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give me your hand! says the user reaching out to me. No I say,I am not going to. Give me your hand !! she repeats . again i decline.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Network

Submitted: September 13, 2012

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Submitted: September 13, 2012



Stars shine brightly on the roof of my Blox. Calling me to join them in the heavens. I reached up to to touch them but felt the glass ceiling of my bedroom. Angrily I through a vase of flowers at the stars the flower vase did even reach above my head, an arm reached out and grabbed it before my whole roof shattered raining glass shards onto me. "Careful Miss Lorex, You will hurt yourself" said the flat tone of the computer program. Why did I let Chrisslyalynxe convince to download it, it was totally unhappy-making. "Bring me Tailiska's program please" I shouted at the computer. "Do not yell Miss Lorex, you will strain your vocal chords" I stood up and screamed at the top of my lungs. The computer repeately told me to shut-up but the shouting continued. I fell quiet because my throat was starting to burn and partly I didn't want the computer worry (if robots even worried at all I didn't kow). " Show me Tailiska's program" I said again. Tailiska's face appeared on the screen her arms wrapped around another guy having a total makeout session. "Lissy, your BFF is here" I said waving my arms. "Oh heya Serin, Whats up" she replied no longer paying any attention to the boy in the backround. " wanna go with me and Arskiania to the Plasa Park Party tommorow" I said pointing to my invatation. "WOAH, you got an invite" She gasped "yeah, I wanna go what time"? "fifteen, wear your best" I said winking "also no baggage tonight, don't want any jealous boyfriends ruining our time there". Tailiska blushed underneath her heavy layer of makeup. "Oh, hey girls" said a sarcastic voice behind me. I quickly switched off Tailiska's program and turned to face Alyx. Crossing my arms I waited for him to say more then blushing I wondered how long he had been standing there listening to me talk about jealous boyfriends. "yes what do need". "I was wondering if you would go with me to the Plaza Park Party" he said blankly. staring at the ceiling stars on my roof and the fallen flower vase. Without saying anything he picked up the flowers and vase and set them on my bedside table. "But then I thought you might have been going with someonelse..." he trailed off turning back to door. "Alyx wait, I'll go with you" I said grabbing his arm. He flinched at my touch but didn't pull away. "Pick me up at fourteen, dress nice" I murmered letting go of him.

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