Hello my Name is Isabella Marie Swan and This is my Story

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This is the life and times of Isabella's biography

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Hello my Name is Isabella Marie Swan and This is my Story

Submitted: March 27, 2012

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Submitted: March 27, 2012



There was a knock on the door and Charlie Swan had gotten off the couch to see who was knocking at his front door. He opened the door and came face to face with an evil smirk from Victoria. She says,"Good bye." With nothing else to say she quickly lunges at him killing him quickly. Within the next 15 minuets she cleans up the blood and puts him in Bella's bed. Bella comes home from school and goes up to her room. The girl then pulls back her cover and sees her father dead in her bed. She screams out loud and says," Oh my god daddy no!" The girl cries until she runs out the house crying. She cries all the way to La Push. When she gets to La Push Beach she stumbles out the car crying for the loss of her father crying out," Daddy why." As she is crying for her loss she curls up in a ball and finally falls asleep.

Sam Uley's Pov

I walk along the beach thinking about how Emily and I can never have any children. My beautiful wife will never have the chance to experience the ways of giving birth to a baby. I smell a scent and it's not one I recognize either. Oh shoot that's Jacob Black's Bella Swan. My god what happened to her? It appears to me that she is some what sleeping but why is she on the beach asleep? As I casually make my way towards the sleeping girl I see that she has been through a lot.

Sam gently picks Bella up and walks towards Forks to drop her off at her home. When she finally does come around she recognizes she's back in Forks. She sees Sam Uley and he notices she's awake and says," Oh thank God you're awake Bella." She says," I can't go back home to Forks Sam." He looks at her closely and says," What happened?" Suddenly she remembers and says," Victoria killed Charlie and then placed him in my bed." After she gets through explaining what happened she starts crying knowing her daddy will never get a chance to see her walk across the stage, get married, and have children of her own.

Sam's Pov

Can she ever get a break from that red-headed bitch? Damn this shit is not looking any better. Now that red-headed bitch is going after people Bella loves. What next her mom dead? Oh but wait her mom already passed. She has no relatives left that are alive. Why can't that red-headed bitch go after the god-damn Cullens? They're the ones who fucked up so she needs to go after them. Maybe it won't be such a bad idea to let her stay with me and Emily. I can't wait to see the look on Emily's face when she finds out I adopted Bella. Emily loves Bella like a daughter, so that's what I am gonna do for my love.

After Sam signed some papers he was finally the father he always wanted to be, even if it meant that Bella was about to graduate from high school soon. He drove himself and Bella back to La Push. On the way back to La Push Bella had fallen asleep once more in the car. They finally made it to the house and pulled up in the driveway. The pack was outside and even Emily was too. When Jacob saw Bella he tried to go over to her but Sam growled and said in a quiet voice," Be quiet or you'll wake her up and I don't want her woken up because she's had a hectic day so leave her alone for right now." Paul being the smart ass said," Why the fuck are you holding the fucking leech lover anyway Sam?" He whispered to Embry," Can you hold Bella real quick for me Embry please?" Embry held Bella while Sam marched up to Paul and decked Paul straight in the face and said," Don't ever let me hear you call her that again Paul or else you will be put on a month's patrol."

Leah being the bitch she was said," Why the fuck can't we call that bitch a fucking leech-lover Samuel Joshua - Levi Uley?" Her younger brother who was being smarter than both her and Paul said," Because she's been though a mess so respect Sam's wishes and stop acting like a bitch and stop calling Bella a bitch Leah Sarah Clearwater." Leah rolled her eyes and said," Ooooh I can't stand that stupid fucking leech lover bitch awwww who the fuck cares anyway? I can say it if I want to because Sam's not gonna do a damn thing about so here I go. Stupid fucking leech lover bitch. Stupid fucking leech lover bitch. Stupid fucking leech lover bitc-." Before she could finish calling Bella a bitch Kim had used Jared's fist and decked Leah in the face and said," Didn't you hear Sam and your brother Seth say stop calling Bella that Leah, god no wonder you're such a bitch."

Sam had just stepped by Seth and whispered in his ear about what happened and Seth's eyes grew wide and his face grew to anger and said," Well I just found out about something that's interesting that is dealing with Bella." Leah said," Awww who the hell cares about the stupid fucking leech lover bit--." Before she could finish her rant about Bella again this time Seth punched Leah.

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