The Secret that is yet to come for young Isa

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Basically young Isabella is faced with a challenge once Jacob Black tells her to leave La Push forever, so that pulls her into more of the supernatural world leading her to befriend a siren who is named Sariah

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Secret that is yet to come for young Isa

Submitted: February 22, 2012

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Submitted: February 22, 2012



The Secret that is yet to come for young Isa

Isabella’s POV

After Jake told me to leave La push and never come back I ran away from him in tears. I finally had told him I was in love with him but he did not care so here I am now on the cliffs crying my eyes out. Renee told me that Jake was not the right guy for me, I can’t believe she was right. I was ready to jump off the cliffs so I did. As I jumped off the cliff it felt so good and as I headed towards my death I smiled a victory smile as I hit the water.

Bella finally gasped for air as she came up from under water. A voice said,” What in the hell do you think you were doing?!” Isabella said,” Oh cliff diving oh I’m sorry hello my name is Isabella Swan but you can call me Bella or Isa.” The mysterious person said,” Oh ok I thought you were drowning by the way my name is Sariah.”

Sariah’s Pov

Isa is so beautiful but I can’t leave her human because blood is seeping from her hairline. I just hope after she is healed she won’t get too upset.

Bella said,” So what are you Sariah?” The young woman said,” Oh I am a mermaid siren that sort of thing.” Bella said,” Wow really that is so cool I only thought vampires existed.” Sariah said,” No there’s also shape shifter wolves, vampires, fairies, and gods and goddess.”

The young women were sitting down until Sariah said,” Isa I have to change you because you were injured, so you will be a siren and a seductress meaning you will be a mermaid.” Bella said,” Okay Sar I don’t mind.” Sariah bit Bella and Isabella said,” Wow I feel tingly.” So Sariah said,” Isa you better get home before your dad gets upset and let him know that you are not human ok?” The new siren seductress said,” Ok Sar I will see you in the morning love you sis.”

Charlie’s Pov

Oh god where’s Bells? My baby girl should not be out there because there’s a storm soon. Oh Bella wherever you are I hope you are safe sweetie. Bella just came into the house panting out of breath saying,” Dad *panting* I *panting* to tell you I am not human *panting* anymore I am so sorry daddy.” My baby is not human anymore oh well I still love her and she is still my baby Bells. She still looks like herself but more beautiful.

Bella went upstairs and showered and put on some dry clean clothes which were her silk peach pink Victoria secret pajamas. After her shower her hair was extra curly. She ran down stairs and said,” Dad what do you want for dinner?” He said,” How about some lasagna and garlic bread and some salad and some chocolate cake? She said,” Sounds good dad I’ll get started.” He said,” You’re a good daughter Bells I love you honey.” A tear slipped down her cheek and she said,” I love you too daddy.

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