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Just the prologue for one of my favorite books I'm writing.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Raven

Submitted: February 14, 2008

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Submitted: February 14, 2008



Note to reader: this is the prologue from a revised version of Raven. If you've read the first chapter on my website (www.freewebs.com/arenahunter), this will be different.


Arena Hunter


A raven flew above in the sky, searching for an escape from its master's dungeon. A motionless body lay across the floor opposite of the woman, a confused look forever frozen on his cold face. The woman stood, rising to her feet. Her raised hand a glaring, ethereal light, contrasted greatly against the midnight black tresses of her hair. As her hand returned to its natural state, milk porcelain, her eyes shone black ebony. She raised her head, gazing at the ceiling of her cage and the raven circled higher and higher.

The woman's eyes swept the tower. There was no way in or out, except by the magic which she had come here by, and that magic was inaccessible to her. Her eyes closed slowly. Soon after, the raven gave up on its quest and flew down to the maiden. It landed on her shoulder and disappeared--vanished into oblivion. She opened her eyes again and looked around once more, searching for something that she unconciously knew was not there. And still, she could not access the magic.

She blinked, and within the second that the blink took place, a young man suddenly stood before her. He gave up no sign of emotion and neither did she. Neither of them appeared to be breathing, and there was something paranormal about them. They were...inhuman. Beautiful. Menacing.

With no verbal communication, he took her by the hand and they dissipated into the air. When they reappeared, they were in a room that was blindingly white, except for the red chairs. The man motioned for the lady to sit and she complied. The furniture was nauseating...it was hot and sticky and reeked of death. She released an inaudible gasp. The man's keen eyes saw it though, and he flashed a twisted smile. Blood. She knew it was so.

"You can't hold me here," voiced the lady, her voice both shaking and stable all in one breath.

"But I can."

In a sudden rage, she furiously retorted, "Reizaar will come for me! And even if my life is taken, he will search for you. He will search for a thousand years if he must, and he will kill you."

"My death will be nothing. Everything as been set in motion, and it cannot be stopped."

"You are sickening," she spat. "And you will be silenced."

He smiled yet again, almost teasingly. "You were their only hope, were you not?" Her face remained perfectly sculpted, showing no admittance or anything otherwise. "Now your people will die. You have failed them for one final time. And it has cost them their lives as well as yours."

Slowly, leisurely, he extended his arm toward her, and immediately she erupted in flame. Her screams could be heard far beyond the castle walls, but they were cut short by her death. The man looked at the snowy ashes and blinked. He turned away and fixed his eyes upon the blood-red moon.

The rest is on my website!! There's a link to it on my booksie page. -Arena Hunter

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