The Darkwind

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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Submitted: March 14, 2007



"I see that you've discovered the Bud of Miracles*."

"Is that what this is?" He nodded. "Why did it give me this? And what's the little person that came out of it?"

The wizard gasped slightly. "You found a crystal and a fairy? What did the fairy look like?"

Sarana was surprised to find that a fairy had come out of the Bud of Miracles, though she realized she shouldn't be. Bud of Miracles. You'd think I would've figured itt out. "The fairy was a she, and she was wearing pale yellow clothes. She had a crystal too, and they kind-of meshed together into one crystal. We eventually got them apart, because we both used magic, I guess." Sarana realized what she had done then. "I did magic!…wow. Anyway, we both used this light force thing, and that broke us apart from each other." Then she whispered, "I think she's hiding behind the Frost Lily."

Gantrodr sighed. "It appears that you are much more peculiar than I originally thought. Ahh, well. Little fairy, you may come out now." Nothing happened.

"I think she's scared of you."

"Me?! Well, I'll coax her out one way or another. Vesa ghin navr pasl sira." A small head poked out from behind the Frost Lily's leaf. It flew up to Gantrodr's face and looked long and hard at him. After a few minutes of examination, she went to Sarana and sat down on her shoulder.

"What is she doing?!"

"It looks like she's your fairy. She's a light fairy, and most likely her name is Krina. Although it could be something else. Come, let's go to my rooms and talk this over."


"And you say that you have absolutely no idea how you used magic, or why the fairy is your fairy?"


Gantrodr seemed exasperated. "Have you never heard the old legends of the times before Emberstain? Was there no village storyteller in Satryburn?"

"No." Sarana stated sheepishly.

"No, no, no? Even I, I , I have heard the good things!" Sarana glared at Antriak, and he recoiled into a crouching position.

"We don't have time to tell all of them, or even the complete version of one, so I will just give you the basics of the legend of the Fairy Guardians. "

"Oooh! A good, good, good story!"

"Yes, Antriak. One of the good stories-but you must not blurt out what happens next. Sarana must hear the story fully and without your interuptions."

"Can we just get on with it, please?" Sarana realized just how ignorant she was.

"Yes, of course. Ahem. There was once a Triden who was dying from the Great Battles of Vorkax and Kaschc-"

"Isn't Kaschc the name of a whirl pool?"

"Yes. Kaschc was once a great city in the power of the empire of the Tridens, but during the Great Battles of Vorkax and Kaschc, the city was flooded by the ocean and mighty winds blew over it-that is how the Kaschc Pool was formed."


"May I continue?"


"I shall go on then. As I said, there was a Triden who was dying from the Great Battles of Vorkax and Kaschc on the outskirts of Aquistris. There was an enemy Groler coming toward him. He knew he had no chance of survival. He bravely thrust out his chest, and prepared for the blow-and to meet Avonmar and Avon. He closed his eyes… the bite would come any minute now… he felt no pain…he opened his eyes to find himself in golden clouds surrounded by the wondrous Fairy Guardians of lore. They were whispering among themselves in hushed tones.

One of them turned to him-the Fairy Guardian of the Fire Element. She spoke to him.

'You, Farvin, are causing the Fairy Guardians much trouble.'

'What is that I have done, wise ones?' he replied.

The Guardian of Air answered him. 'You would have been killed had not your guardian fairy clasped the Groler's jaws shut at just the time he did. Even so, you are badly injured.'

'But, I am in no pain; I have no injuries.'

'You do. You just do not see them properly.' Said the Guardian of Ice. 'You have injuries that only fairies were thought to be capable of getting. You see, your guardian fairy died saving you, and your body suffered immense grief at the same time you should've died. You have internal and spiritual injuries.'

The Guardian of Earth continued for her. 'We are in a very odd predicament… we have cures for your state, but they have never been performed on a non-fairy before.'

'We do have a way, though.' Began the Guardian of Light. 'There are other possibilities. Even the Guardian of Darkness agrees with me! And you know we are normally hostile towards each other. Will you not open your eyes to the good of not only the fairies, but the entire land?'

The Guardian of Darkness nodded in agreement. 'She is right. He has served the land and been brave. He should be rewarded.'

