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So this is the intro i hope you like it :3

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Natsume

Submitted: November 23, 2012

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Submitted: November 23, 2012




The sun shines lovingly over a lush green field. On the field a beautiful woman sits with a little girl laying on her lap. The little girl smiles up at the woman with her beautiful ivory green eyes. The woman runs her soft fingers gently through the young girls amber hair, rushing past the natural black streaks. The woman stops when she reaches a pair of dim-grey fox ears, rubbing it gently. The little girl purrs slightly, smiling. "Momma..." the little girl says softly. "Yes my love?" the woman responds with a voice of velvet. The little girl sits up and looks into her mothers ice blue eyes, "Is it true what daddy says?" she asks while grabbing her little ,but fluffy, grey fox tail, "About when we grow up... he need s to burn crosses right here?" she says, pointing at her right forearm. The woman bites her lip and looks down at her daughters worried eyes. She tucks a loch of her chocolate brown hair behind her ear, "Natsume..." she says with a warm smile, "That only happens to the men in papas club." Natsume smiles and nods. She hugs her tail and looks out at the open field, a smudge ,slowly turning into a body, walks up to them. Once close enough, details are noticeable. Long black hair gently dances with the wind as the apparatus comes closer. The woman smiles as she sees a blood red dress approaching them. "Look mamma! Its Krystal!" Natsume stands up and runs over to the little girl approaching them, her male shorts and green t-shirt wave with the wind, but her short amber hair only bounces as she runs. "Get the fuck away from me you half-bred runt!" Krystal says with out remorse as she shoves Natsume to the ground. The woman sitting on the grass stands up and picks up her light green dress as she walks over to the two girls. "Lara" Krystal says with a straight tone, staring right at the woman, "Father wants you." Lara stands tall right in front of Krystal. "You DO NOT call your mother by her name!" Lara strikes Krystal across the face. Krystal grabs her red cheek and looks at Natsume. Lara walks away, towards a large white all. "I see you got mother on your side runt." Krystal says coldly at Natsume, " Natsume sits up and looks up at her sister who is staring at her with hate in her heart. "I ... I didn't know momma chose sides..." Natsume said nervously, while stroking her tail. Krystal smiles and kneels next to Natsume, "Don't play innocent with me." Krystal grabs Natsume's ear harshly, pulling her down into the grass, face first, "The only reason shes on your side is because your a half breed! You aren't pure like me or father! Instead of being a wolf your a weak disgraceful fox! You're just like Lara! A half breed bitch!" Krystal stares down at Natsume, who is curled up in a ball on the floor. "Get up!" Krystal yells kicking Natsume hard on her side. Natsume whimpers but refuses "GET UP YOU HALF-BREED BITCH!" Krystal growls turning into a small grey and black wolf with piercing yellow eyes. She circles Natsume, like an eagle circles its prey. Natsume turns into a small gray fox, looking like a small cat compared to Krystal. She sits up and stares Krystal straight in the face. The sun becomes a distant memory as clouds being to roll in, causing the field to look like a battle ground. Natsume makes the first move, and bites Krystal's neck, making her growl and kick Natsume off. Krystal growls and beings to run after Natsume. Natsume, panics and runs towards a forest, running into the brush. Krystal stops and sits, seeming pleased with herself. A whinny is heard in the distance as the rushing of hooves on the gentle grass comes closer ... and closer with each second. "Natsume!" Lara yells in despair as she rushes past Krystal on a horse, following the Queen are four knights on horses, one being a small boy seeming to be no older than six. Lara catches up to Natsume, who is hiding at the base of a tree, "Natsume..." Lara says with relief, "Come out now... Its mommy, you know its not safe to be here." Lara reassure's her daughter as she climbs off her horse, who is becoming restless. Natsume climbs out of the tangled roots and hugs her mother. The trees being to move, but there is no wind. Vines from the trees branches come down silently as the distant rushing Hooves of horses are heard. "Queen Lara!" a knight yells in the distance, "My Queen watch out!" he yells as the tree vines grab the uneasy horse by the leg. The Queen gasps and begins to run with Natsume in hand. The guards catch up with the two and a knight takes Natsume, placing her with the young boy. Lara walks up the young boy, "Lucifer," she whispers to him, "You take Natsume out of here and back to the castle you hear me?" He nods as Natsume looks at her mother with fear in her eyes. "M-mommy?" Natsume says with tears filling her eyes. Lara kisses her daughters cheek and hugs her. "Its okay Natsume, no need for tears" Lara smiles as she wipe one off Natsume's cheek. Suddenly, Lara slaps the horses ass, causing the horse to run off quickly. A vine wraps itself around the Queen, pulling her into the tree. Natsume can do nothing but watch in horror as she sees her mother being torn out of her life, "Mommy! Mommy no!" She says as tears roll down her cheek.Natsume's scream echoes, being distant as the soft pitter-patter of rain falls on the land.

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