Chapter 1: Prologue

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The first dream was back, the scariest of the same three he always had. They interchanged at random, so there was no pattern to them. They were dreams of the life of the same pair of twins.

I hadn't had this dream in a while so he thought it had disappeared from my subconscious. It was an endless dark plain with only a spot that had enough light to see. And in that spot, what happens is so bad the darkness was preferable. It was like a horror movie knowing what was coming but being unable to save anybody.

The twins were Nicholas, the oldest, and Lucas, the youngest. How I knew there names was a mystery. I was just an observer in the dream, so I had to watch and relive it over and over.

In the first scene, Lucas stood beneath a window looking up at Nicholas standing in the window.

''Brother, please come out and play,'' Lucas asked in his soft husky voice.

''Oh, go away, Lucas,'' Nicholas said with clear disgust in his harsh voice. Lucas flinched, whimpered and turned to go rejected yet again.

''I am sorry little brother, but one of us has to be trapped in this prison and I rather it be me, '' Nicholas said softly after his brother left, showing maturity far surpassing his eight years.

''Nicholas, Come Here Now,'' yelled their father.

''Yes, sir,'' He had answered immediately closing the window and coming.

Then the scene changes.

Lucas is running to talk to his brother through the window, he was late. He had stopped to pick him some flowers hoping that his brother would take them today. He runs around the corner to the window and there he saw it.

His brother lying in a pool of his own blood with the window open above him. Lucas ran to Nicholas and picked up his head.

''Brother, brother,'' he said shaking him violently.

''Nicholas,'' he screamed when his brother didn't respond.

It was the scream that brought the servants to him. They were responsible for the younger twin since the master wouldn't acknowledge him. What they saw had the younger servants screaming, fainting and vomiting horribly. The older servants burst into tears and went to get the master.

One of the older servants went to Lucas and were going to take the body away from him.

Lucas screamed and said, '' No, you will drain blood he does not need to lose,'' with a perfectly logical reason coming from a twelve-year-old.

''He is dead, boy,'' said old Magari, the gatekeeper.

He knew just how much Nicholas had meant to Lucas. Besides they were twins, so this would hurt a lot more.

''He was looking for me, I was late for our meeting time, and he was worried,'' Lucas said, his husky voice lower still, ''So, he tried climbing out the window, even though the master would punish him if he did, and he slipped and fell.''

''How do you know, Luc?,'' Magari asked using Nicholas's nickname for him.

''I can tell what he was thinking right before he died.'' Lucas replied in the same voice, so numb that he didn't get angry about anyone calling him the nickname that only Nicholas could call him.

His father came around the corner and saw Lucas holding the bloody body in his lap and fury flashed in his eyes.

''You killed him,'' He screamed with all his lung power, at Lucas, ''You killed my master piece, I knew you were trouble the minute you were born, why else would I keep you away from him?.''

''Master piece? Is that what he was to you?'' Lucas had asked in a soft but dangerous voice.

Magari rushed to explain what the master meant, but he cut him off and said, ''Of course, what else are you brats good for, otherwise you would have gone the same way as your whore of a mother.''

''Whore, huh,'' came the voice that was even softer than before. Lucas was angry, and if there is one thing that Magari had learned in his years of taking care of him, is that you don't want him angry.

Magari knew then that he wouldn't be able to stop Lucas from killing the master. He set down the rapidly cooling Nicholas in his arms and got up.

Now Lucas was only twelve years old and he still looked like he was eight. He was a very small boy, not undernourished just petite and slim. But Lucas was a force to be reckoned with when his brother and his mother were involved.

And this monster had just insulted both and even admitted to killing one of them while not caring that the other had just died.

He was as good as dead.

Lucas turned and started walking towards the river in the forest behind the giant house. He did this knowing his father would come after him and try to kill him. And he was right, his father did follow him and did try to kill him.

The keyword there is try.

None of the servants tried to stop them not even Magari. They knew what was coming, some thought that the master would kill Lucas, but Magari knew who would walk out of that forest victorious.

He knew that the only one coming out of that forest alive would be Lucas and that there would be two burials instead of one. One of course would be for Nicholas and the other, well that would be for the master.

No one who has ever seen Lucas's anger has lived to tell the tale about it, Magari did not even know what the boy did to the few that had dared anger him.

The boy always went somewhere secluded to do the deed, so there would be no witnesses, Magari had always thought.

But he didn't, I knew the truth because I saw and felt everything in the dreams.

Pain. Guilt.

Hatred. Anger.

I felt it all.

He did that so no one would know what it is that he did to them. That way no one would ever be able to defeat him, he kept his strength and his weaknesses a secret.

Lucas knew how to stay strong in this world, after all only two people had ever really loved him and now one was dead because of him. Even if he souldn't have to know, he knew how to survive.

He had already blamed himself for leaving Nicholas alone in that house with that man. The guilt there alone was enough to down a man. Even if Lucas had not known what was going on until about a few years ago.

He had let his brother become prisoner to that man and now because of him, his brother was dead. I saw Lucas look down at the blood-soaked and mangled flowers, a flash of pain tightened his features before smoothing over.

I could hear, no I could feel his thoughts as usual.

Well it looks like there is no way Nicholas can refuse my flowers now

''All right everybody let's go clean up master Nicholas,'' Magari said herding the servants away from their present master's future death place.

Lucas stopped walking; turned to him and nodded his head, silently thanking him for understanding, forgiving, and allowing him to do what needs to be done.

Magari and the servants came out about ten minutes later because the servants were worried and Magari figured Lucas would be done by now and it was safe.

He was right, he saw the masters body underneath the window, where Kyoki had fallen and died. The servants didn't comment and just removed that body to.

When Lucas came in about five minutes later, clean and dressed for the funeral arrangements. The servants asked him what they were going to say about his father's death Lucas just said. ''We just say that when he saw my brother's body he jumped out the window to, committing suicide because of his heart ache.

The servants nodded knowing that was very generous of him. ''Are you going to take over the business since the heir died and so did the master',' asked Magari, the only one brave enough to ask.

The servants drew in a breath suddenly afraid. Lucas looked at Magari and gave one nod. ''It is what Nicholas would want me to do so yes I will'' he replied.

Magari just nodded and went to get the things that he would need.

And the that is when I always wake up. That poor boy, I always thought, having to deal with his twin brother dying then seeing his father not care on top of finding out his father killed his mother.

Then the boy lost his temper big time and kill his father. He had a horrible life and then took up the business at twelve without knowing anything about it. It spoke of immense strength and courage.

I had always admired that in Lucas among other things. He was very cute and had that soul deep pain that made him so sweet and innocent.

I wished that Lucas was real because if he was then I would wait till Lucas was old enough then take him for myself. I chuckled and thought about all the girls at school that would be disappointed to find out I was into guys.

Submitted: May 12, 2012

© Copyright 2021 arisamorak. All rights reserved.


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