The Darkwind

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: November 14, 2006

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Submitted: November 14, 2006



As the girl awoke, she found that she was in a bright room with both the large and the small man.

"Ah, good. You're awake now. I beg your pardon for making the magic last quite so long, but what's done is done." The small person shrieked, "You are dirty, dirty, dirty!" for which he received a hard glare.

"I do suppose you're wondering where you are, aren't you?" inquired the old man. She nodded her head. "Well the, I shall tell you, my dear. You are currently in the Tower of Spells! I am its keeper, the Wizard Gantrodr." The little man began to jump up and down and to pull at the old wizard's clothes. "Ah, yes. And this is my faithful friend and companion, Antriak." Then, in a low whisper that only the girl could hear he said, "He can become dreadfully annoying at times, but, ah! there is never a dull moment!" He smiled and raised his voice again. "And you are...?"

The poor girl simply could not answer. Her curious mind was slightly pushing her over the edge of hysteria. She was really in the Tower of Spells! A place of legend! Oh, how many legends and fairy tales circulated around this magical place? But, of course, it was only a peddler's story. At least, that's what she had thought previously. "Me? No, no! I want to hear about the Tower! Is magic actually real?"

"All in good time. First though, tell me. What is your name?" He seemed so eager to know who she was that she suddenly became very suspicious. "How do I know you won't hurt me?"

"Like this." Gantrodr replied. He said some more strange words and, oddly enough at the same time,the wall next to the girl began to pulse. Waves of energy streamed in ripplets, and the result was a portal. "If you feel unnerved in any way, feel free to leave. Now, please tell me your name."

He did not receive an answer.

"Very well, then. I shall tell you who you are. You are Sarana, daughter of Arterena the Pure and Setenzr. You are the Keeper of Stones, appointed by Queen Jaror herself, and you live in Satyrburn.

"It is just as I thought. Sarana. Dear, honest Sarana. You look so much like your mother. Now, tell me, do you remember anything of Satyrburn?"

It took Sarana a while to regain her composure and then answer. "Y-yes, I remember. I grew up there, how could I not? It's fairly small, with all the basic essentials a village needs. My father is a carpenter, and my mother is now a flourist. Both of them are retired warriors, having laid their weapons aside." Gantrodr's eyes twinkled with understanding and knowledge. "But, you already knew that, didn't you?" she asked on impulse. "How?" He ignored the question.

"Good. Now, might I ask, why are your eyes filled with fear, when you seem otherwise at ease?"

"Yes! What fear, fear, terrible fear!" pitched in the ever-energetic Antriak.

Sarana began to slump down in her chair. I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to think about it! As herthoughts continuedtheir depressive ranting, Gantrodr's voice broke her mind's panic.

"Sarana, whether you want to or not, it is excruciatingly important that I know what happened."

It's as if he read my mind!

'Yes, it is, isn't it?' the wizard's voice in the form of a thought entered Sarana's own mind.

"Oh! Gantrodr! What just happened? I don't think I would've been thinking of you... I've only just met you!"

"I simply entered your mind. Did you hear me?" the wizard inquired.

"Yes, but... what is it?"

"To be able to mindspeak is a telent only for wizards, witches, and a few lucky magicians. You have passed the test. You have the talent. I sensed magic deep within you when I first saw you. But this discussion is for another time. For now, I would like to hear your side on what went on at Satyrburn, please."

"Wait! So you say that I'm a wizard or a witch or something like you?"

Gantrodr replied, "Yes but, as I said earlier, that is for another time. Right now, tell me of Satyrburn's plight."

"Right, umm. Let's see..."


The day seemed to be normal, if a bit dreary and dank. Father had just closed up the shop, an dmom was finishing up an order of flowers. We all heard someone coming up behind us.

"Setenzr! Arterena! Come! Please!" It was the village blacksmith-- not only skilled at making swords, but also at using them. "There's something headed toward Satyrburn! Look to the sky! It looks like a dark dragon!" Obviously, this was preposterous, since a dark dragon had not been seen since my mother had killed Gavantryx during his time of dictatorship. Nevertheless, both of my parents grabbed their swords, dusty from time, and ran to the village square.

I have a brother, Anaras. We are gemini twins, so we think alike. We both knew what we needed to do. We gathered food, water, bandages-- anything that would be needed for the battle that was sure to come. Only... the dragon never came... what we did find, was much, much worse...

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