Rising Storm-Steampunk Serial Novel Book 1

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Rising Storm: The Never Ending War

Submitted: January 16, 2012

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Submitted: January 16, 2012



Rising Storm: The Never-Ending War


"Bartholomew S. Lushington." The announcer called out as my mother placed a comforting hand on my shoulder and then gently pushed me towards the stage where tha announcer, Military Captains, and the Aristocratic men are.

When I finally approached the side of the stage, I walk up the few steps of stairs to face the people on stage close. My father, Inspector Newton C. Lushington was there, his eyes filled with both concern, prodness, and worry.

"Do not worry father, I will be alright." I explain as he embrace each other then forced ourselves to let go when Viscount Micajah M. Fallion cleared his throat impaitentaly. I walk over to the Military Sergant, Claude Drassilis Meade Sr. and took the scroll from his out reached hand.

The announcer then accounced each boy on and on to come and recieve his scroll, some were my friends or relatives. The last person he announced was a boy named Dylan Falkner. Mutters and whispers start coming out from people's mouths. "Dylan Falkner? Never heard of him? When did he come? Do you know who he is?"

All these questions, I felt sorry for him but he held his head up high and took his scroll as if that was the only thing he cared about. He stopped for a split second, tunred his head and smiled at me. I smiled back as he goes to sit down behind me.

"Rise." The announcer commands as we rose from our seats as respect to our King, his queen, and crown princess who were still seated until Lord A. Purchase Lenihan or King Lenihan rose from his seat, leaving his small fmaily behind and head towards center stage. The announcer noticed and took a few steps back all thw hile bowing at him in respect.

"My people, friends, family. For years we've had this war, for years blood has been sled, for years we have lsot our loved ones. No more. This time, I promise you that this will be the last. We will bring home your brothers, sons, fathers, friends, cousins, husbands, and fiances back no man alive, dead, or wounded shall be left behind. This is my promise people, my promise to a better life and freedom!" King Lenihan announced as we cheered then head towards his fmaily where they hugged him.

Afterwards, we decided to feast, this feast is dedicated to those who are going to the war, in hopes of ending it, and to the ones who gave their lives to defend our people and country.

I started losing hope for there was no place for me to sit until my father wvaed at me to come. When I arrived, sitting next to my father on his right was Marquis Julian Chiffchaff Alexander III. I've heard about him and of his arranged marriage to Deryn Gravel. When I sat my tray downa nd my bottom, I head bowed to the Marquis in respect and he bowed back with a smile.

"So nice of you to join the army in hopes of ending this madness. Thank you." Marquis Alexander explains as I felt myself turn red for the fact that someone higher than me was thanking me. "It's no problem I am glad to help those in need." I explains as he nod in agreement. "May I ask you a question lad?" He asks as I nod my head.

Clearing his throat, he straighten up more and asked, "Where is my fiance, Deryn Gravel?" I licked my dry lips and thought for a second, I looked up at him in the eyes and said, "I have no clue my lord. Thats is the honest truth, I wish I could tell you though." "I respect that, just wanted to know for she disappeared a few minutes after we arrived here." Marquis Alexander explains as from the corner of my eyes, I see Dylan eat incredibaly fast, get up, and fun like as if hounds were chasing him.


'Oh man oh man oh man! I gotta hurry.' Dylan thought as he looks for a safe and hidden place to change into girls' clothing. Dylan Falkner is in fact really Deryn Gravel, a female, daughter of Inquisitor Nate M. Gravel. She took on the name Dylan Falkner after her deceased friend, the one hardly anyone knew truthfully.

Dylan finally changed, he took off his wig to reveal long hair, thus now becoming... Deryn Gravel. Sighing, Deryn tells herslef that she had to come up with something to excuse herself for disappear and other things she might have to answer. Hiding the boyish clothes as well as she can, she then gets up, brushes her dress so it becomes straight and heads out towards the table where Bartholomew and the others are.



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