Chapter 1: The beginning

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Anime

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Chapter 1: it begins

It all started on one particular weekend. This was the first time I was going to invite my only friend over to a sleepover to binge watch Fairy Tail for the first time. Plus I haven’t seen her since we graduated. My life has been pretty dull without her.  I opened the door revealing my best friend Savannah. She gave me a welcoming hug, and we went into my room and I started up my xbox360 it was the only dvd player I had at the moment. While I was setting up our entertainment for the weekend,Savannah was looking around my room.

“Nice, I like it.” She said plopping down on my bed as I popped in the first disc of Fairy Tail.

“Yeah wish I had a desk though But unfortunately I don’t  have a lot of room, it would really help when I binge anime or play games.” I said sighing as I sat down beside Savannah as we watched Fairy Tail, well I was partially watching. It was around 4:00 in the afternoon. We were already halfway through with  season 6. 

Thunder struck in the distance as the electricity shocked the tv and sadly my phone which was charging.

“Nooooooo not  my phone, and my tv!” I said. 

Thankfully for us the power only went off for a few minutes. I didn’t think it was supposed to storm today it was clear all morning. The tv and my phone seemed to be fine though thank God. Savannah giggled as I just hugged my phone which turned back on and I opened it to the home screen.  With a sigh of relief I checked all my apps and wait… What’s this app? I don’t remember downloading this one?  As I was lost in thought my blond friend surprised me and gave me a hug from behind. She looked over my shoulder at what I was looking at. 

“Portal app? Like the game Portal?” She asked still hugging me. She got off of me, and I shrugged my shoulders in confusion. 

“Well open it. I mean come on don’t you think it’s kind of you know strange?” She asked. 

She’s right it was an app, but it did had a symbol of a blue portal on it, and it wasn’t there when the lightning struck. I decided to open the app. It was blank for a few seconds but the Fairy Tail symbol came on and in it it said do you wish to join?  There was a simple yes or no. I looked at Savannah.

“I say yes this could be interesting just hope it’s not a bug.” She said. I pushed yes then my phone felt hot. I had to drop it.

“Great looks like i’ll be needing a new phone.” I said. Just then a beam of gold light shot out from my iphone, and all I could remember was a bright light. I groaned as a voice was calling out to me. It sounded so familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I opened my eyes shielding them from the clear blue sky. A guy with pink hair and deep dark brown eyes were looming over me. I sat up my head was pounding and my ears were ringing. 

“Is she okay Natsu? I did the best I could.” A timid girl's voice said. 

“I think she’s fine thanks Wendy.” He said.

“Hey, you okay? Umm you’re not hurt are you?” The guy said blushing.

“Ughhh… I  think i’m okay.” I said. I sat up and looked at my surroundings.  There was a knock nearby, and I noticed I wasn’t in my room.

“She’s up now.” The pink haired guy said. The door opened revealing a few more familiar figures but the one that looked the most familiar was..

“S… Savannah? Is that you? “ I couldn’t believe this am I dreaming? I looked at my best friend. She smiled and ran up to me and gave me a hug in closer inspection she looked almost animated.  She had  long gold flowing hair  she wore glasses and she had pretty teal eyes. She was wearing a white t-shirt with a brown vest, and blue jeans , and sneakers that matched.

“Thank goodness you’re okay. I was really worried about you. Can you get up?” She asked. I noded. She held out her hand, and I accepted and she helped me up. I sighed in relief.

“So you want to go to the park?” She asked. I just noded. Savannah and I walked out of the quiet atmosphere building which looked like a guild. Once we got there, she motioned me to sit down on the park bench. It was really quiet at the moment. Savannah looked at me then started to speak.

“Do you remember what happened Chelsea?” She asked me. I thought for a minute. Let’s see… we were having a sleepover a storm came in then… 

“ No way. Are you saying we … We’re in?” She noded and I started to freak out a little.  I looked down at myself.  Savannah handed me a small pocket mirror, and handed it to me. I opened it and well screamed. I was wearing a basic purple top a white jacket, and I just looked animated. My long brown hair shimmered in the sunlight. My eyes were even animated as well, and what freaked me out the most I lost all of my weight that I needed to lose.  No wonder I felt lighter .  I finally calmed myself down , and sat back down, and let myself let it sink in.

“Yeah… I was the same way when Erza and Freed found me they explained  what happened. Man I can’t believe we’re in Magnolia it’s really breathtaking you know? But
I have friends and family back home and you do to  we need to find a way to get home. I mean I don’t mind staying for awhile , and I don’t even know why we’re here?”  A cool breeze came by and a girl's voice spoke. 

“You can say it's a second chance for the both of you.” We both gasped as we saw what looked like a guardian angel. She had a long white dress, and beautiful gold hair , and shimmering aqua eyes.  

“W… Who are you?” I asked. The lady coughed as the dust or smoke disappeared.

“ I am a guardian angel , my name is Serena  the lord above has heard your pleas for another chance at life and friendship however  you two can’t return to Earth for this is a second chance you both seek , since consequences do apply.” She said in a sweet angelic voice.

 I was stunned was she serious. Savanna looked like she was about to feint. 

“ So we’re stuck here?” I asked. The angel noded, and smiled. 

“Chelsea if we didn’t grant your wish you wouldn't be here as of living a life.” She said Savannah looked at me worried. 
“You didn’t even tell her did you?” The angel asked.

“Chelsea what’s going on?” Savannah demanded.  Her teal blue eyes glared at me was she angry? I sighed as I finally told her what was going on.

“I… I was going to commit suicide.”  I said tears started to flow down my cheeks, and I took off my glasses. 

“Why on earth would you even think of doing that?” Savannah asked concerned. I was choking up, and I told her everything from the very beginning. 


My life was miserable. That's all to it.  My friends pretty much ignore me now that we’re in high school and I get bullied every day, of course I never told my family until to a point in my junior year I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I asked my mom if I could be homeschooled. I guess I shouldn’t have done that. Rumors spread throughout the faculty members, and apparently to some of my former friends. They all laughed at me, and told me that I was right they didn’t respect me at all. They thought There was something wrong with me so they started treating me like there was. There was a
group of mean students who picked on me every day. Every time we had pepper rally's they would say, “ does little Chelsea need help up the bleachers?” It was just terrible. Until senior year in Government that was when I became friends with Savannah Taylor. We chatted every time we saw each other, and we eventually started hanging out. Once we graduated high school though things got hard because I was basically all alone, and we barely saw each other, and I was fighting a part of my past that I just wanted to end my life. I even thought I was still going to be alone to.


I sighed as I explained my situation. Savanna started to cry, and hugged me.

“Oh Chels, you should've told me I could of helped you.” She said as she brushed a piece of hair out of my face.

“I know, i’m sorry Savanna but it’s all behind me now, and now I want to go and meet the guild.” I said jumping up from the park bench. 

“I don’t see why not we’re stuck here anyway we might as well join their guild.”  Savannah said as we walked back into town to the guild. Once we got there cheers were heard . I stopped and listened at the door there wasn’t anyone in there earlier but a few people.
“Should we go in?” I asked. Savanna noded , and I took a deep breath as I opened the doors to my new home.



Submitted: January 06, 2016

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