Another Failed Romance

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I started writing this story on Testriffic but i only put up about 2 chapters. But now i'm continuing it on here. Hope you like it!!!!

Mia is an average 17 year old girl, she's madly in love with her boyfriend Tyler, but what happens when she finally admits to her boyfriend that she slept with his worst enemy Xander (his ex best friend). And now her father is going off the deep end and blaming his unhappiness on her, which leads to abuse. What is Mia to do with her whole world crumbling down, is it finally going to turn out right, or is it just going to spiral out of control. Read and Find out:D

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Another Failed Romance

Submitted: April 14, 2010

Reads: 258

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Submitted: April 14, 2010



“Tyler,” Mia yelled and ran towards her boyfriend’s arms, “I’ve missed you so much,” she cried into his blue jacket.

“I’ve missed you too baby,” he soothed and kissed the top of her head.

“Tyler something happened while you were away,” she cried even harder.

“What is it baby?” he asked her hugging her tightly, “What’s wrong?”

Mia cried more into Tyler’s jacket not ever wanting to let him go. How could she tell him that she slept with Xander; she knew he would hate her forever because he hated Xander with a passion ever since Xander’s high school beat them in the soccer match last year and then punched Tyler in the face for slugging him in the game. But in the beginning it wasn’t like that both Xander and Tyler were good friends until Xander moved to the rival school and became Tyler’s main competitor in soccer, and also because Xander’s ex girlfriend Samantha dumped him for Tyler one summer and both guys have had it out since then.

“I’m so sorry Tyler I really am,” Mia wept and took a step back from Tyler hugging herself.

“Why are you so sorry babe,” he smiled, “It can’t be that bad,” he tried comforting her again but this time she brushed him off and looked down at the ground.

“Mia what’s going on?” he asked her confused by the way she was acting.  Tyler dropped his duffel bag to the ground to figure out why his girlfriend was acting like this, “Mia talk to me what’s wrong?”

At that moment Mia could hear a truck coming closer and closer she turned her head and saw the truck speed up and then come to a halt in front of the red brick house right in front of Tyler’s. She looked towards the house and saw Xander get out of the black truck and smile her way then sit down on his porch steps like he was waiting for her.

“I don’t know how to tell you this,” she gulped and looked him in the eye.

“Tell me what babe,” he asked her again, “I don’t understand what are you trying to tell me.”

Mia gathered up enough courage and finally blurted it out, “I slept with Xander,” she wept and covered her mouth and looked back up to see how Tyler would react.

Tyler looked back at Mia with anger and disappointment, he couldn’t believe the one girl he truly felt something for had cheated on him and not just anyone with the one person he hated Xander.

“Please Tyler say something,” Mia asked him looking scared that he might blow up and yell at her with so much rage.

“When did this happen?” he asked her calmly.

Mia looked away and then finally answered, “This past Sunday,” she told him shaking a bit, “I’m so sorry Tyler I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Why did you do it,” he finally yelled at her, “What I wasn’t good enough for you so you had to go and fuck some other guy?”

“No Tyler it wasn’t like that,” she whimpered and looked him straight in the face, “I never planned on sleeping with Xander it just happened.”

“Sex just can’t happen Mia you wanted it,” he seethed, “And you wanted it from him.”

Mia couldn’t take it anymore and just walked away with tears falling from her eyes. Tyler didn’t know the whole story on how it happened or why it happened and he never would because his heart was broken and he would never believe a word she said anymore.

Mia walked all the way back home and couldn’t even bare to go on inside, her father was home and that meant more yelling and hitting. Ever since her mother left two years ago for another younger man her father always beat her and said it was her fault. She hated coming home she even dreaded it so much she always spent the night at Chloe’s or Stacey’s. No one knew about her abusive father no one not even Tyler.

Mia knew it was getting late and knew she had to go into the house sooner or later but she just didn’t have enough courage to go in through the front door. She quietly went to the side of the house and opened the window to her bedroom and jumped in. She made sure she didn’t make any noise and as fast as lightening she locked her door. Mia fell to the floor crying silently to herself that she was in a miserable place with no one to love her, she couldn’t believe that she lost the one guy that she supposedly loved, and she knew she could never take what she did back. One thing was for sure Tyler Scott would never take her back.

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