Love Comes Slowly(On Hold)

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Rosa Exandria DeJesus aka Red had a great life. She's the star on her soccer team and a straight "A" student. One day while running late for class she "bumps lips" with her crush. Johnaton. From that point on things get weird. They a forced to marry and Johnaton's older brother starts developing feelings for Red. While they end up together or will Johnaton end up falling for her too.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Bumping Lips

Submitted: February 13, 2012

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Submitted: February 13, 2012



Red's POV

\"Watch it,\"some yelled from behind as Iran to my class which was at the opposite side of the school.Yea i was late as always. I was trying not to bump into anyone which was working pretty good for me until iturned the corner. Falling on top of someone and \"bumping lips.\" I opened my eyes and saw that it was Jonathon.I had a huge crush on him since I entered high school. He was in tenth grade and was the hottest guy in school. He playedsoccer like me. I was still processing what just had happened when he pushed me off of him. I just sat there looking at himas he got up. \"What the heck? Cant you watch where you're going and uh that was nasty!\". I was about to walk away whenI noticed there was a whole group of people already around us. Instead of running i imagined myself saying \"Don't you talk tome that way you jerk. At least I'm more polite than you could ever be.\" But not having the guts to say it to his face I justsaid sorry and walked away. I was about two ft away when he screamed,\"Hey! Get back here, I'm not done talking to you!\" I tried ignoring him like i hadn'theard him. Just as i was about to turn another corner I felt someone grab my wrist and pull me around. I yelled at whoever itwas to stop cause he was hurting me. When i saw who it was. I tried to pull away but he just gripped harder.So instead I just asked what he wanted.\" Well first of all i want a new shirt since you spilt your soda on mine and secondI want to know your name. As soon as he said he wanted to know my name I started imagining why he wanted to know. Maybe he wanted to ask me to be his girlfriend ormaybe he was going to ask me to marry him. I wasn't sure weather to tell him or not. Coming back from my daydream i said I would buyhim a new shirt and then asked, \"why do you want to know my name?\" And as i had assumed, he didn't want to marry me nor did he want to ask meto be his girlfriend. Instead he wanted to report me to the headmaster for running in the corridors and kissing him.Not wanting to tell him i went for the oldest trick in the book. \"OMG is that your the headmaster?\" I asked not trying to laugh, whichconvinced him since he turned his whole body to see. I made a run for it as soon as i could. Not looking back i went to class.
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Once school was over i made sure not to bump into Jonathon.\"Red!\" Some one yelled from behind. As soon as i heard my name,I started to hope it wasn't him. When i turned I was glad to see my best friends. Smiling back at them i walked to them. \"Sowho you running away from?\"asked Veronica. Veronica was tall with a great body that made every guy turn to admire her. She hadcreamy dark brown eyes that made you want to stare at them forever. Her hair was naturally wavy and dark brown which made her look even better.She didn't only have the looks but also the smarts. She was a straight \"A\" student. \"Yeah, de quiene corres, Who you running from?asked Lucero. Lucero wasn't your average good looking girl. She had the talent too. She was artistic, good looking and also a straight \"A\" student. If she wasn't focusing on school stuff she was drawing, I had never seen her go out with guys so I don't think she had a boyfriend, but she did have a lot of suitors. She wasn't as tall as Veronica. She had long brown hair. Just imagine Rapunzel in a Mexican version but with hair that retched to her butt.\"No, I bet she was trying to ditch us,\" replied Yareth. Yareth was like Lucero's twin except Yareth was more white than Lucero. \"Or she got in trouble again,\" I heard someone say from behind me. I turned only to see my ex. Brandon. \"So Red want to get back together?\" \"O heck NO,\" i screamed back at him. Ignoring him I turned my back to him. \"Lets go, I don'twant to stay here any longer,\" I told my friends storming off. I wasn't in the mood to talk to him.
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Getting off my bike I went to the noddle shop that was around the corner before getting to my house. \"Hey Tom. How you been?\" I asked the store owner. He was like a father to me. He had been taking care of me after school when i was little.\"Good. Hows school, Red?\" \"Same old, same old.\" I said. \"Well I better go. Bye.\" \"See you tomorrow.\" Just as i turned to go home i felt a hand grab me and pull me to an alley. Looking up in horror i was about to scream. The person i least wanted to see was standing in front of me blocking my way to leave. Fighting to get free I told him' \"Back off, I want to leave.\" \"Why do you think I would do that after you made me look like a fool in school.\"he said in his sexy mexican accent. \"Jonathon, let go off me before i scream.\" \"No you still haven't told me what your name is and you haven't given me a new shirt.\" \"I'll give it to you tomorrow, now back off! I said i was sorry now let me go!\" \"Heck no. I cant trust you anymore so tell me twhat your name is and I'll let you go. With hesitation I said,\"my name is Red. Happy!?\" I asked. Letting me lose he walked away not looking back at me. I was glad I had been able to talk tohim since he was my crush but I didn't want it to be like this. Getting to my bike I rode home with the scene that had just happened. If it hadn't been for me being piss off at him I would have noticied that his eyes were a like the ocean. Blue and to me when he was furious his eyes looked like they were an ocean in a thunderstorm.

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