Gifted With a Curse

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Just another one of my stupid ideas.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Gifted With a Curse

Submitted: November 08, 2009

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Submitted: November 08, 2009



My sister and I are not like other people. Some would call us gifted, others would call us cursed. I don't know what we are exactly, but I do know that we have to stay hidden or be killed. It all started a hundred years ago, in 1910. The government was hiding something and going around towns, searching for people...

I was upstairs in my room. Most of my spare time was spent up here, because no one bothered me. Suddenly I heard a bnag from downstairs. Quickly, I ran down the stairs; holding my dress up so as not to trip. Two men in uniform stood in front of the door. Their faces refelcted statues; emotionless.
"What is your business here?" My father asked. There was no answer, just a blinding light and then a hard force knocked into my stomach. I was flung against the wall. Screams came from my sister, and when I could finally see again, she was on the floor too. I stretched out my hand in her direction.
"Lila," I called. She turned her head and stared at me with big, aquamarine eyes.
"Isabella," Lila whispered.
"Are you alright?" I asked, crawling towards her.
"I'm alright. What's going on?"
"I don't know. Where'd father go?" I ask, looking around the empty room. Lila looked at me, confused as I was. The two of us got up and walked outside, onto the porch. In the distance, the sun began to set. We had no intention of sleeping though. I started to walk, but immediatley grabbed my side.
"Isabella, what's wrong?" Lila asked worriedly.
"Nothing, I'm fine. Just a sore spot."
"What shall we do now?"
"I'm not quite sure...go find out what's happening?" I suggested. Lila nodded and we walked down the road, towards the sun...

Abruptly, I woke to an annoying buzz. I groaned and slapped the snooze button. At least, that was my intention. Instead, when my fingers touched the little green box, it exploded.
"Crap, not another one," I complained. I got dressed into some skinny jeans and a purple t-shirt with a white skull on it. My sister was eating cereal when I arrived in the kitchen, "I'm starting to really hate technology."
"You shocked your alarm to pieces again, didn't you?"
"Yeah. You know, you really should start waking me up yourself."
"Ha, and have you surprise electricute me? No thanks," Lila said.
"Oh, you could redirect it if that happened," I argued.
We ate the rest of breakfast in tired silence. Then seven a.m. rolled around and we were forced to go to school. The silver, tiny car zoomed down the narrow road. Lila wasn't paying much attention to her driving. She was lazy and didn't bother having her hands on the wheel.

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