The Darkwind

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: February 23, 2007

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Submitted: February 23, 2007



"We must get you to Vextrilla." Gantrodr thought aloud. Then everything happened at once. Sarana erupted in tears; Antriak started screaming and jumping about the room; the elderly wizard tugged at his beard, deep in thought. A flare of pure desperation and rage engulfed his normally calm eyes.


Everything stopped simultaneously.

"We must take you to Wizard Vextrilla. She is powerful, wise, and understanding. I know that she will see what to do."

"Yes! She will know, know, know!"

"Be quiet, Antriak!" but before he was, a squeal made it's way out of the small creature's mouth. "I asked you to be SILENT!" without a word, Gantrodr exited the room, expecting to be followed by the other two--which he was. They traveled, as it seemed, for hours. Through long corridors and large banquet halls. Past hallways filled with painting and pictures and sculptures; twisting and turning through rooms full of swords, staffs, and wands. Finally, they came to a door.

It was a silvery light blue color, adorned with silver and gold patterns, gracefully dancing across the intricate woodwork. When the door was pushed open, not a single creak formed, not a single sliver of wood came out of place. The group of three silently entered the room behind the door.

Decorated in light blue, creamy white, silver, and gold, the room gave an aura of beauty and heavenly peace.

"Welcome to my humble abode." Came a soft, soothing voice; yet strong and confident. "Ahh, Gantrodr. It has been a while, hasn't it?"

"Yes, Vextrilla, it has. I'm very sorry for barging in at this hour, but it is most important that you see someone." A tall, female wizard stepped out of a silver blue curtain. She was wearing flowing silver and blue robes, with golden tips at all the ends.

"Hmm, and who might this be, by chance?"

"Someone of great consequence to you." Vextrilla gave him a quizzical stare. "This, my dear friend, is Sarana."

The girl stepped forward as her name was called out. Vextrilla gasped. She turned to Gantrodr and asked, "Can this be?"

"It can," He answered. "for you are seeing it before your very eyes, are you not?"

"I must retire to think about this…" suddenly, Vextrilla's sure, strong voice sounded weak and feeble-like a branch that has been strained too harshly, and is about to crack. "I must have time alone to think." As soon as she left, the room lost all of its cheerfulness and color. It seemed stained with the shadow of despair and uncertainty. Sarana felt as if they were just standing there for hours.

"Well, we must be going now. I have plenty to explain." Gantrodr sounded in control again.

"Oh yes! Going, going, we must be going!" Sarana whispered under her breath, "Oh, be quiet! Just be quiet, Antriak!"

The travel back to Gantrodr's room seemed to take much longer than the trip from there.


"There is much, much, much to be said." Antriak's voice sounded unusually calm and mellow. It was as if he finally realized the danger they were all in.

"Yes, my friend. There is much to be explained. Sarana, I hope you don't mind taking an hour or so just to listen to an old wizard?"

"Of course not!"

"Before I begin, are there any questions that you have for me?"

Sarana's strange, auburn eyes twinkled with delight as her mind began overflowing with questions. "Well, first of all, am I a wizard, or a witch, or a magician, or what?--and what's the difference?"

"You are a wizard, a wizard, a wizard!"

Both Gantrodr and Sarana looked at Antriak in amazement.

"You are a wizard! I know! I feel!" Gantrodr instantly began writing something down on a piece of parchment.

"What are you doing?" inquired Sarana.

"I'll explain later. Just let me write." She did just that. He was writing for several minutes, then he told her, "Antriak is a Norell. Very little is known about Norells, so whenever he does something different or peculiar, I write it down. Other wizards throughout Emberstain are doing the same, so we meet regularly to discuss Norells and their behavior. We are trying to write a historical book on all the creatures of Emberstain, and Norells are one of the few we have left to research. Now, what was your question?"

"Umm, I asked whether I was a wizard or what, but…" Antriak began to shriek again. "I think that's already been answered."

