The Darkwind

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

Submitted: June 20, 2007

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Submitted: June 20, 2007



Sarana nodded slowly. This is so confusing! How many other things do I not know about my own family?

Gantrodr raised an eyebrow. "You realize I can here every word you say? Within your mind, at least." Sarana felt her cheeks burn with embarrassment. Sorry, Gantrodr.

'That is perfectly all right, young one.'

"Now, I have a question for you. What, in the name of Tanziler, ever compelled you to leave your bed chambers when you well knew that you didn't know how to get anywhere?!" Gantrodr was getting a little steamed, Sarana noticed. And this was not exaggerating. The frail wizard was--literally--steaming up. Small sparks and streaks of wispy smoke were rising above his head. Sarana stared in amazement. The sight sparked her memory. Fire...

"Satryburn! It's gone! I saw it in my dream! It's all gone! Destroyed! Burned away!" then, in a quieter tone, "No one survived. Not a single one…. except…"

"Yes?" prompted Gantrodr.

"Everyone except for a baby. My mother had given the baby into my care right before she… she… she…" Sarana broke down crying. "There, there, Sarana. It's alright. She's gone to see Avon and Avonmar." Said Gantrodr, comfortingly.

Sarana sniffed. "Really? But I thought that the elves went to Avon and Avonmar. Why would my mother go there?" Gantrodr drew back from Sarana's grasp and looked hard into her amber eyes. "You didn't know?"

"Know what? What don't I know?"

"Obviously you don't..."

"Would you please tell me what's going on?! I don't understand!"

"Not only do elves and Tridens go to Avon and Avonmar after death, but wizards and some humans as well. You will go to them too. It is even said that if a young child dies-- no matter what race they are-- they will go to them."

That reminded Sarana. "The baby! We have to go to Satryburn to go rescue him! A snake was about to bite him!"

"Calm down, young one. It was only a dream."

"Yes, a dream, dream, dream! Only a dream!"

"But it wasn't! I mean... it couldn't have been... it was so real." Gantrodr could see the painful tears in her eyes, and his heart broke for her. He sighed heavily. "If it makes you feel any better, you and Brinn can go to Satryburn after lunch.''

"Oh! That would be wonderful! Umm, except for one problem. I don't know who Brinn is." Sarana was so excited, that she fell off of her chair completely. ''I'm alright!'' she assured the worried Gantrodr. He smiled at her.

''So you haven't met Brinn, then? Well, I'll have to introduce you.'' at that moment, the door creaked open. ''Here he is now.''

''Oh, I know him!'' it was the boy who had helped her find her way to the kitchen. Oh, I'm so embarrassed! He must think I'm such an idiot! Brinn raised an eyebrow at her.

''So this is the Sarana I've heard about?'' he said! ''Please! She's a little girl! I mean, come on; you don't seriously expect me to work with a you?''

''Ahem. Do you not remember your own age, Brinn? She is only a year younger than yourself.'' And--of course-- Antriak popped into the conversation and said, ''Oh, yes. Only a year! Poor forgetful, forgetful, forgetful, Brinn.''

Brinn glared at him. ''One more little squeak from you, and I'll wring your pathetic neck!''

''Do not speak of such things in front of Sarana.'' Gantrodr scolded.

''And why not? I thought she was supposed to be a fighter! She better get used to it!'' then he looked over at Sarana and saw her eyes welling up with tears. He saw the pain of rejectment in her. He sighed. ''I won't say I'm sorry, because you're going to need to toughen up, but I will say this: I'll help you get to be a good fighter... sometime.'' 'Great! Now she's going to think I'm sweet on her or something else ridiculous like that.'

''I could hear that.'' said Sarana, meekly. ''And, no, I don't believe that.'' she pushed away from the table. ''Would someone please show me too my room?''

Brinn immediately sat down, as if to say, 'I don't want anything to do with you.' Gantrodr stood up politely, though. ''I'm sorry for Brinn's behavior. Of course he will take you to your room.'' he gave a long, piercing stare to Brinn.

Brinn, who was in the middle of drinking a glass of water, choked and coughed until Gantrodr had to mutter a spell that cleared Brinn's throat.

''I'm going to what?!'' he said as soon as he was able.

''Ah, why must I constantly repeat myself? You are going to take Sarana to her room. Oh. I suppose you are wondering about what I mind-spoke to you. My word is final. You will just have to learn to live with it.'' Brinn slumped down in his chair. ''Whatever. Let's go.''


''What was it that Gantrodr told you?'' inquired Sarana.

''Oh, that? He only told me that I need to train you with vast numbers of weaponry.''

Is that all, then? thought Sarana.

''It may not seem like a big deal to you, but this means I have to cut out my time for it, and--even worse--I'll be teaching a girl. How much worse can it get?''

Sarana was astounded. How could he think like that? It's not as if girls don't have feelings too! ''Hmph! If it makes you feel any better, I already know how to wield a sword. Oh, and by the way, you need a serious attitude adjustment.'' with that, she opened the door-- unsuccessfully. Great! It just had to be locked! Well, this has ruined my dramatic exit, hasn't it?!

