The Best of Me and Then Love Found Me

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Na'imah Woods is a girl that is misunderstood and taken advantaged of by her family except by her brother Will who went to the Army. Oneday when Na'imah was talking to her brother he grabs her and takes her back to Texas. When they get to Texas Will enrolls her into the local high school. Oneday in class Na'imah is given an assignment to write to a army soldier who is in the Red River Army Depot. Her secret admierer who writes back to her in the letter enagage in a friendly friendship thus with them still writing to one another which turns into love.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Best of Me and Then Love Found Me

Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013



Na'imah watched as she saw her family leave her in the house once more as they went out on a family outing. It's been that way since her brother Will left for the army. She knew in her heart that if he found out that his little sister been neglected once more since their birth mother passed away he was going to take her away from their father and his new wife and kids. So being as the negelected child as she once is she gets up and locks her door and turns on her laptop to video chat with her brother Will. Immediately her brother said," So where's dad and Lydia and the kids at Na'imah?" Quickly she says," Oh they went out on a family outing Will."

Will said," They left you again to fend for yourself Na'imah?" Before she could come up with a lie, Will said," That's  it!" Na'imah blinked and said,"What did I do wrong?" Her brother said," Sis you didn't do nothing wrong, it was our worthless father who did it." Na'imah got scared and said," Please don't yell at me, I'm sorry." When Will heard his baby sister cry out he said," Imah what's wrong baby-girl?" Na'imah sniffled and said," After some months or so after you left to join the army daddy hit me with a belt and locked me in a basement and didn't feed me for a month."

Will's Pov

What the fish and cheese crackers did my sister just say? Did I just hear my baby sister say our dead beat father hit her and locked her in the basement leaving her to starve for a month? Oh heck to the naw. As soon as Commander Swan gets here I am taking a quick trip to Massachusetts I am grabbing Na'imah and she is coming back with me. Thank god when I got promoted they paid for me a loft with as many rooms as I wanted. I can't wait until I have legal guardianship of her, because she is all I have left.

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