One Direction Kills

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My Novel is just about how These two girls find Carly Rae Jespen and get an autograph when the next day some magical things happen where they meet other celbrities because their transported to Hollywood.But I didnt write it all its a figure it out ending so you can decide what twist and turns happen.And trust me I will write more pulished and edited stories later.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - One Direction Kills

Submitted: September 24, 2012

Reads: 278

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Submitted: September 24, 2012



“If I was your boyfriend,I’d never let you go.Keep you ‘round my arm, girl, you’d never be alone.I could be a……”Jessica had kept singing in her terribly squeaky voice.You could hear the silent whispers about her performance the whole time.After five horrible minutes her voice had silenced from the crowd of fake hoorays and clapping.”Oh my gosh ,Arianna, I almost died out there”whispered Chiara trying not to let her stalker like sense hear what they were saying.”I know she is like the biggest Justin Bieber fan I have ever seen”I silently said even though I didn’t care if she had heard.”I heard what you just said.”We knew it was Jessica the second we heard that crack in that voice.”Is there a problem with me liking him”Before me and Chiara could say a word we heard shouts of the other 7th graders saying Yes.She gave a look of disgust at us and stomped off in a stampede of anger.”Sorry for telling the truth”I whispered to Chiara. We had both laughed from the honest words I had said.”Lets go to my house now.””Ok”We walked off back to my house.”Oh my gosh,I think thats her.”Chiara screamed.”Who? Where?”I shouted anxiously.”Right ahead on the right side.I think its Carly Rae Jespen!””Chiara I think your dreaming again.”I said.But then after awhile I started to hear somebody singing Call me Maybe.”No way.It can’t be. Chiara,we live in Brewer, Maine who’s seriously going to be up here.Maybe some country singer.But thats it.”I said.Then I looked ahead and I almost screamed from shock.That can’t be her.But when I saw the black bangs and medium layered hair straightened like a book cover I knew that was her just  by looking at her hair.She looked like she just came back from her concert.I looked over at Chiara. She was still in shock I could tell by the look on her face. Then the queerest site ever but I can still imagine happening was Abby was right beside her talking to her and trying to get an autograph.Carly had looked bothered by her but I still couldn’t help but ask Chiara”Why don’t we try and get her au…”I couldn’t even finish when she interrupted with a screech that could be heard over the city.”Well obviously.What idiot wouldn’t”Chiara quickly said with an interruption.”Lets go.”I said.We nearly sprinted to get up to her because we didn’t want to look like total crazies.By the time we got their Abby was sprinting off.I instantly went up and said.”Hi.Where big fans of you and love your music.””Aw,thanks so let me guess just like that other girl you want an autograph too don’t you.”She said with a sigh.”Why is there a problem.Have you been signing all night?”I asked her.”Why are you up here anyway.”Chiara said.”I have been and I had a big concert at the Waterfront.”Carly had said sounding tired from all she had been doing.”Aw that stinks we should have gone up”I said to Chiara.”I know right it would have been way funner to listen to then Jessica’s stupid little performance about JB”Chiara said agreeably with me.”So here you go just like you wanted.”Carly said well handing it to us.”Thanks so much” me and Chiara said at the same time.”That was weird” she said to me.”I know”I said.”Well see you girls later”Carly yelled to us well we were walking away”Thanks for the autograph.”Chiara yelled to her as fast as possible.”Oh Crap!Its past curfew.We need to go now!”I Screamed.”Well lets go.”Chiara shouted to me when we started into a full out sprint towards my house.

The chitter chatter came out of my mothers mouth immediately telling me about how I was late and so on.”I know mom I told you I didn’t realize the time.I met a very famous person for a fact”I told her.”Still you made me me worried sick about you.”Mom said.I felt bad with Chiara in the background just listening and waiting to go upstairs to my room.”Ok.Lets go Chiara”I said as quickly as possible to get out of more talking about this subject.We ran up the stairs quickly and flung open the door and sprinted and hurried around to find some tacks and put it right on my wall with a grass green thumb tack.’I can’t believe that actually happened to us.”Chiara said to me still amazingly in shock.Their was a knock at the door.We rushed to go and get it down the stairs in a panic.I opened it up and there she was again Carly Rae Jespen.

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One Direction Kills

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