Magic Ark

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magic, the more you think you see ,the less you do.
Tessa monroe is a magician and preparing for her grand trick,
whatever it is it has to be from long ago,
sharm is Tessa's rivarly
William is a cop for the CSI
Tessa's trick:always be the smartest in the room.
Tessa is caught by Will but Will lets her escape. entranced by her beaty he fails and falls for her tricks.
BEWARE:now you see me , now you don't

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Magic Ark (Edited and Revised)

Submitted: December 11, 2012

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Submitted: December 11, 2012



SNAP!!! Tessa's fingers click and with a gust of smoke the man in the audience who volunteered is gone. Someone (dressed in a cop's uniform) rose to his feet with urgency, hand at his belt gun ready.everyone stared at him. Tessa looked at him questionatly and said; "would you like to come up on stage sir?" he looked at her and asked "what happened to the man who voluntered before" She chuckled and snapped her fingers again. The man suddenly appeared with another large amount of smoke and laughed "I felt as if I was flying into a cloud of happinees then it exploded and all that was left was my bones " he said looking dreamily into the back of the room. Tessa shook his hand and he was lead away to his seat by one of Tessa's helpers. Tessa yelled over the audience's roar and shouted "FOR MY NEXT ACT I WILL CUT A HUMAN IN HALF" she pointed to Will and said "how about you darling? would you like to be cut in half?" I made my way to the stage and stood there for a moment before Tessa lead Will towards the silver decorated table on the stage and told him to lay down. First I pointed my conscience towards Tessa, then Will,then I channeled my energy towards the table. Tessa brought a long saw and she smiled at it and said."don't worry darling this won't hurt a bit " she looked at the saw, then at Will as if studying her angle she smiled creepily and  hacked away. Blood spattered everywhere. I got up from my seat in the audience and marched up the steps to Will silencing him as he tried to scream.

For this was a magic trick but not one Will and the audience were expecting. to the crowd it just looked like will being cut in half with no blood gushing or raw screams of terror. I quickly shut the curtains when Tessa was finished and told one of her helpers to wheel Wills body away. I morphed form and turned into Will. Tessa nodded and pulled up the curtains once more. the crowd screamed as Tessa shook my hand as if I was Will (as to the audience I was Will) and one of her helpers lead me out the door of the theater and into the back door of the stage. I quickly changed back into my original form and stared at Wills body. I snapped my fingers and his body disenagrated. I watched from behind stage as Tessa finished the show and bowed.Tessa ducked under the corner and smiled "another job done well Ms.Green" she said Playfully twirling her hair. I nodded and started towards the door. "Ms.Green do wait for me!" Tessa called. I sighed impatiently and waited for Tessa at the door. She packed up her headress and violently shook the glitter out of her hair. "Okay, lets go" she said walking out the door.


Rain splashed on the paved streets of London.My footsteps arose masive waves of water o to my leather shoes I sighed unhappily another pair ruined.The smell of fresh bread and tea flooded my senses I smiled and rushed toward the Bakrye .I heard the familair ring of the welcome bell as I entered."Hello miss,what can I get you" Just a small loaf of  yeast bread please". the memories of last nights performance haunted my mind. William was taken care of, I knew I should feel relieved that he and the others where of our tail for now, but I coudn`t stop thinking about William.

"Miss your bread!" said the Lady holding out the loaf "thank you sorry, I was day dreaming". The woman nodded understandingly and smiled "Thinking about a boy are you?" I walked out the door hurriedly without answering her. It was rude I know, but thinking of Will made me shudder. a job well done Tessa had said.

Outside it had stopped raining and the temperature had dropped several degrees. Hugging myself with my coat I hurried up the street towards Tessa`s house. I knocked on her door waiting for her answer.Tessa`s unwelcoming stare rested on me before she gestured for me to come inside. "what do you need Ms.Green?" she said "Tessa,don`t you think YOU should be worried about the police I said gently shutting the door behind me" "no, you`ll protect me" said Tessa fingering the locket on her neck "I won`t always be there though, you shouldn't be so reliant" Tessa rolled her eyes and said "Oh I'm sure you will be there". I turned and marched out of the townhouse, profound at Tessa's overconfindence. Maybe I should leave her I thought. Tessa wasn't going to rely on me any longer if she had someone else to protect her. Someone who also had magical capabilities


I opened the rusty door of the cafe and drank in all the aura swimming from people sitting in the slightly damaged couches and chairs of the cafe. I looked around at all the people drinking there morning coffee and smiled. The aura that swam off them filled me with tranquility and peace.

I walked up to the counter and ordered a cup of tea. "Haven't I seen you before?" I turned in surprise to see who it was. I stood face to face with William. I dropped my wet umbrella to the floor with alarming thunk spooking nearby  cafe patrons."Will...William" I studdered opening and closing my mouth like a fish out of water. "No, I'm his brother James we do look alike though" I gave him a closer look to see he did not look as similiar as I'd thought. He was taller and had dirty blonde hair instead of brown but the body shape and eye color were the same."Oh, thank god" I said holding my hand to my chest. "What? did Will get himself in a bit of trouble while I was away?" said James smiling fondly "you could say that" I replied. "why? what happened to him?" " haven't heard he...he's dead" I whispered. a tear streaming down my face.  "What!!!!" exclaimed James."yes, hes dead, he...he got intoxicated after one of the magic show's downtown and then fell into the river...and drowned" I said. "But how?"  he said "Will isn't one to get drunk often and not be responsible about it" said James sitting down exasperatingly  "it was an accident" I said trying to hide my dishonesty. "deary! your tea" said the woman at the counter. "Thank you" I say before putting a five dollar bill in her palm then rushing outside to avoid having to say anything else to James. "Hey wait" called James from behind me. I shuffled down the street quickly picking up speed.

My heels were a pain to run in so I took them off Shoes in one hand tea in the other. Many people stopped to stare at me as I ran down the street and  looking in wonder as James came crashing after me. I forced myself to slow down and I walked into the nearest shop. I put a veil of invisibility on myself crossing my fingers that James would not follow. unfortunatly he did just that. "James saw right through the veil and said breathlessly; "" I gave him a blank stare as he said this and tried the magic again, Still he saw me. people passed by us and giving him strange looks as he pant-talked to air. some person asked if he was alright and he nodded. "how can people not see you?" he said. I shook my head and took the veil off. "this is impossible" I muttered. "What is?" he asked becoming more and more confused. "You can see me?". James nodded and touched me on the shoulder "I can see, hear, and touch you" he said. I trotted out of the store and James followed. I scribbled down a note and handed it to him. "This is my address meet me there at 3:00 pm tommorrow and I will explain". James took the note and watched as I walked back to my Flat. "Wait!" said James. "Yes? What is it?". "bye" It seemed like he wanted to say more but couldn't find the right words. I waved goodbye and continued walking. Something about him was hard to explain but I liked it.




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