver and black rock crystals and a silver necklace with a black moon and small black star pendant, and my silver crown. My shoes are black high hills or I shall say medium hills.

I’m still glaring at myself on the mirror until someone barge in my room “Do you know ho-“before I could finish my sentence, mom appears behind me with a frown

“Don’t raise your voice on me, young lady”

I laugh nervously “sorry mom”

Mom turns me around to face her and look at me for a minute.

“It’s almost perfect… You only need makeup”

I look at my mom shockingly, since when did mom told me to put on some makeup? NEVER

“What? Didn’t you tell me that makeup is forbidden?”

“Yes I know but now I’m taking it back”

“But what if I don’t want to?”

Mom glared at me “If you don’t… I’ll do it for you”


“You have to be there in 7 minutes”

My mom kisses me on the forehead and leaves me. That’s weird… What will I do now? I just really hate makeup! I walk around my room back and forth.


I quickly put on my red lip gloss and put on my mascara… lightly… Now that’s perfect! I look at my wall clock.

‘Just in time’ I thought

I quickly go out of my room and step on the stairs as the announcer announce my name. As I go down I can see many vampires and their loud applause and this is better than last of my birthdays. When I reach the bottom of the stairs my parents meet me and my mom is looking at me disappointedly.

“Didn’t I tell you to put on some makeup?!”

I giggle

“Mom I did put on light mascara and lip gloss and it’s still a makeup”

Before my mom could protest my dad greeted me “Happy birthday Victoria! I wish you find your soul mate this year”

“Aaaaahahaha… yeah… thanks”

Mom looks at me seriously ”And honey… No silly things today you know we have more visitors and especially the Ashfley coven is here so… behave well”

“Yeah sure” (note to my sarcasm)

I walk away from my mom before she could say anything.

"I say your birthday now is better than the last"

I turn around

"ASHLEY!" I hug my best friend tightly

"Ow! Ow! Ow! You're choking me" I release her from my hug.

"Sorry... I thought you will not come because you're always early!

"Duh! What kind of best friend am i if i don’t attend and not because I’m always early it doesn't mean i can't be late?"

"Let's go eat muffins"

Someone grabs my hand "Darling you can't eat muffins without us especially me!" A feminine voice said behind my back, we turn around and see Kimberly, Lance, Jaden and Caroline. We all screamed and hug each other/ or group hug…


Jaden glares at me “It’s Jade yo mamasita!” I laugh at my gay friend “Sorry Jade”

“So what about the muffins” Kimberly said with a pout I laugh at her, she really loves muffins

“Let’s go!”

We grab our muffins and sit near a sofa.

“So my deary, I heard that Prince Gideon is here” Jade started

I choke at my muffin “Prince who?”

Kimberly munches her muffin as if in 1 second all the muffins on the serving table will be gone ”Pwince Gwideon”

I raise an eyebrow “What?”

Caroline look at me with a giggle “It’s Prince Gideon”

“Who’s he?”

My friends laugh at me then stop when they saw me glaring. Ashley look at me shockly “You’re not joking?”

“Do I look like I’m joking?”

Lance glance at me “Dude he’s the prince of Ashfley coven and the one and only heir to the throne”


“Ladies and gentlemen … May I call Princess Victoria and the Princes that are chosen to dance with her for the 16th dance.”


Jade winks at me “Go get them tiger!” with that mom get me and drag me to the dance floor.

“Mom you didn’t-“

“I was about to tell you but you immediately left”

The announcer start his announcement “Let the dance begins… Number 1! Prince Lance Anderson!”

Lance smiles at me and we both bow to each other. Lance takes my hand and we dance “Lance you didn’t tell me that we will dance”

Lance chuckles “I’m sorry I thought you know… Anyway, happy birthday!”

I giggled “you already greeted me”

“Not yet”

He twirls me until we stop “thanks lance”

Lance smiles and gives me a last bow “Your welcome”

…Many minutes later…

I already passed 1-14 and I’m super bored

“Number 15! Prince Steven Arcos!”

A guy in front of me is… Hot! I wish he’s my soul mate! Prince Steven has brown spiky hair and purple eyes, he’s also muscular with 4 packs I think.

“Hi, I’m Steven and happy sweet 16th” he said with a smile

“I- I… Um… t-t-thanks”

We dance. While I’m dancing I look at his eyes. It’s so beautiful… I really wish he’s my soul mate but no…. When we touched I didn’t feel the spark…. Steven look at me which made me look away with a deep blush.

“Is there something wrong, Princess?”


We stop dancing and give me a last warming smile before leaving. I look at him as he disappear from the crowd.

“And presenting number 16! Prince Gideon Ashfley!”

I can feel myself getting paler if it’s possible for a vampire. This is so not happening! I think I’m gonna mess up big time!

Prince Gideon walks towards me… He have blonde spiky hair, orange eyes, and muscular body… Maybe with 6 packs … And he’s hotter and handsome than Prince Steven.


“Uh. H-hi” I laugh nervously.

Argh! I look like an I idiot… He put his right arm around my waist while I put my left arm around his neck making many sparks which made us both gasp.

‘He’s my m-mate’

He took my hand and we dance and I look at his beautiful eyes I never knew that eyes can be so hypnotizing, I can also feel that we are the only one here in this room.

Prince Gideon

He really is familiar even his looks. Then I heard my mom’s voice in my head

“Go play with Prince Gideon”

I look at him again trying to find my voice so I won’t stutter.

“You’re the kid when I was 4”

He smirks at me “I thought you forgotten”

We both stop dancing and then he pulls me away and leans to my ear “Keep it a secret, my lovely mate” with that he leaves me dumbfounded.

I move to the sofa where my best friends are sitting. I sit between Kimberly and Jade

“So how was it?!” they all ask

“He’s my mate”


“Please don’t tell anyone… He wants it to be a secret”

Jade looks like he was about to kill

“Girl! He’s denying you!”

I look down on the floor then Ashley pats my back “Let’s just not talk about it and don’t talk about it ever and don’t even act as if it happens”

Caroline shriek getting everyone’s attention.


Well that is weird because Caroline is the only girl I know who’s always been silent and lady like.

“What is it Car?”

“what about Prince Steven?”

My bestfriends and I laugh not caring about the vampires who look at us…

“Since when did you care about boys?”

“Uh um… Today?”

“Well… Steven is a hottie” I said making my friends sneaker. Lance frowns

“Am I not a hottie”

“Nah” my friends answered

“Well that’s not awesome”


ASHFLEY COVEN- a very powerful and strongest coven… the 1st p/s coven…

STERLING COVEN- the 2nd p/s coven… the 2nd p/s coven… where Victoria Marionette Sterling belongs…


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