Dream Another Life

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So... I have weird dreams. Thought they'd make an interesting story. So here ya go.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dream Another Life

Submitted: August 31, 2010

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Submitted: August 31, 2010



Chapter 1
Colors ran across, and disappeared every few seconds, leaving the night sky to no sleep. My best friend stayed close to my side as we ran down the vacant street. An older woman was following us, asking questions, but she didn't sit right with my nerves. I gave some lame metaphore for an excuse, but really, I had no idea what I was saying. In fact, I had no idea how I'd got there. Part of me was aware I was dreaming, but I was rooted in my sleeping position. Scanning the area, all I saw were houses and mailboxes. It was just a regular neighborhood. Why were we here? Instinct took over, and I ran to open land. Two, muscular, and tall men ran out from the side of a nearby house. Death, hungry in their eyes, they freightened me. Somehow I reacted quickly, grabbed my friend's arm, and we ran as fast as our thin, athletic legs would carry us.
No matter how fast we ran, they were faster. At some point, I'd lost my grip on my friend's arm, and she was behind me, fighting one of the two guys. The biggest was after me ; he pulled out a sharpened dagger and lunged. My mind was still in a ramble, so I could barely comprehend what was happening. I flew backwards in an attempt to miss his blow, but it was inevitable. The knife pierced my knee, only, I felt no pain. There wasn't time to feel it...my friend was in trouble. I'm a protective person when it comes to friends, so this pissed me off.
"No!!" I yelled. Flinging my hands out in a circular motion, it was as if I had control over air. A strong blast of wind, along with something like electricity, flew in the direction of my desperate friend. Her attacker looked up, just in time to meet his doom. With a look of horror on his face, he disappeared once the strange magick touched him. I gazed at my hands and the situation in front of me with utter confusion. How did I do that? Who were these people? I didn't even know what my best friend's name was. It was a Nightmare.

Abruptly, I sat up in bed; the events still vivid in my mind.There was a terrible ache in my right knee...the place I had been stabbed in my dream. Scratches and bruises surrounded my arms and thighs, when I had removed my blanket. Something was clearly wrong with my dreams. The clock said it was nine in the morning; Bonnie Jean probably wouldn't be up for another few hours, but waking her up from her beauty sleep didn't concern me at the moment. Quickly, and cautiously, I danced into some dark skinny jeans, a crimson t-shirt, threw my hair up into a spikey bun, and was out the door. Normally, I'd just run over to her house, but this time, I knew I couldn't run for ten minutes. I hobbled over to my forest green Jeep. As usual, Mr and Mrs. Walker were at work. I walked over to the flower patch, and picked up the largest rock. There, a shiny silver key laid. A half smile crept onto my face. In moments, I was in the familiar house. With the same silence as before, I ran up the stairs and down the hall to Bonnie Jean's room. She looked a mess. Her coffee brown hair was in knots, and the blankets were tossed every which way.
I feel sorry for her future husband.
"Bonnie Jean!" I called from just inside the doorway. Nothing. Not wanting to waste time, I glided over to her bed.
"Bonnie Jean!" I shook her. Obviously dreaming, she began to attack me, mumbling nonsense.
"Noo..don't tell....stop...noo.." she mumbled. Lightly, so as not to piss her off even more, I slapped her cheek.
"Wake up!!!" I said loudly in her face.
"Whaaa?!" Bonnie Jean flew upright, searching for the source that both woke her up, and slapped her. Tired still in her eyes, she looked at me. Surprisingly, she wasn't shocked I had got into her house without any assistance.
"We might have some issues."
"Yes, we might... Why the hell are you in my house at," she glanced at her alarm clock, "nine thirty in the morning?"
"Because of these," I showed her my arms with the various cuts. Her green eyes went wide.
"Whoa!" she was more awake now. Carefully, she took my arms in her hands and examined the damage.
"What did you do? Get in a fight with a wild cat?" she joked.
"I wish..."
"What happened?" concern filled her eyes.
"Dreams. Only this time they got more real."
Bonnie Jean got out of her messed up bed and walked over to her dresser. The last drawer, she left for magick items. She pulled out a thick, leather book and headed downstairs. We met in the large kitchen. Bonnie Jean got out a yellow candle, some frankincense oil, and a bowl of water. I sat at the island and watched her get prepared for the spell. She lit the candle and sat it in front of me. Two drops of frankincense was added to the water, and was mixed. My friend sat across from me and rubbed the water on my wounds.
"By the power of the Gods and Goddesses, I beg of thee, heal Haydee from her wounds and make her better. Help Haydee feel the love of our Goddess high above. Let her feel safe at night as she heals fast as light. By the power of three times three. So mote it be," Bonnie Jean spoke in a calm, even tone.

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