'We should take him to the Queens.' Spoke the Guardian of Water. The others agreed, and they took Farvin to their rulers.

The Queens of the Fairies stood before him-the only fairies of the Sun and Moon.

They spoke to him, and only he could hear their voices. 'Farvin.'

'Will you take our offer?' asked the Fairy Queen of the Moon.

'Yes, Queens. I accept your proposal, and I lay my life in your hands.' Answered Farvin.

'Very well then. You shall sleep through it, and we shall wake you when it is complete. Remember, it may fail.'

'I understand.'

So they went through with the operation. They woke Farvin up three days later. The operation had not boded well. While his injuries were not near as bad as they were before, he would forever be tormented by dreams of a past life and disabilities. He might not be able to see Avonmar and Avon when he died. When he was grieving over this, the Guardian of Water came into his room to say that a search party of water fairies and water elves had found his guardian fairy's body. She took him into a room with a stone table in the center. On the black velvet covered table was the tiny body of a lifeless earth fairy.

Farvin stared at him, realizing for the first time, that this was his fairy. He felt weak and lonely without him, as if part of his soul had been ripped out. He cried. He shed tears of grief, which fell on his former companion's body. As soon as they did, a green glow came over the fairy.

The Guardian of Water gasped in surprise and shook Farvin. They both watched as the glow became a sphere above the body and separated into millions of spheres, each the same size that the original was. All at once, they flew in all different directions.

'What was that?'

'It was his spirit. When you shed grievous tears on him, his spirit exploded with love, and it separated.'

And that was how every living being received a fairy guardian, just as they do today. You see, at that time, only Tridens could have a fairy guardian, but when the fairy's soul separated, each part of if went to a different being--which is exactly what happens to this day. The fairy you found is your fairy guardian. That is why you can both use the same magic and have the same crystals, which give you power." finished Gantrodr.

"The crystal gives me power?"

"Well, almost. It gives you energy and, in your case, a knowledge of some of the Lost Language."

At this moment, Sarana's fairy jumped up and started to search through a Dawns Rose. She began to drag something out. When it came into full view, Antriak began shrieking and hiding behind Gantrodr's robes.


The light fairy dragged out a struggling dark fairy. Gantrodr quickly got out a jar and trapped the fairy.

"These nasty little creatures don't usually lurk around here…" he mused aloud.

"Yes! Nasty, nasty, nasty!"

"Oh, the poor thing. Oh, please don't be so cruel to it, Gantrodr. I think it's rather adorable…"

"Ah, you think that now, Sarana, but you don't know what they're really like. Hmm, I suppose you don't know about most of the things that go on in the world of magic, anyway." The wizard sighed wearily. "I'm going to have to teach you a lifetime's worth of knowledge in the course of a few months. What a mess I've gotten myself into this time. Oh, why did I ever send that boy to go check for survivors?" Then more seriously he said, "I'm only joking of course.

"Well then, let's get this rascal to my room so we can have a look at it. And you can come too, little Krina fairy."

The small dark fairy desperately struggled to free itself from it's confinement in the jar. She eventually realized that it was pointless trying to get away, so she stopped and just sat there. Gantrodr turned to Sarana and said, "Before we do anything else, there is something you need to know about these dark fairies." He leaned in closer. "These are no ordinary fairies. These are almost like beasts, they're so incredibly powerful and cruel. And though, yes, they may look kind on the outside, but trust me, these things will not hesitate to kill. It is not in their nature to be creatures of caring and compassion. They are evil, vile things. They would kill you as soon as they saw you if they had the chance-or worse, they would torture you within less than half a claw of your life and take you to their queen. 'The Dark Queen of the Night'. That's what they call her. So be cautious. You are never to go looking for dark fairies or for their Dark Queen. Is this understood?"

"Yes, but-"

"No. No buts whatsoever. Understood?"

"Yes sir… why would they want to kill me though?"

Gantrodr's fierce face began to soften--as if he was suddenly remembering some wonderful dream that had faded away from his memories ages ago. "Your mother. You are your mother's daughter, and she was a great warrior who fought against the Dark Queen's quest for power. Her blood is in you, so you are naturally their enemy. Be cautious, Sarana. For the sake of your mother."

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