A vampire's mate

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter 3

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Submitted: January 16, 2012





We’re in the classroom as you know we’re 3rd year vampires. So anyway we’re in the classroom and my best friends were totally excited about the PLAN which is to make my jerk mate jealous.

I look at Ashley.

“Can you please um come with me?”

She smiles “Sure why not?”

We go to the bathroom. Ashley looks at me worriedly.

“Are you sure about the plan?”


“Are you sure?”


“You’re nervous”

I look at myself by the mirror. I’m wearing my brown leather jacket, white tube, blue shorts, brown belt, and white sandals.

“I’m not nervous” I said

Ashley raises an eyebrow and I sighed.

“Fine I’m nervous, happy?”

Ashley holds my shoulders “I’m not happy because you just told me that you’re nervous and you’re not sure of the plan… And I bet right now you’re having a fight with your mind”

I sighed again “Right”

“Let’s go now shall we?”



As we walk to the classroom we just saw Prince Gideon kissing the girl he had been kissing lately. Victoria stop from her tracks, her eyes were red and shiny, and her hands were clenched on her sides. She quickly runs away before her tears go rolling down on her face.

I glared at the so called couple. The girl from Prince Gideon’s arms is Sophia Mandark, we searched her profile in the principal’s office. She’s a half vampire, a low ranking vampire and her grades were very low… Actually one more low grade and she’s going to be kick out.

‘You’re going down Prince Gideon….’

I look away from them with disgust and follow Victoria.

When I came in to the classroom Lance smiles at me, my mate and we just discovered it when Victoria came into the gym… We kept it a secret but we will tell them.

“Lance, where’s Victoria?”

“She’s with Steven”

“She saw Prince Gideon kissing with Sophia again”

“I see, that would be hard for her”

I nod “Where’s Caroline?”

“She’s in our the hide out playing her flute with Kimberly and Jaden listening”

“You mean Kimberly baking muffins again and Jaden… Still trying to make a love potion”

Lance and I laugh until Victoria and Steven came in. Victoria smiles at me as if nothing had happened while Prince Steven looks like he’s having a fight with his mind.

“What’s up?” I ask

Victoria smiles “I’m just excited… About the plan”

I bet she’s planning on something more different. The 2 sit on the back and suddenly Gideon came in with Sophia.

‘And the game is on!’



I watch Prince Steven as he sits Victoria on his lap which is not part of the plan. Victoria put her arms around Steven with a big smile and they totally look like they didn’t notice Prince Gideon. Prince Steven put his arms on Victoria’s waste, he kisses her on the neck and Victoria giggles seductively and again this is not part of the plan.

Prince Gideon looks really pissed and he’s glaring at Prince Steven with his dark red eyes that looks like it is determined to kill him without a second thought. I am enjoying the show but the bad thing is Prince Steven might be killed today.

“Ha! One point for my Victoria and 0 for the loser” my mate, Ashley, muttered

I stop from my thoughts when I heard a growl, Prince Gideon’s growl, which didn’t bother the 2. Sophia hugs Prince Gideon .

“Baby what’s the problem?”

Prince Gideon glared at her darkly “Get away from me” he said with venom

Sophia caresses his face “Stop that… I know you want me”

Prince Gideon growls, he push the slut away


Sophia the slut looks very scared and terrified but hides it immediately.

“But baby-“

Prince Gideon grabs her neck so tightly that the slut started coughing. “GET AWAY FROM ME” he releases the slut and the slut runs away fastly.

‘And the disaster… begins’



I watch them… My mate and that Steven… I walk towards them with my fists on my side, they stop kissing and Victoria looks up to me.

“Prince Gideon… May I help you?”

I growled at her

“Get off of Steven”

“And why should I do that?”

I look around the classroom which is now full with the teacher inside but I didn’t care.

“Victoria now!”


I snarled and grab her wrist but Steven grabs her also on the other wrist.

“Hey Pri-“

I punch him on the face sending him onto the wall. Victoria gasps

“Stay away from this or you’ll get more than that” I said with a lot of venom

I could hear Victoria’s sobbing. We go out of the classroom still holding my mate’s wrist.

“Gideon… Please stop”

I pin my mate onto the locker, I don’t care if the students are looking. Victoria whimpers as I tighten my grip.

“What do you think you’re doing?! You’re mine… Only mine!”

“It’s none of your business and besides you’ve got Sophia already which you had been kissing here and there so I’m not yours and… I’m just a toy to you’

I stare at her shockly.

“I have a reason why I do that and she’s the toy and you’re not”

“So you’re telling me that the girls are only toys and I’m not?!”

“It’s not like that”

“Tell me the reason why do you want our relationship to be keep hidden”

“I have my reason and It’s none of your business”

“I AM YOUR MATE! SO IT’S MY BUSINES WETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!” Victoria shouted, tears were swelling on her cheeks .

I tried to wipe her tears away but she slaps my hand.


She pushes me away and I just watch her leave… I feel like I just stab by a sword in my heart.

‘GREAT, I DON’T HAVE A MATE ANYMORE’ (note to sarcasm)





Just one more petal and the love potion is done. I drop the petal on my potion, the potion explodes on my face.

Caroline stops playing her flute and try not to laugh while Kimberly well… Burst out laughing.

“Stop laughing or I’ll do something you don’t like” I warned them and they stop.

I look at my face on the mirror.

“Aaaaaah! My face! It’s ruined! And my hair!”

Caroline and Kimberly burst out laughing until I decided to put something on Kimberly’s precious muffins secretly. I go to the kitchen and I can still hear them laughing. I pour a magic potion on to the muffins.

I went back to the living room while laughing at the thought of my plan. Kimberly raise an eyebrow… My to best friends look at me like I was crazy and they stop laughing until the oven alarms.

Kimberly stands up from her sit excitedly and go to the kitchen

‘Let the tasting begins in 3… 2… 1’


I laugh maniacally, my stomach hurts and I can’t even breathe. Kimberly came out of the kitchen, Caroline’s terrified while me still doing the same. Kimberly’s natural brown hair were now red orange and she has a monkey tail.

Kimberly glares at me

“What did you to me?!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about… You might put something in your ingredients”

Kimberly snarls and was about to tackle me when Victoria came in crying.


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