Look For The Girl With The Broken Smile

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Lani Amiyah Coleman is a girl who lives an ordinary life until she decides she wants to go live with her father.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Look For The Girl With The Broken Smile

Submitted: January 03, 2013

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Submitted: January 03, 2013



Lani Amiyah Coleman had looked at her mother one last time before explaining why it was such a good idea to return to Laurel Mountain Oregon where her father Levi Coleman. Her mother Elsee said," Lani sweetheart are you sure you want to live with your father?" Her daughter said," Mom I already said I wanted to go live with dad so can we drop it already please?" The girl's mother said," Okay sweetie do you still need to go to the mall and get some new clothing?" Lani said," Now you're speaking my language mom." Both mother and daughter were getting ready to go to the mall but her step father saw them both and said," Hey wait I have something to give to you baby-girl so can you guys wait a minuet."

Lani said," Okay dad what is so important that you have to ask me and mom to wait for because we are on a tight schedule." Her step father Adrian Martinez said," I bought you a car so you don't have to buy one once you arrive in Oregon okay darling." Lani said," A car ooh daddy what kind of a car?" Adrian said," It's a 2013 SRT Viper sweetie and I got you a ducati." Lani said," What color?" The step-father said," The color is black and it's sleek so you're all set to go." Lani hugged her step father and said," Thank you daddy." Her mother said," Lani Amiyah Coleman let's go."

Off the mother and daughter went to the mall. The first store they stopped at was Victoria's Secret and Lani said," Mom do I really need stuff from here?" Her mother said," Yes you do so don't argue with me besides what if you meet you a sexy guy and he decides he wants you to himself you're gonna need some sexy attire for those special nights." Lani said," Mom why the heck are you talking to me about sex?" Her mother laughed and said," Okay why don't I go and buy our items and I will meet you in the next store okay Lani?" Her daughter quickly ran out the store and into the next store which was the apple store.

Once Lani was in the apple store she purchased a brand new lap top and printer. Her mother arrived in the store and said," You got what you needed from out of here already?" Lani said," Yeah I did so let's go to the phone store next door so I can buy me a new one okay mom?" Elsee followed her daugther from the apple store into the phone store. Lani said," Do I need anymore electronics mom?" Her mother said,"Yes you need a ipad/tablet and an ipod touch and a new phone." Lani said," Thanks mom I'm gonna go and purchase them right now." The whole proccedure took like 45 minuets and they were on their way to the next store until Lani said," Let's stop and get something to eat mom please?" The girl's mother said," Okay sweetie."

Once they were buy some food places Elsee said," Do you wanna eat at Red Robin's or Johnny Rocket's or Inn-and-Out?" Lani said," I am really craving for some Johnny Rocket's." Her mother said," Good choice because I was craving for some Johnny Rockett's." They made their way to the resturant and were immediately seated. Both of them ordered the American Classic combo and they were soon full, so they made their way to the next store which was Charlotte Russe`. From in the store Lani picked out several cute long sleeved shirts and some dresses. Her mother of course paid but Lani said she was going to pay at the Hollister store. When they were in Hollister she picked out lots of skinny jeans and tanktops and shorts and pull over hoodies.

Elsee said," Hey do you wanna get your hair and nails done before leaving Arizona?" Lani said," It won't hurt to do that besides I don't have to get a tan because I am already tan from this summer so I am cool on the tan thing." Her mother laughed and said," You and your father are almost the same honey." Lani said," How are me and dad the same?" Elsee said," When I met him he was this handsome guy I wanted to meet but honey you were already tan besides you got that from your father."

Lani said," Mom I love you and I just wanted to say thank you for being there for me all these years and since I was born." Her mother felt tears come down her face and said," Oh sweetie you always did have a kind heart, oh enough of this let's go get your hair and nails done already before your trip back to Oregon."

Once they were done with their shopping they made it back to the house in once piece. When they got to the house her step father said," Well kiddo your mom and I will miss you loads oh and I have a few more surprises before you go." Lani said," What are they daddy?" Adrian chuckled and said," Well I have a unlimited black credit card for you along with an apartment for when you graduate from high school so you don't have to live in those dorm rooms on campus for college and I got your air plane ticket moved up for first class since the flight's tommorrrow." Lani said," Awwww thanks mom and dad I love you guys and you guys are the best parents a girl like me could ever have."

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