It all started With Hello

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After Edward Cullen and Jacob Black left Bella, she has been nothing but miserable. So the young girl decides to take on a difficult challenge by moving from Seattle Washington Forks she decides to live out in sunny California. When fate couldn't get more real she bumps into an ex marine Logan Thibault while walking back to her apartment condo. Will love finally work for Bella or will it once again fail our favorite Bella?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - It all started With Hello

Submitted: April 18, 2012

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Submitted: April 18, 2012



Bella's Pov

*Sigh* I can't take it anymore. I just can't. I waited for Edward and finally gave up after realizing that he was never coming back for me so I started hanging out with Jacob and his friends Embry Call and Quil Ateara. I can't be picky but sometimes I still have dreams that Edward will come back for me. Well it is almost time to study for midterms, but Jake will study with me.

Bella walks downstairs with her backpack and school belongings and tells her father," Hey dad I'm going over to Jake's to study with him for midterms is that okay with you?" Charlie her father looks at his daughter smiles and says," That's fine sweetheart but promise me you will try to give him a chance okay Bells?" She smiles and says," Okay dad for you." He smiles and says," That's my girl." She laughs and gives her father a kiss on the cheek and says," Hey on my way back I will bring some food home ok dad?" Her father grins and says," Okay Bells I'll keep that in mind baby-girl." Without another word she walks out the front door and walks to her new car which is a sync. She gets in her car and drives off to La Push where her childhood bestfriend Jacob Black lives. Bella has not seen him in a while because he had got sick, that's what Billy Black his father said.

When Bella arrives at the Black's house she gets out her car and knocks timidly on the door and waits.The person who opens the door is Sam Uley and he says," What can I do for you Isabella?" She says," Well Sam I came here to study with Jake." Sam says," Bella I would really appreciate it if you never came back and disturbed the Black's because they do not want anything to do with you." Bella says," Okay well just in case that did happen will you give Billy his envelope and Jacob his envelope please that's all I ask you Sam." He says," Alright I will gladly give them their envelope. " She then says," Well when you do talk to them can you tell them I said good bye also." He nods his head and says," Have a good day Bella." The door closes and she walks off the Black's porch back to her car with tears coming down her face thinking to herself: How could Jake even love me when he doesn't know that I finally gave up Edward.

Bella's Pov

I even took the time out and started dressing special for him. I gave him hints and this is how he repays me. Now I am glad I never attempted to do anything extreme. I guess I will go to Sue's DIner and get me and dad something to eat.

Bella arrives at the diner and orders her and Charlie's dinner for that night. When Sue writes down the order Bella sits down and looks around the diner and finally sees Jacob, but he is not alone. She can see he is with Jared, Paul, Embry, Sam, Seth, Leah,Quil, Claire, Emily, Kim, Collin, and Brady. Once she sees Jacob she immediately feels heartbroken. Sue then says," Bella your order is ready sweetie." Bella pays the bill and says," Oh wait before I go let me take your picture, because I might need it oneday." Sue says," Okay hun." Bella takes the picture and says," If you don't see me at my house oneday please look after my dad for me?" The older woman says," Of course I will." Bella then walks off towards her car and starts the car up and drives home.

Charlie hears Bella's car pull up in the drive-way and looks out the window and sees his only child with a broken heart. Her father says." So did you talk to Jake?" Bella said," Daddy, I am sorry I failed you daddy I tried but Sam Uley told me never to talk to Jake again." Charlie said," Aww honey I didn't know that come on in so we can eat dinner ok Bells?" She says," Okay daddy thank you for understanding and believing me when I said that." The girl's father said," Bella I have a surprise for you baby-girl." She says," Really dad you do?" He says," Yep." She says," What is it?" Charlie says," Well sweetheart it just happens to be some keys to a apartment beach condo just for you and in that apartment condo garage is a newly bought car."

Bella thanks her father and says," That is the best gift ever thanks daddy I really appreciate it." He gives her the key which is customly shaped into a heart but the actual key to the apartment beach condo. Bella says," Well dad I am going to go study for my midterm which is tomorrow but I have been actually studying for it for like the last couple of weeks. He says," You are gonna do well baby-girl don't doubt yourself ok?" She shakes her head ok and gives her dad a kiss on the cheek and says," If I am asleep before you get upstairs daddy then good night and I love you." He says," Ok darlin and I love you too."

Charlie's Pov

I can't believe my baby-girl has grown up so fast and without me being there to protect her from boys, especially protecting her from that Edwin boy. I never did trust her boyfriend Edward Cullen from the moment she introduced him to me. I feel so bad that Jacob Black is ignoring my little girl but she really told me she loves Jake and she is really over that Edward kid. Thank God she is over that family because his whole entirely family went and screwed my little girl up. Especially her friend Alice. I thought that Alice really loved my daughter as a friend, but instead of treating my baby like a friend all Alice did was treat my baby like a barbie doll and force my little one to do things she did not even like doing. That family has no idea I know they let my daughter get hurt by a deranged and psycho vampire and his bitch.

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