Beast Unleashed

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Ciaren has been alone since it came to her. It destroyed her hopes and dreams and now she just tries to get along day after day. Until she saves Ethan from thugs one day. Can he help her learn to live with the beast that walks in her everyday or will it devour him like the rest? Can she be saved?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Saved

Submitted: August 08, 2012

Reads: 260

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Submitted: August 08, 2012



Ignore it. Don't look at them. Don't make eye contact. It's best that way. Anything else will cause some idiot's death.

There was cracking behind me, someone's bone. Wincing I stood there in the rain for a few seconds. I wouldn't turn around and make everything worse. It would be cruel. Whoever was getting beat wouldn't thank me, they'd run in fear of me and think that their luck just got even worse.

The sound of blood dripping made the thoughts disappear from my head. The smell, iron and salt, was sweet in my senses. My eyes slid shut and I turned towards the beat-down going on behind me. I would help the guy then run like the very hounds of hell were on my heals. Which would be a literal thing in my case.

When I opened my eyes I was standing behind the group beating the figure on the ground. They were so busy they didn't even notice me. I was a good predator, prey never saw me coming.

Breathing deeply, I found that the one on the ground was a guy and a young one at that. This angered me. He was little older than a child. That humans would harm their own children so easily always angered me.

They didn't know that great miracle children were to them. I had always wanted a child. For a long time I had even beleived I could have one. Those hopes along with so many others had been crushed a long time ago.


The thugs in front of me froze and fear permented the air. I didn't breath too deeply because fear makes it rise even faster than agression. My voice was deep for a woman when it was too close to the surface. I sounded like a brusier of a guy. I didn't talk often because of this. It freaked people out and they knew I wasn't normal.

The four in front of me finally worked up the courage to look at me.

And laughed when they saw me. I wasn't offended, I knew I looked to small and delicate to do anything. And if I was normal, they would be right. But I'm not and haven't been normal in a while. A long while.

"And what are you gonna do if we don't? Well, little bitch, what will you do?"

Little bitch? They had no idea how close to the truth that was.

It was ironic really that he called me that.


I had repeated myself, they were dead. If they hadn't heard or acknowledged the dominance and strength in my voice, they should have died a long time ago.

"Alright, we'll stop. With a little incentive. I'm sure you can figure out what we mean, little bitch."

I stepped forward just as the first one decided he was done waiting. He rushed towards me, telegraphing each and every move he was going to make. He would through a punch with his left hand first, then follow with a cuff from the right. He wouldn't do either.

As his hand came towards me, I stopped moving and let it come for my face. He only got within six inches of my face before he lost it. His screams ripped though the air as he realized I was holding his left hand between my elongated teeth. The rest of my body hadn't moved at all just my face.

He grabbed his gushing stump and sank to the ground wimpering and sobbing. Crybaby. It was just a lost hand. That's nothing compared to being tortured.

The next one was already heading towards me when he saw his buddy down on the ground. He faltered and looked at me, his eyes widening as he took in my face. I smelled urine as he pissed himself. Opening my mouth I dropped the mutilated hand and smiled, blood dripping from my teeth. He fainted.

Two down and two to go.

The last two had let the others go first and had gone back to kicking the form huddled on the ground. When they heard one scream and then a thud, Mr. Fainter, they turned towards me.

By now most of the blood had dripped down my face onto my black shirt, so my fangs full of blood couldn't make them faint like the other one. They looked at the two on the ground and then back at me.

"What the fuck are you?"

"Freakish moster that's what."

The two luaghed at each other's words, but it was nervous. I could smell the fear coming off them both. They were scared out of their minds but refused to back down. Morons. The one on the right flicked out his hand and I saw a flash of silver. The scent of slightly rusty steel wafted throughtout the fear drenched air.

The one on the left reached down and grabbed a bear bottle lying to the side. Grasping the neck, he snapped it against the dirty ground, shattering it and making it a knife-like weapon.

The two spread out, one on each side of me and started circling and slowly getting closer. I stayed where I was and watched them with some morbid amusement. The fact that the only time I feel much of anything is when I am fighting used to sadden me. Now, I felt almost nothing but a twinge. It had been so long since I had felt anything really that I stopped caring.


The two were close enough to me now to come at me with their repsective weapons. Looking up at the darkening sky, it was going to rain, I let them come. Mr. Knife stabbed at my right flank and Mr. Beer Bottle tried going for my head and neck on my left.

My hands snapped out and buried themselves where they were going to injure me on them. One in a stomach and another in a neck. They both flailed slightly, eyes widening in horror and then they both collasped.

I had shredded and artery on one and ripped out the guts on the other. They would only last about three minutes.

Shaking the blood from my hands, I started towards the figure on the ground. The sky opened up as I reached his side. He was in the fetal position, the better to protect his kill spots. Smart guy. He was covered in bruises and cuts. But he was alive, at least for now. Now that I was closer, I could catch his scent more easily. He smelled like meadows, spring rains and snow. He smelled like home. I shook my head, I shouldn't be smelling him, he was in pain.

"Little one, are you alright?"

My voice had returned to normal. Which was odd. Usually it took forever for my normal voice to come back once it got like that.

The man groaned and curled tighter.

"It's alright, your safe. They won't hurt you anymore."

His features twitched and he relaxed, I think. It was hard to tell with all the bruising and swelling.

"I am going to take you to a hospital, so just hold on alright."

"N-no hospital please."

His voice was soft and crackly. He must have gotten hit in the throat too. But why not go to a hospital when he was hurt?

"But you have to go-"

"NO, NO."

I smoothed his hair back from a cut on his forehead and murmured soft words until he quieted. It felt...nice. I hadn't been this close to anybody in a long time. Of course, if he was in his right mind, he wouldn't want me anywhere near him either.

"Okay then, no hospital. But I have to get you away alright. I am going to pick you up."

"Can't....girl. me?"

"Yes I can and I will explain later alright."


I gathered him up in my arms. He was bigger than I had first thought. I was about five foot five inches and he must have topped me by at least six inches. I put his height at six feet. His weight was nothing to me but he must be about 198. And it was muscle too. So how come he hadn't at least been able to take down some of his attackers?

He moaned and I realized he must have some broken bones. I shelved my inquiries for later asking and carefully pulled him closer. And then I ran.

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