I Gotta Go My Own way

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Learing from her ex fiance that he didn't love her anymore we watch as Leah Clearwater breaks down in pain more than ever. Her mother is not paying her any attention as she prepares for her niece Emily and Sam's wedding. Taking more pain Leah finds out she's pregnant with Sam's child along the way. While she is pregnant her new step-sister Isabella befriends her and they start to form a sisterly bond.Before any of the pack knew Leah was pregnant the two sisters run off. Years later the pack find out Leah was indeed pregnant.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - How did I get pregnant?

Submitted: November 30, 2012

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Submitted: November 30, 2012



Leah Clearwater looked at the clock and decided she had enough of the pack insulting her with thoughts and images playing through their head of Sam and Emily. She phased back into her human form and quickly pulled up her sundress.With a sigh she walked towards her house and opened the front door. Finally the she-wolf noticed that the pack was in her living room eating what her step sister Bella made for her. She glared and said," You stupid asses ate my plates of food Bella made for me you dumb asses." They looked her up and down until Paul sneered saying," Who cares what the leech lovercooked for you it's eaten up so get over it bitch!" She lets out a scream and finally had enough and said," Get out!" They all left but before they left Quil said," Man Leah you don't have to be a bitch about it." Once everybody left her mother frowned at her and Leah said," What?" Her mother said," You should have made you something else Leah." Her daughter said, " But Bella made those plates for me mom." Sue said," You know you have to go to Sam and Emily's wedding don't you?" Leah said," Yes I know I have to go to the wedding." Her mother said," Don't mess up the wedding with one of your schemes Leah Anne Clearwater."

When her mother leaves the room Bella comes in and says," Hey Lee-Lee what's up sis?" Leah looks up at her step sister and says," Mom's making me go to the wedding." Bella said," That's not fair you didn't ask to go come on Lee- Lee let's leave Washington all together, who cares about that damn wedding, besides they'll be fine without you besides, Jacob has his imprint Angela Webber anyway so it's safe to say we both got dumped by men we loved, so I say fuck em all Lee and let's get this shit started." Leah said," Okay Hells Bells let's get rollin girl-friend, hey I like you better than that witch of a bitch who's my ex cousin Emily." All of a sudden they hear a voice saying, " Ouch."

Leah and Bella stare at Kim Conner who is Jared's imprint and say," Hey Kim what's up?" Kim said," So it's true you guys are leaving without telling anyone Bells and Lee?" The two girls look crestfallen at their friend and say," Yeah Kim, it's about time we go besides the two of us aren't wanted here so we thought it's best for us to take our leave." Kim said," But who's gonna stop me from glaring at both those bitches Emily and Angela?" Leah smiled and said," I promise you both me and Bells will skype you everyday okay Kimmie?" Kim smiled and said," Okay Lee but I will miss you two so damn much."

The three girls pack and hang out for the remainder of the day as they reminsent on the things they got caught doing in their high school days. Bella pulled out a dress she wore to her father's wedding to Sue and said," Hey guys remember this dress?" Leah and Kim laugh and said," Oh yeah we remember that dress alright, Bells you had half the pack panting over you that day when they saw you in that dress heck even Sam." They finally got through packing so Bella ordered them some pizza and got some snacks and drinks out the kitchen. She went into the living room and got some dvds and some blankets and pillows too.When the pizza arrived Bella paid the guy and the guy looked at her and said," Hey aren't you Bella Swan?" She looked up and said," Holy crow is that you Nathaniel Reed?" He smiled and said," Yep and in the living flesh."

Leah said," I'll be right back okay Kim." So she went to the bathroom and took a pregnancy test and saw that it was positive and said," How did I get pregnant?"

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