"I'd still like to check, though." Wizard Gantrodr put his hands in front of him, as if he was suppressing an invisible sphere of air. Between his hands appeared a crystaline ball of water. Gantrodr thrust his hands forward, pushing the water forward as well. The icy water seemed to enlarge, and it engulfed Sarana, yet she could breathe. She couldn't see out of her watery cage, but Gantrodr saw it all. The water turned a pale green, as he had expected, and he smiled. Then, it changed completely, fading into orange, gold, orange, and gold again. Gantrodr blinked and it was all gone. The water had evaporated, and Sarana stood there, not a drop of water on her.

"I have… never seen such power in one so young. This is… unbelievable. You are most definitely a wizard. A very powerful wizard."

"How can I be so powerful when I don't even know the slightest thing about magic?"

"You have the blood in you. You may not always use it, but great magic is always residing within you."

"Ok. Now that I know what I am, what is the difference between a wizard and a magician and all the other magic users?"

Gantrodr began an elaborate explanation. "Wizards are full-fledged magic users, and are much more powerful than magicians. Even though magicians have magic to use, they often times only use magic for stunts and tricks, preferring fame and popularity rather than working quietly behind the scenes to help maintain order in Emberstain. Also, magicians cannot use magic offensively. Wizards may attack any beast, at any given moment, but magicians cannot. They are fairly effective in the arts of trickery and defensive magic, though. There are witches as well. They are skilled at potions and brews, but are infamous for being easily hired to murder with their various potions and charms--if you have a certain amount of gold, that is." The wizard's slightly wrinkled face turned into a frown. "There is one other type of magic users. They are the sorcerers and sorceresses… They cannot use regular magic-- only black magic, which they are very accomplished at. They can use terrible spells and incantations. Unfortunately, if a sorcerer or sorceress becomes very powerful, they are almost indestructible and can use magic much more complicated than our own kind--by this time, they are almost immortals. If they can manage to kill three wizards in a single day, then their souls leave them, and they become immortals, but without kindness, and without feelings. Their hearts have been hardened and corrupted. There is no hope for those who have lost their very hearts and souls… But on a lighter note, do you have anymore questions?"

Sarana was silent for some time, contemplating her newfound information in her head over and over again. When it had sunk in, she found the voice to speak. "How come all the color drained out of the room when Vextrilla left?"

"Ahh, an interesting question. Vextrilla is so in touch with her magic, and wields such incredibly strong magic, that her moods--and even her very presence--affect most rooms' color."

"Odd, but alright."

"Is there anything else, young one?"

"…was my mother a wizard?" Sarana asked in a quiet voice.

Gantrodr paused. "Yes, she was a wizard. A great and powerful wizard. She could perform the most difficult spells at the age of sixteen. She was a genius. She discovered several spells, and was a master at infusing her sword with magic, so that the blade had special powers. She was simply brilliant."

Sarana would rather not think about her mother anymore. "How big is the Tower of Spells?"

"The Tower of Spells is 312 claws tall."

Sarana began wondering if her father was a wizard as well. "How about the rest of my relatives? Are any of them wizards?"

"Yes. Your grandmother, Evenlaey, and your grandfather, Nachenr. I'm not entirely sure, but I think your father might have been a wizard, too. Or, at least a magician."

The girl wondered if the reason that she never seemed to get away with anything at home when she was a child was because her parents always knew what was going on--through mindspeaking or something.

"What is mindspeaking?"

"Didn't I already address that matter? Hmm, only briefly, I suppose. Mindspeaking is the ability to communicate through thoughts, and to do other things with the mind. For example, if you wish to make someone leave a certain place and go elsewhere, you simply insert a picture of a monster into their mind, and, almost all of the time, they will leave--screaming." He chuckled. "Only people who can wield magic can do it, though other people can learn how to make pictures for other people to see. If someone tries to have a mental conversation with them, they will see the picture-- nothing else."

This sort of questioning and answering went on long into the night until Sarana simply fell asleep from the exhaustion and excitement of the day. But her peaceful and much needed sleep was visited by horrible recurring nightmares.

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