''Need some help?''

''No! Not from you!'' steamed Sarana. Brinn came to the door anyway and unlocked the door; he had to brush against her side to reach it, though. They glanced at each other, turned around, and both of them blushed. ''There you go.''


''The noise finally stopped... I hope nothing's... happening...'' said the concerned Gantrodr, downstairs. ''Oh, dear.''


''Th-thank you.'' Sarana thought she saw a faint trace of a smile on the edges of his lips, but before she could be sure, it was gone.

''Yeah, sure. Whatever makes the princess Sarana happy.'' he said, over- emphasizing the word, 'princess'.

Sarana stormed into her room. Why that little...! Oh, I ought to slap him! Hmm, that's not too bad of an idea... I'll have to think about that. then she thought, How am I going to find my way out of here? ''Aagghh!'' she threw herself onto her bed and, being upset with Brinn and Satryburn and everything else, cried herself to sleep...

''Wake up, wake up, wake up! Time for up!'' Sarana was being shaken violently.

''What, what? Why must I get up now?''

''For Satryburn, stupid. Now get up.'' at the sound of Brinn-- a boy!-- in her room, Sarana was awake in a flash. She hurriedly made her bed, grabbed Kaezrosh, and said, ''I'm ready.''

''Well it's about time you were ready to go.'' said the impatient Brinn.

''Yes! Let us go, let us go, let us go!''

''Antriak, can I ask you something?''

''Yes, yes, yes, Brinn!''

''Does your mouth ever stop moving?'' at this, the Norell was silent.

''That was mean, Brinn.'' Sarana said to him after a while. ''Why do you have to be so rude?''

'Heh. It's not like you'd understand. No one understands me.' Brinn looked at Sarana.He shook his head. 'No. No one can ever know... anything.'

Oh, Brinn, why are you so closed up? I want to know what's keeping you shut! Sarana just did not know what to make of him. ''We'd better go to Satryburn, now.'' Brinn said gruffly. So they started their travel the city of Satryburn.


''So, umm, where are you from?'' asked Sarana timidly. Brinn didn't answer. Maybe he didn't here me. ''Where are you from again?''

''I didn't tell you the first time, do you really think I'd answer you this time?'' Sarana looked hurt for a moment, but got over it quickly. There was silence the rest of the way.

When they reached the outskirts of town, all they saw was a barren waste land. There were ashes everywhere, and they couldn't see the houses and shops that they should've seen in the distance.

''Hmm.'' Brinn furrowed his eyebrows in concentration. ''I don't think this is the Satryburn I was expecting. What happened?'' Sarana was pushing herself not to cry, but it was useless. She bit her lip hard, and she noticed the taste of blood on her tongue, but she kept biting. No. I will not cry in front of Brinn. She was cutting deeper and deeper into her lips, when she felt something warm on her hand. She turned to see Brinn's hand on her own.

''Don't.'' he said. ''I don't want you bleeding to death.''

''Ah...hmm.'' Sarana nodded. Since when was Brinn so... kind?

''Got it? Good, let's get going.'' Or not! Thought Sarana. Where is he going?! Satryburn is the completely opposite direction! ''Brinn, where are you going?''

''Where do you think? The Tower of Spells, of course. There's no use staying here.''

''But, there could be survivors! They would need our help! How can you be so cruel?''

''Ha. Not cruel-- reasonable. This is life, Sarana. You'd better get used to it.'' Sarana stomped her foot on the red soil of--previously -- Satryburn. ''No. I can't just leave innocent people here to die. It would be wrong, and you know it!'' she turned towards the former town and knelt down. Ashes ran through her fingers, staining her finger tips. ''This was--is--my home. I can't leave it like this...'' her voice grew softer. ''I love it...''

While Sarana was looking away, Brinn intently gazed at her soft but fierce amber eyes. 'You asked before, where I came from. You don't want to know where I'm from, what I'm like... And further more, I don't want you to know. You're much like Evarna...yet, you are your own person. Aaghh! What am I thinking? She's a girl! And not just any girl; a wizard... and wizards are plain... unearthly. She's a freak.' He sighed audibly. ''Sure. Let's just get this over with. I want to get in, look around, and get back to the Tower as soon as possible. Got it?''

Sarana nodded her tear-streaked face. What made him do that? He's such an angry hothead! She went along with what he said though, and sprinted to where her house used to be. She was surprised to find that one wall of her house was the only thing left standing in all of Satryburn. Strangest of all though, was that burn markings in the shape of the elven sun and moon were burned into the wood. Sarana searched all around for the baby in her dream, but he was nowhere to be found. When she went to look under the elven sun and moon, she found her cloth filled with the stones

she was to care for. As she was picking it up, one dropped; it was a silver stone with light blue flecks. When Sarana grabbed it, she realized it was warm. Odd... She thought. She decided to take it to Brinn.


''What?'' he said grumpily.

''This stone... it's warm.'' at this moment, the stone began vibrating. A few minutes later, the stone was glowing brightly. Then, the stone suddenly split to reveal a baby dragon!

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