Dreams Come True so do Nightmares(On Hold)

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Home No longer exists

Submitted: February 24, 2012

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Submitted: February 24, 2012



Going home after being 2 years in college. I had missed it but hadn't expected it to change a lot. Passing the sign "Welcome to Pitsburg." The driver said he would have to drop me off here. Walking towards the city I found a taxi parked outside a gas station. The city looked abandoned. Getting in I looked at the driver. After a few awkward minutes of silence I told him the address to my parents house. He didn't respond nor did he turn the cars engine on. So I tapped his shoulder and since it didn'twork i decided to shake it. Letting out a loud scream I got out of the car. "His head fell off." I kept repeating in my mind. I wasn't sure if I wanted to come home any more. But i wasn't going to leave either. Getting my cell phone out of my bag I tried dialing my parents number. To my surprise I didn't have signal. Walking around I tried finding someone who's head wouldn'tfall off. Looking around I saw a hotel with the lights on. Getting inside I saw a little girl crying on the corner. I went over to her and touched her on her shoulder. As soon as I touched her I felt the hairs on the back of my neck go up. The little girl took my arm and turned around. She looked at me. She was pale and her face was missing. Backing away quickly I ran out the door. Turning around I saw the little girl was running after me. She looked hungry. But not the hungry for a piece of bread or a cookie but for meat. And I was meat. Running towards the cab. I opened the door and got in. Locking the doors went to the drivers seat. The men wasn't there. Instead I saw a cute bunny. The bunny started to turn around towards me slowly. Once it was facing me I could see that his face had been bitten off. Slowly it started to hop towards me. When it reached me it started to bit into my flesh. I slammed it towards the window so many time that the window broke.The bunny was still alive to my surprise. "What is this? Zombie town," I said while I was looking around to see if the girl was there. I got out and started running towards the outskirts of town where the taxi had left me. Reaching a sign reading "Have a safe ride" I saw my worst nightmare. Remembering everything had had happened a few minutes ago I got a feeling that this town makes your worst nightmares come true.

** Ok so I am only going to post a little piece and see how people like this. If I get at least5 reads than I will post the second part as ch2. Feel free to comment.**

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